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Sunday, May 20, 2012

I’m behind on the Blog update - Q & A

I meant to update by now but I’ve been writing! I’m trying to catch up still from the big move from California to Nevada. I knew it was going to be tough, lots of things needed done on the house, and it would mess with my ability to write. The interior got all new paint, floors/carpet needed installed, and I slept on an air mattress for a few weeks. My desk became a plastic folding table that shook when I typed so that wasn’t productive. Minor repairs, some stuff updated, and a house full of furniture to pick out and buy. The house is finally complete with my working office. I even have my favorite desk that Mr. Laurann brought me. I’ve just started to get back into the swing of things.

Ever see a pet that’s been penned up for a bit...get loose and kind of turn a bit hyper? There’s a mental image that kind of fits me when I started writing again. I was so excited I couldn’t focus and was jumping around from book to book just so ecstatic to be spending time with them again. I’m calming and getting back into a routine. I’ve actually spent a few days on the same book. LOL. I’m making real progress and hope to be able to turn at least one book in by the end of this month!

I’ll jump right to the questions and answers portion I’m putting in here.

Q - When is your next release coming out?

A - I have to finish the books first. Once a book is finished, I turn it in, and it gets sent to edits. Then a release date will be set - usually about six weeks from the time it finishes final edits. That’s pretty darn fast even if it doesn’t feel like it. LOL!

Q - How many more New Species books are there going to be?

A - A lot! I have books planned for many characters. I have no set number in my head to finish the series at. I could happily write them for years.

Q - How many Zorn Warrior books will there be? (Let me condense this part) How many Riding the Raines, Mating Heat, and Cyborg Seduction books will there be?

A - Here’s my ‘to write list’...

    Zorn - Stories for Vhon, Coto, and Vinlotti. (I’m scheduled to work on them in July and August of this year)

    Riding the Raines - All of the rest of the brothers - including Trip and Adam

    Mating Heat - Cousin Brand, the rest of the Harris brothers, and possibly Alpha Elroy - just because he needs a good woman and I can’t stand the thought of him being alone after what Eve did to him.

    Cyborg Seduction - I don’t know. I am writing Sky’s story, Deviant, I’d like to write books about a lot more characters that you’ve grown to know like Blackie, Gene, and Mavo. (more names popping up inside my head) It’s open ended so that list will more than likely grow longer.

Q - When is your ‘not so secret’ series going to be released and what is it about?

A - I’d like to close out at least one series, hopefully two, before I even think about opening another. I write a LOT of hours and right now I’m juggling between five series. I really want to catch up with my ‘to write’ list a bit. I work on my ‘not so secret’ series in my free time when I need a break from deadlines and just want to have pure fun. It started out that I’d have four books in that series. Four turned into six. One is written, the other five are partially written. The up side to waiting on me sending this series in is that by the time I’m ready to launch them...I should have the books completed. That means no waiting for the next ones to be written. If the series goes over well, I could see writing more of them. They are alpha males, of course, set in a modern day setting, with paranormal elements in the wilds of Alaska. Male/female monogamous relationships.

Side note  ----- I know some of you will be bummed that I’m closing some of my series out but I really think you’ll enjoy the new series that replace them. I’ve had a few people read the first book of the ‘Not So Secret -NSS’ series and they were really excited about it. The other bonus to this is when I’m down to just a few series, that it means the books will come out faster instead of having to wait a long time between books. This year I’ve only put out New Species books and Krell’s story from cyborg, along with two short anthology stories in the Something Wicked This Way Comes volumes. I’d like to hone it down to me scheduling out the books in an even routine of series books. You know...one month a New Species, the next book a cyborg, and then one from the ‘NSS’ series...plus there are some other books I’d like to see out there.

Q - How do you write so fast? What is your secret?

A - I don’t write fast. Seriously. My secret is insomnia and massive hours spent at my computer. I have an obsessive personality when it comes to writing. I can easily put in 15 hour days and I really love what I do. Sometimes if I’m really having a good writing burst...I’ve been known to stay up for 24-48 hours straight with only bathroom/food breaks. I’ll even eat at my computer while I’m reading what I’ve wrote and editing through it to fix things. I’m very lucky to get to do this full time and have such a fantastic husband who is so supportive.

Q - What’s your best advice to an aspiring author?

A - Don’t give up, keep writing, and rejections - if you get them - aren’t the end of the world. I have a file with some of them. It just made me try harder.

Q - Why don’t you write ménage books?

