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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Redeeming Zorus is at Kindle and news!

Here's the LINK. I get a lot of emails asking about that so...LOL! In other news... the next book coming out is titled His Purrfect Mate. It's the second book following Mate Set. This one is about Anton. I don't have an official blurb yet or a cover...it should be coming soon. As soon as I get a release date...I'll post it!

I had to buy a new computer. I ran my other one into the ground. It was only two years old but I put a LOT of mileage on it. The fan was constantly running, it was acting up, sluggish (yes, I ran every virus scan known to man on it) but the truth was...I wore it out. I always laugh when people suggest I write more. Writeaholic here who killed a new computer in two year's time. LOL! I write a lot. I didn't toss it out. I instead set it up on my desk (yes, I have 2 computers and a laptop now on my desk). I figure the kids can play with my old one and until I get a new wireless thingy...the old one isn't hooked to the Internet. I have a HUGE desk, big ole L-shaped one so I had the room to have two out. I've been totally lazy though for two days while all my old files are installed on the new computer. It takes about 30 hours to do that since I have a LOT of files to restore. It's not just what I write but pictures, videos, and my ebook collection...plus my music so yeah. LOTS to download back into it. I'm just happy I don't have to do it manually! I just have to wait until all the files are restored on the new computer. It should be all done by morning. In the meantime I've caught up on a ton of shows we had taped, watched a lot of Ninja Warrior, took some naps, and cuddled with Mr. Laurann...A LOT! Now I'm ready to get back to writing in the WORST way. I've decided I don't do well with not writing for a few days. I feel like an addict in dire need of a fix! (I imagine it that way - I've never actually done drugs. Anti drug but you get the picture.)

I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has send me such fantastic comments on Redeeming Zorus. I know that some people believed I'd lost my mind when I wrote his story (LOL!). I really had to do it. It was there just waiting to be told. I am so glad that I did it and that all the feedback has been so wonderful! Again, thank you! I've also been pounded with questions of is there going to be more cyborgs. YES. I plan to write more. Krell, Sky, and Onyx are my next characters when I return to Cyborg Seduction. I'm working on books from my other series right now. I wrote three Cyborg books back to back so I need to give some attention to Zorn, Raines, and a new series I've been working on. I'm not planning on ending any of the series I have going (I get asked that a lot - so more books will come - I'm working on them!) I'm hoping to have some news to share by summer about the new series. Sorry, no real spoilers. I don't want to give out any details until I actually have something solid to share. What I can say - they are Alpha males and they are M/F books. That's about all I can say until I submit them and see what happens. Crossing my fingers they get picked up!

In my personal world - my oldest daughter is getting married this summer! Very excited! The younger girls are super excited too because both of them are going to be a part of the wedding. My eight year old is practicing the 'walk' for being the flower girl and my twelve year old is walking in small high heels to prepare for the wedding too. LOL. My son is, well, a boy. He doesn't care for such things but I assured him he'd have fun. (Him sitting still will be interesting - hoping he can do it). I need to go shopping for something to wear. It's a summer wedding, outdoors, so they asked people to dress casual. I'm going to take my oldest daughter with me shopping to help find a dress for me. LOL. That way...I know she's happy with what I wear since I buy black...often. I'm not a 'summer color' kind of person so I'll let her dress me. It's her day so if I have to wear yellow or (shudder) pale green...I'll do it for her. I'm hoping for something blue (my favorite color even though I don't wear it often). Mr. Laurann has bought a new suit. He's really excited too. He loves to wear suits though and he does look good in them!

Have a terrific week!


  1. Happy to hear your new computer is up and I find it amazing that you ran your other one to the ground...LOL...I think it was worth it though, cause your books are amazing. I am so happy that you will be going back to Zorn again as I have reread them soooo many times. Thanks for the updates Laurann, and congrats on your daughters summer wedding.

  2. Thank you, Lisa. We're really looking forward to it.

  3. Huge congrats Laurann,

    on all your books and your daughter's upcoming wedding!

    Living the dream!! =))))

  4. Yay! I have been wanting Sky's story forever. (Seriously, I thought why is Zorus the big jerk getting a book before funny Sky?) But I ended up liking Zorus in the end. And Krell sounds very interesting. Talented writing that is for sure.

    Congrats on your daughter's wedding. And eagerly looking forward to more Cyborg stories. I like everything else you write but the Cyborgs are my favorite.

  5. Mel, Thank you. Yes, I am and I'm so grateful!

    Anon, Thank you. His story will be coming.

  6. So glad to hear there will be another book to follow Mate Set. Can't wait!!

  7. Laurann, like you I have the habit of burning through computers. On the average my laptops last about a year and half -graphic intensive. I am curious on how you restore your files to the new machine. I tend to use a portable hard drive enclosure kit for my burned out laptop's drives so I can copy data back to my new machine. Of course it involves opening the old laptop to take the hard drive out, but that is easy and copying seventeen years of data takes me less than twenty minutes. Anyway, hope your next computer lasts longer. ;)

    Congratulations on your daughter's wedding. It was funny to read your dislike of pale green, seems there are a lot of people who aren't fond of that shade. Me included. I taught my best friend five new Italian expletive when she showed me the pale green bridesmaid dress I was supposed to wear. Shudder? Definitively Shudder!

    Can't wait for more book in the Cyborg and Zorn series. Keep up the great work!

  8. Anon - Thank you. I should have a release date soon.

    Rivendark - I paid one of those online encrypted/unlimited storage places saves all my files I've updated or added every day. It does it automatically. I just hooked up my new computer and asked it to restore all my saved files. It took about 30 hours (I have a LOT of picture/music/ebook/mybooks/video files) so that's why it took so long. I prefer that in case something bad ever happens. You know, a fire or really bad earthquake. My computer could be destroyed but my files are still safe. LOL. Thank you and I hope to have another Zorn/Cyborg book as soon as possible.