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Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm getting better and I'm back to work!

This is where my head is. LOL. I'm working on 2 WIP right now. A 5th Zorn Warriors Book and another Cyborg book! Yeah! Both space themed. I was sick and I still have a cold but I am feeling a little better. My fever is gone and my head doesn't feel twice it's size anymore! Always a good thing!
I was working on a story about a stripper and a buff guy... but when I got sick... they got put on a back burner but I'm 28,000 words into it so I WILL get back to it but for right now... maybe it was those cold meds I took for a few days... LOL... I'm feeling a bit SPACEY! I do this. I book jump and it's kind of cool because sometimes I'll finish 2 or 3 books within days or weeks of each other. I'm just glad to be feeling better since I know I have edits coming, 2 more book covers should be hitting my email in the near future... and then release dates to announce. YEAH! I'd like to wrap up at least one of the books I'm writing by the end of this month, that's the goal, and submit it.
Last but not least... I did an interview that came out yesterday. Here's the link!



  1. I'm the same way...I have a whole bunch of stories going at once, so it's fun to start knocking them off like dominos. ;) Good luck with all your upcoming projects!

  2. I have so many friends who work on several books at once but I've never been able to do that for some reason. I really like the idea of getting several finished close together. Siiiiigh. Guess my brain just doesn't work that way. One at a time for me. But yay on the progress and I'm glad you are finally recovering from the cold. I was sick sick sick last week with a nasty one but I'm on the mend too.

  3. Cari - Dominos - LOL! And thanks. You too.

    Regina, I'm a mood writer. If I'm ticked... good time to write that bar fight (lol). If I'm in a romantic mood - LOL! If I feel a bit dark... I work on my pet series project I have. If I'm happy and feel in the mood for an adventure... space! Here I come!!! LOL. I'm glad you're feeling better.

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