A - I read them sometimes. I have nothing against them. I read all kinds of books and enjoy them. I’m turning pages and just watching someone else’s story unfold. The blunt answer is - when I’m writing, I write what I personally find to be the sexiest thing and that is monogamy. Those are the types of men and women that I can relate to best. I live and breathe my characters when I’m writing. They are real to me, they exist, and I’m living inside their worlds up close and personal.

Q - Do you ever use anything from your real life in your books?

A - Yes. Sometimes. You’ll catch some of my characters drinking iced coffee. I think everyone knows I’m hopelessly addicted. My friends have laughed because they’ll catch glimpses of small things like that in books. They get a kick out of it.

Q- What is the best thing about the big move?

A - I can’t pick just one thing! Having my own office is beyond awesome. This is our dream home and I feel blessed every day. We went from super cramped to this. It’s just...WOW! The only sad part is having to wait for my family to join me full time in June. I miss them. They visit me about every two to three weeks but watching them drive away is super tough. Video chats just doesn’t cut it.  Luckily, it’s almost over and they’ll be with me again full time soon. I really love the house, I'm adjusting to the heat well, and we have air conditioning that rocks!

Q - What kinds of habits do you have when you write and how do you write for so many hours?

A - I keep iced coffee next to me. I listen to loud music via headphones. I kind of dance in my chair a lot and that keeps me from getting stiff from sitting too long. I also tend to buy stuff that inspires my imagination and keep it within sight. Mr. Laurann is VERY understanding and he and the kids love video games and watching marathons of things like Doctor Who so I get plenty of time to write. They tell me when I overdo it and pull me away from my desk.

Have a great week!


  1. Can't wait for the cyborg series!!!!!!

  2. yay!! excited for all books coming :) love all of your series, keep writing!! :)

  3. Thanks for the update Laurann. It's nice to get inside the head of an author. You share yourself in spades. It's truly appreciated. As long as you keep writing, I'll keep reading.

    Congrats again on the move to your new house which will soon become your home.


    1. Absolutely keep new species alive and kicking PLEASE!

  4. Thanks for the update,i keep checking back.Can't wait for more books keep up when you can.I am sure that once your family is all there with you it will be better.I love your books.

  5. It's nice to know that Mating Heat is not over with. Those are really my favorite book, there right there with the New Species.

  6. Hey Laurann,
    Great to see an update. I was beginning to think you were buried under boxes, packing popcorns, wadded newspaper, tape and insanity.

    Congrats on getting the office finished; now you need a new kitten in the house to sit on top of your computer tower and kibbutz as you write. Or even better, chase the blinking cursor across the screen...

    Finally got my plane tickets for Romanticon. The registration fee is next on the agenda.

    Happy writing!!


  7. glad your all settled in. busy writing for us all. i really like your raines series and new species. cant wait for yor new series i know it will be good. love your blog,

  8. Write woman write! I keep stalking Ellora's Cave looking for the next book! LOL

    1. I'm right there with you Sister!

  9. Thank you for all your hard work. I can't wait for your next books to come out...love them all. I still want to know who the model was for the cover of "Melting Iron"...he has the most incredible eyes. Oh well, my imagination is probably better than reality anyway...lol. Please keep writing.

  10. Is there a chance on Obsidian in JUNE?

  11. Are you going to be at the Romance weekend that Ellora's Cavern is putting on??

  12. Good morning Laurann:

    I hope this note find you well and everything is running as plan as possible. I hope that by now you are just in the last stages of your moving and in the countdown for your hole family been together again at last. Just think about where are you going to put your christmas tree this year, lots of places to choose Ja ja ja ja). Hope to hear from you soon.


  13. All I read was that there were going to be lots more New Species books, then I did my happy dance.

  14. I'm glad that things are getting back to normal for you! Moving is hard. More books, more books, more books...I'm just a bit addicted, lol. I like all of your series' but the Mating Heat and New Species are my favorite. Please give Alpha Elroy a story after all he has been through he deserves some happiness!

  15. Im so glad there will be more New Species books coming. I'm readinbg Tiger right now and was sad that it was the last one lol Will be looking for the next one now!!

  16. Thank you. I am going to be at Romanticon in October. Ellorascave really puts on a great party! Catwoman, I'm excited to meet you and we already have 3 indoor cats. Trust me, they LOVE to steal my chair. I get up to go get more iced coffee from the fridge, come back, and there one is. It's always the warmest seat in the house for them to find since I sit in it so much. LOL!

    DramaQueenLucy - I'm sure that I'm going to write Elroy. I can't leave him hanging. LOL!

