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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Valiant is OUT! Taunting Krell is coming soon.

Valiant is out! Whoo Hooo! I'm happy to say that I've gotten some wonderful feedback already. I apologize that I wasn't able to post this earlier. It was one of those days where I literally got a few hours of sleep, jumped out of bed, and rushed out the door! I just got home a short while ago, answered some emails while I ate something, and now I'm updating the blog. LOL!

I'm amazed and touched at the outpouring of emails I've received over the New Species. I was really worried about releasing them. I wrote them a long time ago, my writing style was VERY different, and while I've gone line by line to update and correct my old bad writing habits...I wasn't sure if I could clean them up enough to make them shine. I added in cell phones, tried to weed out the references that dated the books, and had a few good laughs over words I used to use. Rad was one of them. LOL. Remember that one? It was rad, man! LOL!!! It isn't easy to tackle long books to edit line by line but reading my old books was like going home to visit family after a long absence. I remembered why I was so obsessed with them for the years I wrote them, and now I'm back in their world. When I finish updating the original nine, finish the three other books that were nearly completed, I do plan to write brand new books in the series.

I'm currently over half way done with going over the 4th book - Justice. I get asked a lot for a list of the first nine books. Some of the names have been changed already and I'm not sure if the others will have to get a name change. I can tell you that Justice is #4. Tiger is #7. Brass has a story but his was only mostly done when I had some health issues and had to take a year off writing. That's when I stopped writing this series. I will finish that story for Brass. I have partials that I started on some of the characters you've met. Harley, as an example. I wrote the first three chapters of his book. I saved all my old computers and I was able to find and salvage all those partial stories from them. Yippee!

In other news...Taunting Krell should get a release date and a book cover really soon! That's the 7th Cyborg book. I plan to write more books in the Cyborg, Zorn, Mating Heat, and Riding the Raines series. I am not sure which book I'll finish next. I'm a mood writer, I get obsessed with a character, and that's who gets finished first. LOL!

I'm all geared up for Romanticon. If you're going...AWESOME! I'll have Romance Trading Cards on me to pass out wherever I go so please come say 'Hi' to get yours. I'm also bringing promo items for the area Ellorascave has for that. Plus...I'll bring even more stuff for the book signing. Let's just say I'm bringing a third suitcase since I need it to take all that stuff with me. If you're not going...I'm sorry. When I get back from Romanticon I'll probably run some contests and send out some promo items to winners. Yippee! Here's the link to Romanticon

I ALWAYS get asked this. All my books release at Ellorascave first, then are sent to other book stores 1-3 weeks later when they load on sites like B&N, Amazon, ARE, and others. I never know exactly when they are loaded to each site. I check daily and then post the links on Facebook.

Have a fantastic week!!!


  1. im so excited that Valiant is out!!! we missed you in the blogging world and i for one am so glad you are back!! =) thank you for giving us such a wonderful array of books!! i cant wait to read Valiant!!! and i am already impatiently waiting for Krell's book =)

    Ms. Laurann i think you have turned us into new species addicts =)


  2. Demi,

    Thank you! I was having issues with Blogger but now it seems to be working fine. : ) I hope you enjoy Valiant when you read it.

  3. I just finished Valiant. It was awesome. My new favorite New Species book. I am really looking forward to Justice's book. And Krell's book. Yippee!

  4. How did you get to read Valiant?

  5. Anon #1 - I'm so happy you enjoyed it! I should be getting a release date for Taunting Krell really soon!

    Anon #2 - Valiant is out at Ellorascave. It will be showing up at other places in 1-3 weeks.

  6. I usually wait for the books to get to Amazon Kindle.I could not wait for Valiant so I purchased it from EC and had it transferred to my kindle.It's in PDF and the words are so small that I have to read my Kindle sideways,with reading glasses and a magnifying glass.I am halfway through and it's wonderful.Valiant is my favorite,I just love him.Laurann,I had to get my fix even though I 'm having a hell of a time reading the story.

  7. Allysen you can use the free software called calibre to convert the pdf to mobi and transfer it to your kindle. Mobi is the native kindle format so it'll look like any other book! You can also purchase mobi or prc books from EC. Both of those are the native formatting for kindle.

    I also loved Valiant! He was so adorable! Can't hardly wait for the next!

  8. Allysen - I'm SO SORRY you're having such a rough time reading it but I'm so happy you are going to all that trouble to read the story! Thank you and I'm so glad you love him.

    Julie - thank you for the mobi info and for loving Valiant!

  9. Laurann,
    I enjoyed Valiant very much! Of course it is always the scary ones that are the most adorable after all. Perfect title for Krell, looking forward to its release!!! :)

    Can't come and say HI to you at the Romanticon, but I wish you a good time and a lot of fun. PICs! PICs! A contest you say... hmms. Well looking forward to that!

    I can't imagine people waiting for Amazon or B&N to get your books. EC provides really all important format, so there is no real need to wait. And then, there is always Calibre as Julie said. It is an amazing tool, and even makes it easier to transfer books to any device. It is free and open source so no chance for viruses or nasty surprises. Easy to use and a good way to organize all e-books. It is updated regularly, so any issues are fixed soon. I have been using it for two years and never a problem. Kovid (the creator) gives excellent walkthoughs on how to use it.

  10. Ditto! I am loving all the New Species books (I am now a huge fan!) and Valiant is my current favorite! Thank you so much for all your time, talent and energy!

    Oh, BTW, I miss things, but what color is Tammy's hair?

  11. Rivendark,

    Thank you and I'm so glad you enjoyed the book. I wish you could make it to Romanticon!!! I'm going to take tons of pics. Promise. Thank you for the info about Calibre. I honestly am techno challenged so I appreciate it.

    essielou, Tammy had dark brown hair. I'm so glad you're loving the Species books!!!

  12. Valiant was loaded to Kindle. WOW that was super fast. Here's a link.


  13. Thank you Julie and Rivendark for the Calibre tip.I am also techno challenged,I learned to text a few months ago for the first time.I will look into it.I am still reading Valiant with my magnifying glass,what a wonderful book.My favorite now is 927.I hope he gets his own book with someone to love him dearly.Laurann,thanks for being the wonderful author that you are.

  14. Thank for writing new species series it is wonderful I hope Justice book is released soon