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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The 4th Cyborg book was contracted!!!

It's Official!!! Ellorascave picked up the 4th book in the Cyborg Seduction Series. Touching Ice - is Ice's story. If you read Melting Iron... you know Dawn teased Iron about visiting that floating space whorehouse that hosted artificial sex bots. Well, that got me thinking about how other cyborgs might visit the Folion as well... and begins Ice's story! LOL. I had soooo much fun writing this one!!! Megan is a programmer on the Folion and that's all I can say for now. LOL.

I'm writing the 5th one right now ( One of the WIP's I'm working on ). The next book will be about Coal. I have more books planned for this series and the other ones! I have such a blast writing that I almost feel guilty for being so happy in my life. LOL!!! Almost!
I have other projects going on. Berrr's Vow should be getting a release date any day now and of course... new book cover will be coming out for it. Mate Set comes out a week from tomorrow!!! You can see how I do with werewolves. The thing is that if you read my blog at all...you know I spent over 15 years writing in my spare time before I got published and I ended up writing 54 novels. A big portion of those books were werewolf stories. Mate Set was one of them ( my favorite ). I cleaned it up, wrote entire new chapters for it, and submitted it with fingers crossed. I can't tell you how happy and excited I was when EC picked it up. Here's a LINK

I hope everyone has a wonderful upcoming weekend!!!


  1. YAY!! I absolutely can't wait to read all of the books coming up! I'm especially exited about Coal's story! I really thought it would be a awesome story to read, because of his history with being made a slave and having to father way more children then he would have if he had been able to live on Garden the last 20 years. I also think it will be really hot!lol. jumping up and down in my seat.

  2. Well done Laurann!! I'm eagerly anticipated your werewolf story, I love them =)

  3. carezy900 - LOL! I'm so glad you're excited!!! Coal's story is going to be fun...and HOT! I'm a few chapters in and I'm LOVING it! LOL.

    Mel - Thanks! I hope you like it when it comes out.

  4. Congratulations! Wow! Quite an accomplishment. Adding even more books to my TBR list. ; )

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Thank you, Lynne. All those hours I write are worth it! LOL! I hope your weekend is wonderful too!

  6. Hi Laurann,

    I've bought your book and read it in one sitting. Loved it.....Have lots of questions for you...will send you an email, hoping you can answer if you have the time