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Friday, April 8, 2011

Release date - Redeeming Zorus - April 20th!!!

The 6th Cyborg Seduction book is coming VERY soon!!! Yippee!!! I'm really nervous because yeah...it's about Zorus, the cyborg everyone loves to hate. LOL! I can't even begin to guess at the number of emails I've gotten with suggestions on how to kill Zorus off. Tossing him out of an airlock, a battle to the death with another cyborg he angered, or gift wrapping him to send to Earth just to get a little revenge for what Earth had done to Cyborgs because he's the equivalent of the kind of present no one wants to get. (Am I the only one thinking...Fruitcake?) LOL! So of course...I finally had to write the book about Zorus. I will say the two people who read it were...reserved when I told them who I wrote about. Okay...they were probably flat out stunned and didn't think they'd enjoy reading his story. They both loved it so I'm hoping everyone else does too. Here's the blurb and LINK. The excerpt is down right now but I'm sure they'll fix it soon.

Book 6 in the Cyborg Seduction series.

Charlie’s brother has put her in the no-win situation of having to rescue a cyborg from Earth Government. It’s dangerous, she’ll become an outlaw on Earth, but it’s the only way to save her brother’s life. The imprisoned cyborg is rude, conceited, and probably the biggest jerk she’s ever had the misfortune to meet. His only redeeming qualities are his handsome face and sexy, muscular body. Just wow! Still, she can’t wait to be rid of him.

Cyborgs hate humans, but Zorus is consumed by it. Chained, enslaved and facing death on Earth once again, he vows revenge. To his utter astonishment, a human female comes to rescue him. She is mouthy, rude, and bossy. And very brave. She baffles him almost as much as she arouses him. Zorus cannot deny that he is fascinated by her. They are about to lock wills and ignite a firestorm of desire that defies every rule he lives by.

. . In other news...I'm hoping to have some good news (fingers crossed) about the book I just submitted recently. It's the second book that follows Mate Set. If it gets picked up I will be writing more of them. Grady's got some hot brothers who I'm itching to get my fingers on. Um...as in writing about them on my keyboard. LOL! Ellorascave lowered the prices on my books at Kindle, Allromanceebooks, and Barnes and noble. Stealing Coal and some other titles have been on the Top 100 paid bestsellers in erotica list there so that's been...WOW for me! Thank you to everyone who reads my books. I so appreciate you!!! Tempting Rever has hit PRINT. It's available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. It's coming directly to Ellorascave on April 11th. .I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. OMG!! That is soooo smokin' hawt!!! I'm soooo excited!!!!

    On that and I plan on getting your books in print for my birthday!! Now I have another to add to the list!!! In case, you're wondering. Yes, I'm excitedly bouncing up and down in my chair...ready to holler!! *grins*

    I promise not to be a crazed stalker...can I be a rabid fan? LOL! And no I don't do drugs. Unless pepsi max counts. XD

    I'ma posting the news on my blog!! *delightedgrin*

  2. Redd,

    LOL! And thank you! You can totally be a rabid fan. I'm an iced coffee addict so I'm with you on the caffeine. I do love it when they can get a book in fast. I read as well as write...hate waiting forever for one to come out. LOL!

  3. I just read your book Loving Zorn, and I loved it so much that I just have to get ALL of your other books. I'm a total SciFi fan, I'm a bit obsessive when I find an author that writes the type of books I love, and you just shot straight to the top of my list of must have authors!!

    I don't have an ebook reader. I read ebooks on my monitor using Kindle for PC in PDF. I will gladly stay glued to my monitor to read your books.

    I get my caffeine fix from both (hot)coffee and Pepsi, lol.

  4. Nan,

    Awwww, thank you! I'm so happy you gave Loving Zorn a chance by reading it. I loved that they put Ral's Woman and Kidnapping Casey together in one book. I know that Kissing Steel will come into print in the near future but I'm not sure when. I bought an ebook reader because I was running out of shelf room! LOL. Now I can buy and store a bunch of ebooks on a disk. Big space saver! I have a list of books I'm planning to write and you'll see more Zorn books in the future. Again, thank you!!!