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Friday, September 16, 2011

Valiant is at KINDLE! WOW! That was fast!

(click on the cover to take you there)

I am happy to say Valiant was loaded super quickly. I get about 60 emails a day asking when it will load there. LOL. Now I'll have more free time to write since I won't be answering that question. It's up!!! Whooo Hoooo!

I want to thank everyone for the wonderful and supportive emails I've gotten over this series. I can't state enough that I'm floored and humbled to be where I am and that so many people are reading the books. I used to write in all my free time, year after year, and to be honest...I got a LOT of crap for it sometimes. I wrote New Species and I honestly never thought more than a handful of my friends would ever read them. I wrote them out of love, they were my outlet in life, and my 'happy place'. It never crossed my mind that they'd actually get published one day in the future. I dreamed but did I think it would really happen? It was a nice dream. Just a dream.

To be able to go back and salvage them...and for them to do so well...WOW. It's like the much younger me and the older one are connected again. She had REALLY BAD writing habits, horrible spelling, and a tendency to write redundant sentences a lot...(LOL) but one thing never changed as I grew older. I love a good story and the characters.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I should be able to finish cleaning up Justice's story. Life happened, it does that, and I'm behind a bit. I'm not kidding when I say it takes longer to edit my old books and fix them than it does to write a new book. It's worth every minute though. It reminds me why I was so obsessed with this series. I'm having a blast and can't wait to fix the next book. Taunting Krell should be getting a release date really soon. I'm guessing we'll know the date by the end of next week at the latest.


  1. HI!!!! i just wanted to let you know that i read Valiant and.... WOW!!!!! amazing =) thank you for such a great book and series and I' so glad that you didn't let the crap people gave you affect you =)
    I hope you had a great weekend!!!
    thanks Ms. Laurann =)
    PS. where is Romanticon going to be at?

  2. Demi,

    I'm so glad you liked his story. My weekend is busy but terrific. I hope you're doing something fun too.

    Romanticon is in Akron, Ohio. I went last year and had a BLAST. Now we go every year!

  3. I loved the previous story and will be following this series closely.
    But when will it be available in the UK on the Kindle?

  4. PS: I also loved the Cyborg series!

  5. I just wanted to say that you are my new favorite author. I love and read all the Cyborg series and The New Species as well. Can't wait to read the next books. Gonna start your Zorn series now. Can't wait for Krell and Justice.

  6. Hi Starapple, I don't know when it will be loaded on other sites but I did a search. Would this be the one you're looking for? I'm so glad you love the cyborgs too.

    Anon, Thank you.

  7. I just read Valiant! It was excellent! Thanks!


  8. Will the VALIANT book be available on the NOOKCOLOR soon?