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Thursday, August 5, 2010

I have a cover for Mate Set!!!

Today was a wonderful day for two reasons. I got the new cover for Mate Set!!! I love the cover. Whooo Hoooo! I have to say that I feel super lucky when it comes to covers. LOL. Mate Set is my werewolf stand alone book coming out Sept 3rd. I've gotten emails and people have asked me if it's going to be a series. To tell you the truth... he's got brothers. Sexy, single ones...so depending on how it goes...it could be a series. If it does well I would be happy to write more of them.

Speaking of more... I am working on a Zorn book, submitted the 4th Cyborg book, working on the 5th, and am close to submitting another Raine book... and have chapters completed, more than a few, on other books in each of those series. So... if you have a favorite series... I'm working on more books.

In other news... I should be releasing some good news in the near future and one of those topics is a release date for Berrr's Vow - the 4th Zorn book. I will give away a little tidbit. In Berrr's Vow, if you are a big fan of Ariel and Ral...and wonder what's happened to them since we left them last...you're going to want to read this book! LOL. Of course I can't wait to see the cover for it too.

Here's a Link to Mate Set. I really hope that if you have read and enjoy my other books that you'll check out what I do with the wonderful world of shifters. I've been writing them for years but this one...I just loved!!!

In MORE news - Loving Zorn hit print this week! YIPPEE!!! Very cool. Today I got a copy in the mail and Awesome!!! Notice the gargoyle? That's DUDE!!! He keeps me company late at night while I'm writing. It's really cool getting your book in print. It's a WOW moment to see your name on it and know YOUR story is inside it ( 2 of them in my case - Ral and Argernon's stories ). So yeah...way cool. I feel very blessed.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week. I know mine has been EXTRA special and last but not least... for those of you you said Babe was overused in Propositioning Mr. Raine - NOTED! Sorry!!! LOL.


  1. OMG Laurann, that Mate Set cover is my fav so far!!! How gorgeous =)
    And what a great photo of you with your book (lucky girl!!) your Dude is very creepy!
    Oh, and I have one of your covers up at my blog - one of your very many LOL!!

  2. Thanks Mel! Isn't it awesome? I'm sooo in love with it. It's like they took Ral's Woman and Kidnapping Casey... and there you have Loving Zorn! Dude is actually cute up close. I'm going to your blog. I've been so busy I've neglected reading blogs. Sooooo sorry and thank you!!!

  3. You have definitely been blessed by the cover gods :).

  4. Congratulations! I can't wait to read it!

  5. Thanks!!! I really love the cover artists at EC!!!

  6. Sorry I missed your cover! It's another one of those cool ones... Great! You are just going along so fast and well, Congrats Laurann!

  7. Hi Kaye,

    LOL. No problem. Thank you!!!

  8. Gorgeous cover! All of yours are great! And I love the pic of you and your book. I bet it was an amazing feeling to hold it for the first time. :)

  9. Hi Cari,

    It's awesome to hold it in print!!! LOL. Of course with my ebooks...I order stuff so I have the cover to 'touch' but yeah...every neat! I have been blessed with getting great covers. You know that saying though...my luck has to run out sometime and it's going to be a doozy!!! LOL!!!

  10. VERY neat... geez...I said I needed to go to bed an hour ago...and I sure do. This time I'm going for REAL! LOL!!!