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Friday, January 15, 2010

I've been editing... sorry haven't been around!

I got my edits for Kidnapping Casey and the day before yesterday and yesterday... I was nose deep in them or should I say... nose to screen with them. LOL. I missed visiting blogs and I'm addicted to them. I love to read about what people are doing, their funny or even sad stories, and I love to read about books when they are mentioned so yesterday was tough. Now today I have to clean. My house... yeah... I've needed to do that whole 'after X-mas' clean and haven't since I've been writing. Yesterday I tripped over something and thought... I can't put this off anymore. LOL. So... yeah.
I got them done so now the waiting to see if I did them right or if I need a bit more editing to go. I LOVE when edits come because that means... release date to follow once the editing is all over! I can't wait to start shouting out when Kidnapping Casey is coming out. I have had a lot of emails asking me and I really felt bad saying "I don't know but when I hear anything... I'll be shouting it out". So... When I hear anything.... LOL. Yeah. But the edits came so... YIPPEE!!! Release date to follow which is better than saying... I don't know!
I am going to take two hours later today just for visiting blogs so if anyone has missed me ( I do like to leave comments...LOL ) Look for me later today after I do some cleaning. One day I want to be able to afford to hire my best friend who cleans houses to come clean my house one day a week. LOL. Oh.... to dream!!! We all have to have goals, right? There's mine. But for now... I'm off to clean up after 3 kids who are 10 and under, 4 cats that LOVE to knock stuff over and chew on anything they can fit into their mouths (all of them are a few years old but they act like kittens). My husband isn't that messy except for coffee drips so he's good! LOL. He even cleans up the hair off of the bathroom floor when he buzzes his head! SCORE!!! I really did marry well. LOL.


  1. Yay on your edits!!!
    Isn't that the biggest buzz, pressing 'send' and thinking 'that's probably it... I've done another book'. It's amazing =)
    LOL on the housecleaning, we must've been on the same wavelength blog!!

  2. You now have a release date of January 29th for your next Zorn book.