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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Slade is on Kindle!

Slade has been added to kindle! Here's a LINK. I haven't found it yet on other sites. I'm happy it loaded there so fast.

In other news...Fury is up for book of the week at Whipped Cream. If you have a moment...please vote this weekend.

LINK to vote! Thank you.

Krell's story has been send in! I am hopeful it will get an October release date. As soon as I have the official title of the 7th Cyborg book...I'll post it!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!!!


  1. Voted! :)
    Very happy about Krell, hope you get a title and release soon. Do you get to choose the titles or are you given something to pick from a list?

    Hope your weekend is better than mine. LOL We are dodging Irene's Fury or trying too. A HUGE three branch got lodged in my neighbor's roof, and the "men" are trying to cut it down. Too many trees around us, hopefully they will spare our home. Keep fingers crossed :)

  2. Yay for Krell! But why do we have to wait until October for Krell? It is the end of August. I see a letter writing campaign in our future...

  3. Rivendark,

    So sorry about the storm! We're watching the news from here. Be safe! I pick the names but sometimes if a name is already taken or it's too close to another title, I have to change it. I've been able to keep most of the ones I pick. LOL. Thank you for voting and my fingers are crossed for you!!!

    Anon- LOL. That's SUPER fast to get a book out, actually. A lot goes into getting them out. They are sent in, read, then needed edited, a cover designed, the edits sent to me, I do them, send them back...the books are transfered into MANY ebook formats, and then they have a schedule of a certain amount of releases so whatever one is open...they put me in fast. Ellorascave is awesome about getting my books out quickly. LOL. October is FAST. I'm hoping it can come out that early. LOL!

  4. I know the Krell and Valiant are upcoming but are there any plans to write Vinlotti's story from the Zorn Warrior Series?
    The little hint that I got in Berrr's Vow about his "wild zorn" world with 5 brothers in an outbound territory kinda peaked my curiosity.Based on his interaction in the book, I would love to see him with a female US Army soldier, lol...as well as the opportunity to learn more about these "wild" zorn men as all the Zorn we have read about have a "honor code", but that outpost that you hinted at sounds interesting, as they are a little uncivilized. You know, as I have written this, I actually want to read it now:P ... no rush , I am just selfish, lol...but really Laurann,get on that, lol

  5. Naomi, I actually started a few Zorn books to 'footprint' them. It's where I will write anywhere from 3-6 chapters of a book so I can step right into the storylines when I find the time to write them. I DO plan to finish them. I just wanted to get a few more books done so I have some release dates set. I started Coto, Vinlotti, and Vhon's books. When I have about four months set on other book releases, I'm going to hit them. It's a big project because they are linked together (kind of like how Ice, Coal, and Zorus were for Cyborg seduction) so it will take me about three or four solid months to finish the three. I don't want to have a big block of months were no books are coming out and I need to work on the three at the same time so the timeline is smooth. I hope that made sense but yes, more Zorn books are planned, started, and I WILL finish them. I'm just looking for that big hole in my schedule to totally give them the love they need. LOL!!!

  6. Ms. Laurann, let me just say that you are my idol!!!! i love your strength and love for writing and im so happy you never gave up. you ma'am are amazing =). i love all your books, read all of them and i am very impatiently waiting for the next edition =) i can't wait! =D
    I was wondering when we are going to find out if Fury and Ellie get pregnant??? I'm desperately waiting for that day to come LOL. Can you give us a hint of some sort ??

    Thanks for being an inspiration!!! =D

  7. I just finished reading Slade. It was very good! Can't wait for the 3rd installment!


  8. Demi, Thank you and I'm so glad I didn't give up either!!! Fury and Ellie will be secondary characters in other books and you'll see them again.

    Joy, thank you!

  9. Can you tell me when Valiant will be released to Amazon ebooks?