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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Redeeming Zorus - Today it is available!!!

The 6th Cyborg Seduction book is now released!!! Yippee! I'm so happy to get this story out there. If anything - maybe the emails asking me to kill him in various ways will decrease...LOL!!! No, I wrote this story because Zorus was a complicated guy who maybe we didn't like but he had his reasons for being...well...Zorus! Here's the LINK.

I will be writing more cyborgs in the near future. I just wrote three of them in a row so I'm going to focus on a few books for my other series before I come back to them. If you follow my blog at all, you are more than aware that I LOVE to write and I find the time to put in a lot of hours. It's April and this is the third book that has come out this year. You'll see more cyborg stories! There will be more Zorn, Raines, and I'm hoping to release some great news very soon about His Purrfect Mate. That's the title of the second book to Mate Set. (There's a hint for you in that title! LOL!!!)

.If you're on my update list and wonder why you didn't get a reminder...I apologize. Gmail - that account - is down. I'm hoping they have it up soon. It's frustrating but I'm sure it will be fixed soon. They do this from time to time so I may go 24 hours without access. I'm also running late on the book trailer. My son has been really sick but he's getting better. He hasn't been to school this week but I'm hoping the doctor clears him today when he goes in for his appointment. He's 6 years old and getting anything done is a challenge! I'll post it when I'm able to finish and post it on youtube. It's been...a LONG week with a very sick little boy. Thank you and have a great week!!!


  1. I have to admit the only reason I stared to read the Cyborg Seduction series was because I found a discarded copy of Burning up Flint during flight, and I honestly didn't like the genre at first, not to mention I never cared for overly buff males and the story felt so... well.. meh. Still when one has to take three flights, desperation -- and need for something completely out of the norm – becomes rampant so I ended up downloading the second and the third book out of curiosity. By the third book I was hooked and by the time I had the fourth and fifth book I was craving for more. The sixth – points above to the cover -- is my favorite of all in the series and the best so far in my opinion. I hope there will be more books in the series, I am dying to find out about Sky (poor guy seems so desperate for companionship), Onyx, and well.. Krell ( he seemed someone worth knowing). To use a common cliché – you have ruined me for all other “authors”.

    I have enjoyed the books so much, I had to read more, so I got hooked to the Zorn Warriors series too and loved it. And all in one month! So... Mate Set is next!!!

  2. Rivendark,

    I'm glad you got hooked! I plan to write all those characters in future cyborg books. More Zorn will come as well. I sent in the second book to Mate Set. It's titled His Purrfect Mate. I should have news to share soon. I'm glad you enjoy the books! Thank you.