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Friday, September 25, 2009

I'm going to be very busy this weekend

While I'm really busy this weekend doing edits... I thought I'd give everyone something nice to look at on my blog.
I'm editing two books and am turning them in on Monday. In other words... I am going to pretty much stay off the Internet for the most part while I get seriously emerged in the Planet Zorn. LOL.
I hope everyone has a terrific weekend! I'll be back on Monday when the craziness is over or maybe before if I really dig in and get this done. A huge thanks go out to my critique partner who is going over what I'm editing when I finish each chapter so she can catch my mistakes!


  1. Nice eye candy! I'm knee deep in edits, too. Who's your editor at EC? Mine is Sue-Ellen Gower, and she's awesome.


  2. Ahhh, edits. What can I say??? lol. I'm working on setting up two new series and writing the fourth in a series. My head is spinning.

  3. Helen, my blog was acting up so I sent you an email.

    Regina... sounds exciting what you're doing. I hope number 4 involves my favorite shifters. LOL.