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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I am waiting... LOL

I've always heard that being an author meant it was a time consuming process. I never realized how true that would be and that it was a lot of waiting for word. LOL. I'm waiting for tasks to be sent to me about my first book. While I wait (I'm not one to sit around playing mahjong... for long anyway...) I have been writing. And writing. And writing. I finished the second book to the first one that is under contract (cross my fingers they want the second one and like it). I finished a werewolf novel. I even finished the cyborg novel I got hooked on. Now I'm editing. I read a story at least a dozen times over and over looking for errors, fixing what is broke, and polishing it. Now the question is... what do I submit first??? LOL. I don't want them to to get slammed by me. I also finished a contemporary western that needed some tweaking. Yeah. That's 4 books ready to be sent in. LOL. Did I mention that I spend hours and hours a day writing and that I type 80 plus words a minute???

I just read the first paragraph and you might wonder what I meant by hooked on. It's an odd word to use. I sometimes have stories hit me over the head. No, I don't have little voices. (It might be cool if I did though if they were comedians...) I had this cyborg story hit me and hook me. I wrote it in record time for me because it was just... there. I could barely keep up typing that fast. When I wasn't at the computer it was stuck in my head like a show tune. LOL.

Anyway, I've gotten a lot done since I sent in my contract and have been waiting to start working on getting my book out there. I'm really excited to learn everything. I'm guessing sending in 4 books at once... probably not a good idea so I will pick my favorite one... that's a toughy... and send it in. Anyway... I'm waiting and writing while I do. I am excited to learn the entire process of what happens between the time you sign a contract and what happens as it processes through until it's ready to be out there. I'm really good at tasking. I take things in stride. If they hate a section of my book... not a problem. I'm really easy, creative, and can totally do rewrites happily. LOL. I had a friend who read a book I wrote who hated everything from chapter 4 up on a book I wrote. I dumped 10 chapters and started over. I got it back to her in 2 weeks for her to read and give me feedback on. She loved it. It was a better book. It was a great lesson.

I'm really excited about the thought of getting to promote the book. I'm doing all my research. I'm working on an author website. When I get the eventual book cover and release date... I'm launching the site. I'm learning ALOT. LOL.

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  1. Wow, you make writing sound so easy. congratulations, your excitment is jumping out at me.
    Bea Jay