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Monday, July 16, 2012

Obsidian links, Q&A, and my bedroom pics!

Obsidian is now available for pre-order at both KINDLE and B & N! It releases August 28th, then at Ellorascave on the morning of the 29th.
I wanted to thank everyone for being so excited about his upcoming book. I truly appreciate you!!!

I’m still behind. It’s going to take me a few months to catch up after being off for a few months while we moved but I’m getting there. I’m working on multi books, the way I do, to avoid writer’s block. I had planned to start working on the three last Zorn books at the beginning of the month but I haven’t yet. I really want to turn in Shadow first while I’m still working on a Raine, Mating Heat, and Cyborg book too. I will catch up though!

Life is really good for me. The family is all together (YIPEE!!) I hated to be apart from them. We are finally getting the gym together. Our Bowflex came and was put together. Now I just need to figure out how to use it. Wow, it came with a lot of options on exercises you can do. Mr. Laurann has been working out so I figure once he’s got it down...I’ll hit him up to show me how to work on my problem areas with it. We’re putting a TV and my treadmill inside the room so I’ll be walking while watching my precious House Hunters in there really soon. I’m behind in my dieting too. At least I’m consistent right now. LOL! But...I’m determined to get back on track with both.

The Q and A part...

Q: How many New Species are planned and do you have a list of their order?

A: I’m not sure but there will be a bunch of them (LOTS). I have a ton of partials and a few completed books that need updated and heavily edited. I’m trying to finish writing books that fill in the timeline gaps between books I had finished. It’s like fitting a puzzle together sometimes when I read partials. I’m like ‘oh...this book takes place before this happens, which is in this book...so I need to finish this one first.’ LOL. One of the finished books...a second one has to be written to go out back to back with it since it involves two unreleased New Species being held at the same place. I’m sure you’ll want to read the other story without waiting for a long time and it keeps the timeline straight so we’re not bouncing back and forth from the ‘present’ and ‘past’.  

Q: How many cyborg books are you planning?

A : So far...Sky, Deviant, Gene, Blackie, and Mavo. I’m sure I’ll think up more. It’s a really fun series for me to write and I love it. I can’t see letting it go easily without some sniffling and tears. LOL!

Q: Mating Heat books - When is Cousin Brand’s story coming out? I know you’ve been working on it so what is the hold up?

A: I am deeply into that book but I tied up Rave and Von’s story with it. In other words...they are written in the same timeline. While Brand’s story is playing out, so is Rave and Von’s. I’m writing in the scenes that connect...it’s easy to adjust them if I can change them at will instead of something already being set in stone by one of their stories being published. Once I’m past those parts and am happy with how they connect...I’m just a few chapters shy of turning in Cousin Brand’s book. I’ve been going over names for the book. I am down to a few choices and when I’m ready to submit it, I’ll send them in to my editor to see which one is the winner - then submit it. LOL.

Q: What is the word on the Raines?

A : I’m working on Ryder Raine’s story. It’s going well. Drake’s story will be after Ryder’s. I’ve got a chunk of it done too.
Q : How do you work on so many books at once?

A : I laugh when I get asked this. It’s just...how I am wired. I’m a mood writer. I wrote for a lot of years just because I loved to write. I didn’t have deadlines or any pressure to keep the books in order even. I just...wrote whatever I wanted, when I wanted, and so it allowed me to juggle a lot of stories inside my head at once. After a few years...it was just the way it was for me. I wrote my first book in 1993 and wasn’t published until September of 2009. That’s a heck of a lot of years that I wrote that way. It’s kind of ingrained in me now. I also learned that when one story was stuck in my head...GO with it! Ignoring it only distracts me.

As an example...I was thinking about Drake Raine the other night and I stopped working on Shadow to pop open Drake’s story. I sat there all night and wrote 15 pages. That’s a lot of writing to get done in one sitting but it was just there and flowed right out of me. Then I was back to Shadow’s story the next day and wrote an entire chapter of his book after I’d hit this moment in the book of ‘what now?’

