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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fury - today is the day!!! New Species!!!

Fury - the first book in the New Species series is OUT today at Ellorascave!!! BIG happy dance!!! I can't begin to tell you what this means to me. It's almost as exciting as the first time I was published. I wrote this series a LONG time ago, way back when becoming an author was a far, far distant dream that I wondered if it would ever come true. I wrote this series out of love, in my free time, and honestly - I never thought more than my friends would ever read it. I had some loyal ones who always borrowed the printed out 3 ring binders I used to put my latest books I'd written inside. (I still have a few dozen of them sitting around, the pages yellowed despite them being in page protectors, the binders sagging from the heavy weight of all those printed out pages...LOL) They'd take turns reading my latest obsession that had caught my imagination. I had written a series I'll dub 'Morbid'. Those books were about a small town who experienced the tragedy of being exposed to chemical weapons and it really messed them up. After that one I'd started a shifter series. I took both concepts and kind of made a 'love child' out of them with New Species. Altered humans mixed with animal DNA. They became an OBSESSION of mine. Now Fury, the first book, is being released.

I actually cried when Fury was contracted. (Happy tears - promise) I mean...it took me back all those years ago when all I had was a seemingly impossible dream, a love of writing, and to be honest, not everyone understood. I mean - who does that? Who writes book after book, year after year, staying up late nights, using all their free time - just to write for the fun of it? I never had time to follow my dreams. Mr. Laurann and I were raising kids, struggling financially, and even had some medical problems to deal with. My own or close family members. I got a lot of...well...crap for writing from a lot of people. "Give up it", "Waste of time", and lectures of how impossible it would be to get published. I've heard it all, trust me, and sometimes it wasn't said kindly. Sometimes - it was downright cruel. I almost gave up once but the truth is - writing is a part of me. It's like breathing. It's what I enjoy, something I love, and it makes me happy to do it. Life can be really TOUGH sometimes. It can yank the rug right out from under you when you lose someone you love to life or to death. It can be so unfair. I've seen it, survived it, and probably should own the T-shirt or a closet full of them. Writing made my world right when things went wrong.

Opening up a new page to type on...it's like I'm flying. Everything is possible. It's...magical. It reminds me how much Mr. Laurann loves me (he always supported my love of writing...then and now). It makes all those years I wrote...with just a dream and a love for doing it...AWESOME! LOL! I can't say it enough. I feel so blessed and grateful for all I have. Mr. Laurann, our kids, and the wonderful friends who read every single book I ever wrote even when I was handing them 3 ring binders who helped me keep my dream alive. I am in awe that so many people read my books... (Yeah - an author without words! LOL!!!) Thank you. I know that doesn't really cover it but it comes from the heart.


  1. I bought the book at 9am this morning and read it all in one sitting. My only complaint about the story was that it ended and now I will have to wait too long for the next book in the series. :p
    I enjoyed very much!! 5 Stars on my end.

    I understand about the need to do something, almost to obsession. As it is breathing. I do the same with drawing. It is an addiction, extreme, to the point that if I am not allowed to, or something prevents me to I begin to literally get the shakes and I am miserable until I get my fix.

    Also I understand the pain that people, even family members can cause when they try to stop you from doing something that is a part of you. In their mind they believe they are doing you a favor by shutting you down, so you will not be disappointed in the end when nothing comes to fruition.

    When I was a child I used to hide in the middle of the night in the wardrobe with a flashlight, a notebook and colored pencils so my parent wouldn't discover me drawing. They did everything to stop me from doing it. From trowing away anything I could use to draw, and anything I drew, to watching over me doing home-works to make sure I wasn't drawing anything on paper.

    Why they did that? According to them they did I because they were afraid I would become a penniless starving painter and also worried what happened to me when I drew anything; the world could come to an end and I wouldn't notice. I regret still, that I let them steer me toward engineering when I went to college.

    When I draw, I forget about the world. It is only me and pure happiness. I become so engrossed that everything else disappears; many times when I "open my eyes again" I am surprised I went so far :) Well, at least there is always my husband by my side literally welcoming me back to Earth.

