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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The past, the present, and the future...(Book news!)

(NOT THE COVER - this is just the pic I put together for my monitor)

Okay - I've been keeping the news close to the vest but I have HINTED strongly that an old series I wrote some years ago has been a project of mine for the past few months. If you've read my blog or my website you're aware that I wrote for a LOT of years before I tried to get published in 2009 and wrote over fifty books between 1993-2008. I get asked a lot about what kind of books I wrote. It got me to open up some old files to read some of my older series. I was obsessed with one of them and when I re-read it, I became fixated again. I sent the nine books (yes - NINE finished books to a beta reader who not only read them within a week but 3 more mostly finished books in that same series). She loved them. I began editing and updating the first book (um...as an example the lead in the first book had to exchange her CD player for an MP3 player and add in the use of CELL phones since when this was written...yeah....they weren't common and called people on land lines). I had to go through four old computers to see when I began to write this series. The oldest files I could find were the beginning of 2002. I have one more computer that is older which will have more files but I didn't have the right cord for it. We're talking some OLD darn computers! LOL. Good thing I don't throw them away since I found some partial books I'd forgotten about when I was tracking how far back ago I'd been working on this series. Anyway, If you're wondering exactly when I began this series...it was before 2002 since I found files with those dates to tell me I'd written at least the first three by then.

I have been updating the first three books to the NS series. Writing is a learning process. I'm always studying edits, seeing where I make mistakes, and trying to learn from them by taking notes. I had a lot of work to do on these books. As an example... Alright is actually TWO WORDS. I had a redundancy issue and tended to ramble. These are NOT short books. I looked up Ellorascave word count list and the first book is considered a Super Plus Novel in length. LOL! It was time consuming but I believe WELL worth it! As a matter of fact my CP threatened to fly to California and kick my butt if I didn't submit this series. (LOL - I think she meant it!) The beta reader read these books in my old writing style (not pretty!) and she still loved the stories. Those two things really encouraged me A LOT to try to get this series out!

Ellorascave should be sending me the cover for Fury really soon and I should have a release date pretty quickly! I will post as soon as I get them! It really should be VERY soon! I'm going to wait for the official blurb to come out at Ellorascave Coming Soon page so you'll see it there along with the excerpt when they add it. I know - you want more details. What I can tell you is that if this series goes over well.... NINE of them have been written. Yeah. NINE. I was obsessed with this series for a lot of years. They are Alpha males, gruff, and a bit starved for affection. They won't be for long! I came up with the idea for the series because in 1993 I wrote my first book I'll dub 'Morbid'. It was horror story meets romance after a biological weapon accident occurred. My second series I ever wrote was about shapeshifters. I did one of those 'what if' questions...and came up with this series after those two. LOL! (Did that help any?)

My fingers are crossed that the series goes over really well and the rest of the books are picked up! I'd love to get all nine out and finish the rest of the ones I started on this NS series before I had to take a year off writing after my son was born in 2004. It was a rough year when I was pretty ill and afterward, I began writing different stuff and had given the NS series a rest. I've had a blast revisiting the past and being inside their world once more. I MISSED IT and them! (I REALLY LOVE these guys and hope you will too!!!) I'm really excited thinking about writing more of their books once I finish editing and updating the ones already written. I am also working on current series books! You'll see more of your favorite ones soon! I really do love to write and have more books planned for each series. I feel SUPER blessed!

Also - last but not least - THANK YOU to everyone who writes to me, posts on Facebook, and buys my books! This really is a dream come true for me to get to do what makes me happy and the fact that so many people read them = AWESOME!!!


  1. I can't wait to read your new series Laurann.. I have really loved all of your books and 9 books already written...WOW! I think I have mentioned that your books are always re-reads for me and that really say's so much about you as a writer. I will be patiently tapping my fingers on my Kindle...LOL

  2. Lisa, thank you! It really will be soon! EC is always amazing about giving me fast release dates!

  3. I'm really excited about the new series as I know others are as well .Thanks for telling us more about "Fury" seems as though it's been a while for bits and pieces to be leaked out ! Do you think it will be out in August?

  4. Carla, I'm hoping to get a release date for this month but I'm not sure. Fingers crossed!I'm so happy that you're excited too! LOL!

  5. Sheri here,
    Just found you about a month ago and am really intrigued with your new (old) work. Bring It On!

  6. Sounds great, Laurann - be grateful they weren't hand written notes you had to type into the computer!!I have two LONG books that only exist in that form. The effort of converting - with my terrible handwriting.. one day perhaps.

