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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm back!

I am finally done except for writing a blurb. Well, editing one anyway. It took longer than I thought it would to do what needed done. LOL. I was sure I'd be finished by Monday but then life stepped in. Now... yeah! I can relax. No, they weren't 'official' edits. It was me cleaning up my submissions for two books I wrote. I'm still learning the 'smoother' way to write and so I had to fix my mistakes and clean them up quite a bit. LOL.
How was everyone's weekend? I'm sleep deprived a bit but I'll catch up on it soon enough. I've missed reading blogs, trolling around myspace looking at people's pages (I'm probably the only person who does this but WOW is that interesting at times - there are some really different kinds of people on there), and going to some of my favorite websites. I kept up with my emails but that was about it over the weekend. Tonight I was trying to play catch up with a few groups I belong to. You never really realize how involved you are with the Internet until you aren't really on it much. LOL.
For the next few days I'm just going to relax, get more sleep, and do a little writing for pleasure instead of just for editing purposes. Big difference. LOL. Well, unless life steps in.


  1. Oh yeah, you should definitely relax. Editing is one of those necessary evils, LOL. In fact, I have a lot of it to do myself, so I'm off!

  2. I haven't signed onto MySpace or Facebook in months, but I've been visiting a lot of blogs and tweeting like a fiend. I've been editing, too, but not getting much new writing done. Gotta blog hop less and write more... But blogs are so much fun.