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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I've been hijacked by a stripper and buff guy...sigh

I was working happily on another Cyborg book, getting a lot done there, over half way finished... and had even gotten a good jump on my next Zorn book to submit. It was all going so great until I woke up Sunday morning from a dream. I have great dreams sometimes and I'm one of those people who remember them usually. So... I had a dream... and a story idea... and a new obsession... and when I started to work on one of my books.... all I could think about was the stripper and the hot guy who wants to save her from the trouble she finds herself in. So there I went, closing down my WIP, popping up a new page... and wrote just over 7,000 on Sunday. Yesterday another 5,000 words on it. Today... I'm still obsessed so here I go!
I feel so guilty. LOL. I know I should be writing that Cyborg book, working on that next Zorn book, they both are great stories that I love, characters that I'm into but that damn stripper and her buff hero.... so locked in my brain! LOL. So... it's all about them right now. I'm off to write and feel guilty but enjoying every minute because so far... this one is writing it's self! I love when that happens, I just wish the timing was better but of course... I have 2 books submitted to my editors already so that should ease my guilty feelings and I'm waiting on edits for 3 books so it's not like I have work to do that I'm putting off. LOL.


  1. I can't wait to read this one Laurann, we can compare stripper stories!!
    And I need to take a page out of your writing book, my writing lately is at a snail's pace (sigh)

  2. Hi Mel, Yeah. This one has me. I'm up to 18,309 words on this baby! It's rare but I've written a few books like this before. Ral's Woman hit me like that. I wrote it in 6 days. I was in a slump (holidays) so don't worry. Something will hit you and get you back in the writing groove.

  3. Snails pace is me too, Mel. Aw, Laurann, don't you love when the book practically writes itself. YAY

  4. Regina, I do love it but I hate it when I have a 'plan' to write one thing... then get taken over by a new project. LOL. Of course...I won't complain when a book is flowing this easily. LOL.

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