    Your words, the stories you write. I am glad you never gave up. You would have been sorely missed. :) You have a wonderful imagination and I envy how you are able to put it down with the right words. But, your success gives me, and many others the hope that if we do not let others destroy our passions, something wonderful and worthy is bound to happen.

  2. WOOT! I waited til midnight to nab it and was disappointed that EC hadn't made it available yet. So I was finally able to nab it probably around the same time as the previous commentor. Hadn't had a chance to read it yet, but CAN'T WAIT!! *grins*

    It's totally cool that the Mr. Laurann supported you in your love of writing through the years. Kudos to the Mister!


  3. Rivendark,

    I’m so sorry that your family tried to prevent you from doing something you loved. Sometimes family can be the hardest things in life. Uggg! Yeah, sometimes you just ARE who you ARE and people need to stand back and allow you to just BE! LOL! I wish I had your talent. I took up canvas painting once. Oh...I sucked so bad at it!!! LOL! It’s just not my gift but I sure appreciate people who have the artistic talent to draw or paint. AWESOME!!!
    I’m so glad you enjoyed Fury. The next one is Slade. : ) I’m really glad I didn’t give up either. As long as there is hope...it’s all good! LOL!


    I’m sorry they don’t put them up at midnight.
    : ( I hope you enjoy it when you do read it. Mr. Laurann is my rock in the storm and always has been. He’s always been my best friend and my lover. I don’t know what I ever did to deserve him but I joke that it must have been something REALLY good! LOL. He’s amazing.

  4. Hi Laurann,
    I love your stories. I can't wait till Fury becomes available on the Kindle. Do you know when Fury will be available on Amazon?


  5. Hi GiGi,

    I'm never sure. I've seen them go up as fast as a week or as long as 3-4. Usually it's about 2-3 weeks. I'm sorry.

  6. Gigi,
    (Sorry for hijacking your blog Laurann, but I am not sure how to reach Gigi)

    Have you considered downloading Calibre? It is a free E-Book management. You can convert anything to MOBI format which Kindle does read.

    Will save you many weeks of wait, and it is easy to use. :)

  7. I just finished Fury. I LOVED it. Fury rocks. I laughed, it was HOT, and I thought the worldbuilding was great. You have hit a home run.

    So when is the next New Species coming out? Because Fury was so good I want to read all about the other New Species. I know you said you wrote eight, I think. I would buy all of them today if they were available. Great job!

    And I am glad you never listened to your family and kept writing. The world is a better place with more love in it.

  8. Anon - thank you. I wrote nine of them - plus three more that are mostly written - even more that are partials. The others will follow really soon. The next book might come out next month (fingers crossed).

    Rivendark - thank you. I don't have a kindle or an apple so I don't know how to talk someone into buying a book at Ellorascave to get it on their kindle reader. I believe EC sells mobi direct so you can buy it in that format (I think - don't quote me but you could check it out). I'm not the most technical person. LOL!

  9. you are such an inspiration to everyone thank you for for all the marvelous books you have written for us devoted fans!!!

    I can't wait to read this book it looks like it is going to be sooooooooo exciting!!!!!!! =)

  10. Demi,

    Thank you. I really feel blessed a thousand times over. I'm living the dream! LOL!

  11. I recently discovered the GREAT talent that Laurann Dohner is and I'm so very glad I did! I finished reading the Zorn Warriors series (please when is the next one due out???) and read Fury (can't wait for Slades story!) and I'm now reading the Cyborg series. I love them all and have stayed up WAY too late reading them! LOL The last time this happened to me was when I discovered the Ghostwalker series by Christine Feehan. I stayed up til 5am reading one of her books and this past week I stayed up til 5 again reading Zorn Warriors 4 Berr's Vow. I have to say that was my favorite out of all the Zorn Warrior books.

    Thank you for the wonderful stories you write. They bring such pleasure to us readers!!! :)