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Friday, August 7, 2009

The wait is over and man am I busy. LOL

I have tasks. I have editing to do. I have a ton of editing to do. I'm learning alright (ooops) all right. LOL. TWO WORDS. I didn't know that. See? Learning. It's really a great experience, a lot of work, but I am loving every minute of it. I have my checklists (I'm really happy I have a 24 inch widescreen monitor to have the room to keep both book and checklists up next to each other without squinting at tiny print or overlapping documents). It's also really a good way to find out how much you think you knew but didn't. LOL. I've learned that 'and' is something I use too much of. I edited the book I needed to and sent it in. Hopefully I didn't mess up, misunderstand, or just muck up in general when I edited. I'm sure I'll find out. I'll sweat it until I hear back on how I did. Again, good thing I'm a fast learner because that will come in handy. I've spent time re-editing books I wanted to submit. I'm almost ready to send in another one. I have to go over it a few more times to polish it up. Then I have a few more books to re-edit to go so I can submit them.

I'm an at home mom which can be challenging. Today I was editing a sex scene. My kids decided it was a great time to get into a fight. I have two kids screaming at each other, toys flying in all directions (thankfully they aren't real great on aiming when they throw toys at each other), they are chasing each other, and I'm doing an immitation of a jack in the box only with a chair. Up and down. This went on for about twenty minutes. Every time I sat down they started up again. I'm working on this same section in the book and all I can think is... this poor guy is never going to get off. LOL. I finally settled them down with popcorn and a movie. I sit back down, sighing in relief, and face the screen... to realize the cat walked across my keyboard. No fear. I save so often it's not funny. I have backups for my backups. In this case the wonderful 'undo' worked. Of course the kids decided to throw popcorn at each other a minute later. I did finish the scene but it's not easy being home with kids! I long for school to start next month.

I'm really lucky. I have a great husband. After we ate and watched a few shows we'd DVR'd (Okay, it was Saving Grace which is a great show with the best opening in my opinion and In Plain Site which I also enjoy a lot), the wonderful guy I married took charge of the kids so I could really get some work done. He's terrific and I got really lucky twenty years ago when I met him. He does laundry (be still my heart), cooks occasionally (he can make steaks with a cast iron skillet that will leave you drooling just with the scent of them cooking... and heaven to taste), and he's informed me he's totally prepared to help me with any research I need help with for any of the scenes in my books I'm working on. Those sex scenes SHOULD be realistic... LOL. Yeah, I'm really lucky. While he's wrangling the kids I better get back to that editing.

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  1. Family life, you gotta love it.
    Bea Jay