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Friday, July 22, 2011

Berrr's Vow in PRINT and Fury's Cover!!!

WOW! Today Berrr's Vow hits Print at Ellorascave!!! That means all the current Zorn Warrior books are in PRINT! Awesome!!! Yes, I do plan to write more. If you click on the cover - it will take you directly to Ellorascave! It should be added to amazon and the other stores soon. I have no idea when though. SUPER exciting!

I LOVE the cover for Fury!!! He's been freed from his chains so how appropriate that he's gripping them! It's less than a week away from coming out. I'm really excited and nervous. That's normal for me.

I'm dieting. Ugg. I've lost a few pounds so that's good. I bought a treadmill. The kids LOVE it too! I have to fight sometimes to get to use it. LOL! My son has never slept so good. I had to make a few LAWS though. First, they have to always clip their shirts to the safety feature that auto shuts it off if they step off, fall, or move too far away from the top of it. The second one is NO CATS are allowed on it. Yeah. We have 3 indoor cats and my kids think it would be cool if they get some exercise. (Shaking head) Kids are FUNNY!

Happy Weekend everyone!!!!


  1. Happy weekend to you as well!

    Good luck on the dieting.. not exactly my favorite thing either...lol.

    I'm stoked over Berrr's Vow being in print. I've got to get them all! *grins* And I can't *wait* to nab my hands on you're new series. *happy bounce*

    I'll be counting the days! XD

  2. The cover looks great!

    I'm on low-carb. Grrr. (The books help keep me out of the fridge sometimes.) lol!


  3. Redd, Thanks. Diets suck but they are worth it in the end if you lose weight. LOL!!! Fury is coming up fast!!! I love how they always get me quick release dates! AWESOME!!

    Joy - Grrrr. Diets! LOL! Thanks about the cover. I really feel blessed to get ones I love.

  4. Good luck on the diet. A tip for the summer, if you like bananas, put some in the freezer for snacking. You can freeze them on skewers and you have a healthy popsicle.

    And to get your metabolism moving, eat a little something every hour. A piece of fruit, or an unsalted walnut, or a carrot or piece of celery.

    For a healthy salad dressing put a few tablespoons of olive oil, half a lemon, a pinch of garlic powder, a pinch of onion powder, and a pinch of dill in a glass jar, and then shake it all up.

    Olive oil has the healthy kind of fat and you need a little bit of fat in your diet because otherwise your body thinks you are starving and starts storing fat to keep you alive.

    For your exercise routine, get at least 35 minutes in at the same time. You need to get your heart rate up. Try walking around the neighborhood in the fresh air. Or just climb the stairs to your basement or attic or anywhere for 35 minutes. I put on the radio or have the laptop playing a dvd while I walk the stairs.

    To really drop the weight, do interval training. Do 5 minutes fast, then 5 minutes a little slower, then 5 minutes fast of whatever your exercise is. You can find a lot of free youtube clips of exercises, if you like to do exercise videos.

    And I am counting down the days until Fury. Do you know if it releases at midnight at Elloras Cave or will it be in the morning like 9 am? I want to get any book of yours as soon as possible.

  5. Thank you! I can use all the advice out there! LOL!!! The books go live around 8-9 am e.t.

  6. Diets! I wish back the days I could eat like a piglet and gain no pounds. [Looks at the cheesecake in the fridge and thinks of a reason that warrants eating it. Hmm... If I don't, it would spoil. Good enough!]

    Good luck on your diet. I wish I had the fortitude to keep on one.

    Congratulations on your new series, and I am looking forward to read Fury on the 27th. But do not think you are off the hook... I am still waiting to read Krell's story. :p [Taps foot]

    Cats! I love cats! We have 1 and 3/4. Well, 3/4 because he has only 3 legs. His previous owner threw him away because he was hit by a car and didn't care to have him checked. Took over a week to get him but $2500 dollars later (leg had to be amputated) and a free neutering (doctor felt bad his leg had to be removed) is now ours.
    A great joy to have a round, and best of all gives me the best sick-I-can-think-of-lines when people ask what happened.
    "Well, I wanted to paint his portrait, so that was the only way for me to make sure he didn't move around."
    "Well, he was misbehaving, so we chopped his leg off as punishment." (this to a kid who was being a pest at the vet running around, crying, whining, touching everything - he sat down quietly after that.)
    I am a bad bad woman :P

  7. Rivendark - I HATE diets too because I'm living on one! I miss chocolate. I miss my muscles not hurting all the time too! LOL!

    Thank you. I'm super excited about Fury and really hope everyone loves the series. There are eight more books of it written. (I hope to write more of them!!!)

    LOL about your cats. We have three females. Cali is a calico and she's my baby. She lays on the back of the couch and gives me shoulder massages. Ashes is a siamese mix with beautiful blue eyes, knows she's the queen of the world, and we all must worship her. LOL! Gizmo was our rescue cat. She hobbled up on our front porch one day with bloody paws. It appeared a dog had gotten ahold of her. She was only about 7 weeks old. We rushed her to the vet, they had to remove her front claws because they couldn't be saved, and she's earned her name. Sometimes she's totally sweet and then she's crazy while she tears up the house! I have no clue what she is (long frizzy hair, a mix of a lot of colors, with deep green eyes).

  8. Hi Laurann,

    Love your books! my favorites are the Zorn series and the Cyborg series. I'm happy you are writing 3 more Zorn books, I wish it was more but I can't be greedy, LOL! Fury look's like it's really going to be good, the cover look's great! can't wait to read it, do you know when it's going to be on amazon? Good job with your past series and I know Species series is going to be just as good.

  9. Hi Tommie,

    Thank you! I may write more than three but that's all I have on my 'to write' list. I can only guess judging from past books but it takes anywhere from a week to 3-4 weeks before books show up at kindle and other third party places. I think it depends on how busy they are. (my guess - just a guess).