I don’t write with storyboards or write out notes on what I want to happen in a book. Nope. I just...write. I honestly don’t know what will happen in the next chapters of the books. I’m a ‘by the seat of my pants’ writer. I find it more exciting that way and I’m constantly surprising myself with where stories go. It’s kind of...awesome for me. It’s never boring. It’s an adventure!

In other words...my mind is a crazy, wonderful place to my way of thinking that is kind of as unruly as my hair. I don’t reign it in. Why would I? It works for me. I honestly can’t say enough how much I love to write. It’s so much fun for me and I get to do it full time now! I can put in 16 hour days if I want and I usually do! It’s like loving ice cream and all you life you were limited to the amount you could eat but then you get a job as a taster. Yeah. Dive in with that spoon! LOL!

In closing...I get asked a lot of questions about me as a person. I’m a bit of an odd ball, honestly, but I like who I am. I wouldn’t change anything - good or bad - because life has led me down this path and it’s a great place where I’m at. LOL! I am pretty much a homebody. I love writing (obviously!), watching TV, and my idea of a perfect evening is eating my favorite foods with Mr. Laurann and our kids while we’re watching some movie we have been waiting to see for a while. I collect a lot of stuff. Gargoyles, erotic art, and some gothic horror stuff. I LOVE dark fantasy art! My newest obsession is Monster High dolls. I’m a recovering beanie baby addict. LOL! I have a twisted sense of humor that I rarely apologize for since humor is important, no matter where you find it. I have four kids ranging from the ages of 7-20. My oldest daughter is married and I have a 2 year old grandson. I’ve been with Mr. Laurann for over two decades and feel really blessed because we are super close and I just adore him. I feel pretty darn lucky, actually.  I live in boxers and tank tops mostly, hate shoes, and am really into being comfortable.

I promised pictures of the house so...here is my bedroom and sitting room. Some of the pictures show my messy bathroom (sorry). The color is a darker blue than some of the pictures show (think it was the flash from the camera or the sunlight). That’s one of our cats - Ashes - on our bed. We had shutter doors put where the bathroom starts so we can close it off for privacy. They are open though so yeah...you can see my side of the walk in closet open (that hint of red are a pair of my boxers) and I think those are towels tossed on the floor that are heading for the laundry room.

Happy reading everyone and hope you enjoy the pics.


Mr. Laurann's 65 inch widescreen TV makes for great movie viewing from our bed. LOL!

Here is his massage chair! It gets it's own sitting room.


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  16. I have to agree, I'm really going to miss the Zorn. Ral's book is the first book I ever read by you. I bought all of your books after that because I hoped for more fantasy alpha males. I've read the Zorn series at least 20 times a piece. Closely followed by the Cyborg and New Species series of course. These three series are some of my favorite books and they rank with my other favorite paranormal/ fantasy type books. The Zorn shall be missed :(

  17. Thank you. I haven't written a Zorn book in a bit. I hate to neglect them so I decided to write the last three books. Who knows. Maybe down the road I could follow up with a book about one of their kids but that would be a while. The up side is I'll get to put out more books for the other series - Raines, Mating Heat, Cyborg Seduction, and New Species. I even have a few other series I'd like to get published.

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  19. I love your stories! And i like that you're are so likable,to show us your house is so special, and helps me see you in my mind's eye as you are writing. I love your books because they don't follow any familiar plot lines.And your characters are so alive with desperate desire for each other! That is the single element that makes your books so smoking hot!

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    Firstly let me say that I love your books and you and bright, without an author igual.Eu m'm Brazilian, but even here with a small impecilios I have when I read his books I keep reading, I can not for. I know that you would like to speak with companies that sell their books to start selling them in Portuguese as well as English and buy them and difficult to translate because I'm pessima in English, and some words the translator not to translate . And if they already sell to the client in Portuguese translator that translates words not to be slang or something that comes tradurzido.E here in Brazil has thousands of fans sua.Por please talk with them, I do not mind paying a little more expensive ... I adore ... Thanks .... lol ... kisses ...