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Friday, October 2, 2009

It's the begining of the weekend!

I love the weekends! I know I've mentioned this before but I have 4 kids and 4 cats (blame the 4 kids for the 4 cats - I'm a sucker and can't say no to cute little animals ) but luckily I also have 1 terrific husband. Every Friday night he comes home and takes charge of them so that I can put on my headphones and write. No interruptions of any kind! It's like every Friday evening is the start of a mini mom vacation for me. LOL.
So to everyone... have a great weekend! I hope you get to kick back, relax, and get a little mini vacation from work, stress, and anything else you want to pull your hair out over during the weekdays. LOL.

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  1. I hope you got a lot of writing time this weekend so far. I finished an edit this morning while at my daughter's softball practice. Tomorrow starting at 7 am and lasting until close to 7 pm is her every other weekend softball tournament. Then, it's back to the day job bright and early Monday morning. Sometimes I wonder if I really get a weekend off. No power outlets at the tournament tomorrow so I'll be handwriting.