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Thursday, August 19, 2010

What I'm up to...since I've been so quiet. LOL.

I have neglected my poor blog! I've been one busy author. With summer... I have kids home so that's taken up a lot of my time. I also made a trailer for Mate Set. WOW do I love making them. I get to buy stock photos and play with them. I'm getting better with those photo editing programs. ( I hope anyway!!! ) I got sick last month so I was really behind on where I wanted to be on my writing. I've been playing catch up. I also have been preparing for Romanticon! I'm sooooo excited to be going. This is my first convention. Mr. Laurann and I haven't taken a vacation since we got married in 1996 so I pretty much have had to buy...everything. A suitcase. A make-up bag. Clothes. Shoes. ( I only owned a few pair...I usually run around bare foot unless I drive somewhere - I don't get out much! LOL). I'm still shopping for a coat. I doubt my lightweight one will do in Ohio in October. I was raised in Indiana so I'm thinking back to my childhood... and I know I need something thicker than what I have. Yeah. It's taken up a lot of my time. Mate Set releases on Sept 3rd!!! I'm so nervous but excited to see what people think! Here's a link to EC to read the blurb and excerpt. LINK

Here's the Mate Set trailer.

I also have been writing up a storm. I finished the 4th Cyborg Seduction book - Touching Ice. I submitted it. I even made a banner for it to put on my website. I'm hoping to have some official great news to announce really soon about that!!! I had a LOT of fun with that book. When I can release a blurb...you'll understand. ( I'm being a tease...LOL ) It was just...a BLAST to write. That's all I can say for now. It starts with a BOOM! LOL. I've had a few people ask me how I come up with my ideas. They just hit me and this one... FUN! It was one of those...what if??? I will give you this hint. If you read Melting Iron...you know Dawn teased Iron about artificial women. Well...that's all I can say! LOL.
Not a cover...obviously...LOL

In other news...I got my edits for Berrr's Vow - the 4th Zorn Warrior book!!! That means release date is going to be coming...brand new cover to show off...and for everyone who asked for a story about Hyvin Berrr...I wrote this book because of you. I never planned to write it. Readers left comments at Ellorascave about him, wishing for a book featuring him, and there you have it. I got inspired to tell his story when it came to me. That one was really great to write. He leads the planet Zorn, he doesn't understand the draw of human women, is a little frustrated that three of his sons have hooked up with those 'weak' alien human women...so you KNOW he's about to get his world turned upside down! LOL. So... hopefully I'll be able to shout out the release date for that soon!!!

There will be MORE Zorn, Cyborg, and Raines books!!! I'm working on them, a few are close to being finished, and I'll submit them when they are all wrapped up. As I said...I got sick, that flu/allergy thing kept me down for a few week...it was nasty...but I'm all better now. My kids are starting school in a few weeks so I will have more time to write since I'm home and they won't be during school hours. LOL. So...now we're all caught up! Life is great. I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer...but I'm SOOOO ready for it to be OVER! It is too hot! LOL.


  1. Wow, you've been busy, as always! I have to check out the trailer for Mate Set. Huge congrats on everything!

    As someone who likes to write multiple books at once, I understand completely. To others, we probably look a bit zany, but to us, this is our working chaos! LOL I've gotten so I can't even just focus on one book at a time. There's way too many stories out there and I seem to have to dabble in several at once. :)

    Oh, and my new computer has a 23" monitor! Makes my old 19" look puny. ;D So cool...and helps rest my tired eyes.

  2. Hi Cari. Thank you. It does work. I do it so I never suffer writer's block. If I get hung up on one book...I have others to work on. LOL. There's a reason for our madness...right? LOL!!! I love bigger screens!

  3. Hi Laurann,
    I still love the cover for Mate Set - Yummo!!!
    and your book sounds fantastic! I think you write quicker than I read sometimes LOL!!!
    Congrats =)