  7. Looking forward to the new work....

  8. When it comes to a great book I would much prefer a lot of words vs. a short story. Just FYI, lol.
    The only thing I can remember from English class many many many years ago was a sign Mrs. Nilles had on the wall. "A lot is, was and always will be, two words." So whenever I see 'alot' it bugs me. Alright vs. all right I wouldn't even notice, lol. Which is the correct one or are they both correct just for different situations....

  9. I just saw on Ellora's cave that it says "Fury" comes out on July 27th! I can't wait for a new series!

  10. Now I must go re-read everything you have written so I can tide myself over until this new Fury release. A long book, you say? The more, the merrier.

    And I am sure your fans will eat this new series up with a spoon and demand MORE MORE MORE. Like Krell. Hope he comes out soon.

  11. I always love everything you write and I can't wait for these!

  12. Sheri - Thank you. I'm bringing it! LOL!!!

    Barbara - I have one book like that. Someone suggested I scan it into my computer, open it in word, and you can work on it from there. I haven't tried it yet but it's something to consider! LOL. I can type 80 plus words a minute (used to do office work - GROAN) so I'm addicted to typing over using a pen. The bad news is that my handwriting SUCKS! LOL!

    Savannah - Thank you!!!!

    Anon - My spelling is horrible. Thank goodness for spell check. I use 'alot'. My BAD! With my blogs I'm not really great with editing out mistakes but with books I'm aware of 'proper use' since I've had great editors who I'm endlessly learning from! One thing I used to do when I wrote was use OK. LOL. Thank goodness for search all and replace with working with these older books! Boy have I used that function... A LOT! LOL!!!! These books are longer than anything I've published so far.

    carezy900 - I said it would be FAST! LOL. I wasn't sure when it would be added but guessed it would be REALLY soon! They are really great about getting them scheduled once edits are done. Yippee!!! I'm so happy it got a July release date!!!

    Anon #2 - It's a long book. It's over 100,000 word count. Krell is almost finished : )

    Rebecca - Thank you!!!!

  13. If you saw on the Ellorascave facebook post - YES, it's true! LOL! I've agreed to write 75 books for Ellorascave. I'm THRILLED! I'm flattered. I'm really happy! I love Ellorascave (that's not a secret) and they are amazing.

    I've gotten a lot of emails asking me if I'm intimidated by that number. If you're a regular to this blog - you already know the answer. No. LOL! If you're here checking me out after reading about the news... I write full time, put in a lot of hours, and wrote a lot of books before I became published. (Over fifty of them -some I plan to overhaul and submit). I put 9 books out last year, 4 have come out this year, 1 (that will make 5) is being released in July, and two more are submitted. I also wrote and turned in some anthology stories for Ellorascave. It's July.

    This is what I love to do, it's fun for me to write, and I am ecstatic about this deal! One of my author friends joked that at least I know I'll have steady work. LOL! (that cracked me up) This is a perfect fit for me.

  14. I just found you this weekend, and have read all 4 Zorn books this week (it's only Wednesday now) I was just wondering if you are going to be writing any more in that series? I was wondering about the red headed pack/friend of berrr's and the foster son stories. I'm looking into your cyborg line and of course the new Fury. Thanks for keeping me entertained!!! my dh thanks you too wink wink

  15. Hi Cheryl,

    Thank you for giving my books a read! That's awesome to hear. Yes, more Zorn stories will be coming. Coto's story should be up next from Zorn. I took a little break from them but I've been working on that book. More will follow. Vinlotti and Vhon still need their books written. : ) I hope you enjoy my other books...and your dh. LOL!

  16. I'll tell you there is nothing better than "Cyborg Love". Tee hee! Yes, I know it's really Cyborg Seduction, but you get my drift. I'm re-reading those right now. It would also be cool if you went back retro-active about the escape from Earth and Rora and her two cyborgs. As well as the girl Cindy and her's. ;-)

    I've read all your books so far, and I'm excited about the nine coming up.

  17. I love your work. I have been from the first book. I can not wait for the next book, Fury. With more to come, I am on pins and needles waiting.

  18. Anon, LOL! You may enjoy Krell's story then. You get a peek into the past. (Don't you hate hints???) Thank you so much for reading them!!!!

    Anon #2, Thank you! It's coming up fast! Fury is about to begin and the next couple of books in the New Species series will follow. : )

  19. Krell, huh? Yummy. lol! Oooh and 3 more Zorn books. Yay! The Raine's are cool too though . . . Thanks! (I know I'll enjoy the New Species series too because I just read the excerpt from Fury on Ellorascave.com. Yes, my hubby thanks you too. Sigh (though he's pretty darn sexy on his own!). lol!

    Joy (Anon #1)