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Friday, January 8, 2010

I'm sick and I'm going to read! LOL

Okay, the cold is kicking my backside. I thought I could beat it but... it's pretty bad. Cold medicine is coming once I get back from picking up my son from school and meds and writing... don't mix. At least not with me unless I want to write something that would make everyone go...WTF??? LOL. Floating heads without bodies.... stuff like that so no, I am giving writing a rest today.
I'm going shopping online today, I'm going to pick up 4-6 books and READ! YEAH!!! Yes, I can read that much when I decide to sit down and read. I have my handy dandy Ebookwise I just got for Christmas from Mr. Laurann so I can take it to bed once I upload the books I buy! Yeah. I just figured out that uploading content so I'm not stuck JUST buying books from their store! That's a good thing because I don't buy my books from the same places always. LOL. So.... I'm off to pick up my son, then do some online book buying, and then off to read. I'll check my email, of course, on and off. If my edits come in for one of my books... I'll go off the meds and get back to work but that's the only reason I'll write today. LOL!!!!


  1. So sorry you're under the weather -- but it does give you a good excuse to read for pleasure ;).

  2. Thanks Helen, it's a bad one and getting worse. LOL. Thank goodness for ebook readers! I can take it to bed and stay there until the urge to check my email gets too much to ignore! LOL. I'm expecting edits and word on a few submissions so... I'd crawl to my computer if that's what it takes. LOL!

  3. Get better soon Laurann, and enjoy your reading time! =)

  4. Thanks Mel. I got a little nap, came on to check my emails. LOL. I'm so hoping this blows over fast.