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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Romanticon - Summer - link with News!

I wanted to apologize for not updating my blog. At first it was having issues and then I just allowed life to swamp me. (Still having issues it seems since I'm having spacing/text problems...GRRRRRR) I'm taking the time now. My daughter is getting married this weekend. We're really excited. This is also the last week my smaller kids are in school. That means...summer vacation. They are so excited. I am trying to make sure that they have plenty of things to keep them amused. Bored kids are...yeah...NOT good! LOL!

I am without a vehicle right now. GROAN. You know how you tell your kids NOT to slam doors? There's a reason. LOL! It seems side doors on vans CAN and DO break! A very nice, strong tow truck driver wrestled the door back into place in a parking lot of an office supply store. My van has been in the shop since Saturday. They had to order parts to be shipped and I don't get it back until tomorrow. I thought I was a homebody - totally - but after not leaving the house for so many days...I can tell you that I'd give a LOT to go for a drive...anywhere! The grocery store...the dollar store...to even fill the tank. I just miss walking out the door and leaving for twenty minutes.

I have been writing a lot! I have a link to another blog to share with you. Click it on and you'll see one thing I've been working on. : )

Jaid Black's blog LINK

I've been writing some books too and hopefully will finish one of the four I'm working on by the end the month for submission. I wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all the emails and comments I've received over His Purrfect Mate! Awesome and I totally will be writing more books about the Harris family. One of the books I'm working on is the next one in that line. (cousin Brand's story). I always say this but keep getting emails asking - I have NO PLANS to end any of my series. I'm a mood writer, I never know what book will finish first, I write more than one at a time, but I will be finishing more of them real soon. When I have any official word to share - that means when they are picked up and the contracts are signed - I'll be sure to post. Sometimes I learn news but I can't share it until that happens. I can tell you that I DO and WILL have GREAT news to share soon!!! YIPPEE! So...look forward to some great news if you enjoy my books.

This summer my goal is to finish at least three to four books that are currently on my plate. I do put in a lot of hours, I feel certain that I'll get them done, and some of them are going to be from your favorite series. My other goal is to lose some weight before Romanticon. I'm so looking forward to going with Mr. Laurann. We bought our tickets and we've booked our hotel room! I'm putting together some promo items to take. This year I've been told Romance trading cards are IN! This excites me. I can't wait to collect some of my own!!! I even bought a binder to hold them - if that tells you anything - and am currently making some to pass out. I've designed one that I'm thinking about. Here it is. I think I'll go with this. What do you think? I'm not sure about the top 'Zorn Warriors' but I really liked the planets tossed in there. LOL!

Have a fantastic week!!!


  1. Whoo hooo!! I can't wait for the anotho's Laurann (says me still writing!! LOL)

    And great news about your daughter's wedding!! That's WONDERFUL!!!

    What a great year you've had =))

  2. Looking forward to every book you release....would love to go to "Romanticon" this fall and would enjoy meeting some of my favorite authors. Good luck with all your submissions. I'm sure all will be accepted :-) Still waiting on this new series you keep writing about, but haven't been able to talk much about it...maybe this summer ? Carla V.

  3. Laurann, looking at your writing schedule makes me tired. Hell, looking at my own makes me tired when the boys are on Summer vacation. One page, one sentence one word at a time, right? Best of luck achieving all your goals!

  4. Mel,
    LOL. Thank you. WRITE!!! And yes, the wedding is going to be awesome!

    Carla - as soon as I can - I'll be posting!!! Thank you!

    Jenna - I'll MAKE the time. I love to write and I'm an insomniac so they have to sleep sometime but I don't! LOL!!!


  5. i think this is hawt!! oh and if your good news is what i believe it to be, it's more like epic news lol ;-)

  6. Jaid, thanks. It's not what you think. The smaller bit of news. LOL!

    Laurann - who can't log into blogger for some reason! GRRRR blogger.

  7. Good luck with the van! Hopefully, you WILL get it back! I so understand what you mean. Been there and all.

    LOVED Ral's Woman! That model is SO freakin HAWT as well!!!! That card is awesome. SO wish I was going to a romcon to snag some of these things!!! *sigh Maybe someday I can.

  8. I got the van back! I went and got iced coffee right off the bat! LOL. Thank you and I wish you were going to Romanticon as well.

  9. - and damn it!! Now I DO want a card!!!!! ROFLMAO!

  10. I am a fan of the Zorn series book collection. I wanted to know will you do a follow up with the character, Vinlotti, that was introduced in the book, Berr's Vow. Thank you

  11. Mel, LOL!

    Anon - I have a list of books I plan to write and Vinlotti is on that list. I don't know when but it's on my 'to write' schedule.

  12. Just found your books yesterday. I'm hooked.

  13. Sheri,

    That's fantastic! I hope you enjoy them. More will be coming soon. I'm writing as fast as I can. LOL!

  14. Is it soon yet? I want to know what this big news is that is going to be so exciting. Books, books, books, yay!

  15. It's really soon. I don't announce until the contracts are signed. But um...it's regarding the series I wrote some years ago...LOL!!! The three books I submitted. (Could I HINT any harder??? LOL!!!) Also... if you click on my name for this post...it will take you to my homepage of my website for NEWS. LOL