  17. Congrats on your new office!

    How far are you with 880's book?
    I'm dying to read his story.

    I'm hopeless NS addict.


  18. OMG!!!! You have made my day!!!! More Cyborgs!!! YEY!!! I can't wait for Blackie's book and also Gene's!!! I love what Gene said to Krell about "the beautiful things that can be the most trecherous" We know that he loves human women (at least sexually) and with that line I have come to the conclusion that Gene has been in love before. Am I right?? I hope it's the case, that would give the story a very original twist.

    I am a bit surprised to hear that Mavo is also on the list, because he is already joined with a cyborg female (Deviant's mother) even if it's not a love match. I do love him and will be happy to read his HEA as well!!

    One thing that I do want to comment (and the only semi-negative thing for me) about the lack of children in the story and also the fact that we barely hear about the other couples and how are they doing. I mean a big part of the storie spins around breeding pacts and the importance of incresing their number. All of our couples planned to have childer at some point (even Megan and Ice). Where are the children?? Let us see them!!!! I am sure I am not the only one with this request.

    Thamk you again for all the great books amd good luck in Nevada!!!!


  19. I'm so happy you're going to continue the New Species series...I love it!!!!

  20. I'm happy to read this latest blog to get updates on my favorite series. I am vacationing in Vegas this weekend, and of course I got a sunburn on my first day by the pool. The weather really does take some adjustment.

    Love to read your blog!


  21. I'm so happy that "the move" has been coming together so well for you and you are able to get back into writing. You are my fave author - your characters and stories are my faves too! - so thank you and thank god for your creativity, drive and for your awesomely supportive hubby and kids! My Mother moved to Las Vegas from Va last year and I told her about you and Romanticon and we hope that maybe we can catch one, one of these years as well as meet you in person. We are both total bookworms :) Keep up the good work and lots of "good times to come" to you and your family!

  22. Hi, Laurann. I just finished reading AGAIN the NS serie and the Cyborg serie... These two are my huge favorites out of a look of books that I read each month (believe me, not many of them are getting to re-read!). While I am happy you focused on the NS I have to say I absolutely dream about more Cyborg books. I know you work on Sky, if you could write more of them in the short run I would be tremendously happy :). I'm based in Romania, you may want to know you have fans here :)

  23. I just love your writing!! By far, my all time favorite author! 50 shades of grey (although good books) has nothing on your talent!! If the world gets a taste of new species...they'll want movies about them too!! That is how incredible your writing is soooo WRITE WRITE WRITE!!!

  24. Thank you. I had focused more on the New Species because I had writen 9 of them and updating the first seven was tough. I literally had the older document up with a new one next to it retyping everything line by line and fixing things. It was a daunting but well loved task. I emerged myself in that world to get it done! LOL. I missed working on the other series. I am writing a few new NS books...then will release the last of the remaining nine...then write new books. I have a 'to write' list for my other series and I'm getting on them! Lots more books will come. Now that I have my own office...it's going to be far easier to get down that list. Less distractions while I write. LOL. I really and truly appreciate you reading my books. Thank you!!!

    1. How about a little hint on the next release of NS. June/july. I have been checking for any information on a daily basis. I love your series and looking forward to the next books. I stopped reading 10 plus years ago to raise step children and my own. Recently about a year ago I started back up and trying to catch up. found you and the love for reading is back. Please any hint. Thank You

  25. I know you just released 'Tiger' in April (and I LOVE it!) but if I read the series too many more times, I'm gonna break my android! PLEASE let New Species be the next book you release! And if you really want to make my month, give Vengeance the next story :-D Love your books, especially New Species. Thank you for the amazing gift of your stories!

  26. LOL. Obsidian (880) is up next, followed by Shadow's story (with Beauty). It will probably be late July at the earliest when it comes out and that's only if they are able to get it through edits super quick and if I'm able to turn it in really soon. I'm working on it!!!

    1. THANK YOU! THANK YOU !THANK YOU! Now the wait will be easier. I am anonymous from earlier today also known as TLBHORSES. Keep writing.....

  27. Love your work. All of them. Can't wait for Obsidian to come out of his coma. Also can't wait for Shadow and Beauty. That should be great seeing that both of them have been damaged and both can help each other. Can't wait.

  28. I cannot wait for Shadow and Beauty! I love all the NS books but this one will be a completely different dynamic. I am very curious to see how it works out, and how they are able to get past all the emotional baggage they both carry. Thanks for that update! Now we have more for the discussion group!

  29. I wish there was a laurann dohner thread. It would be easier to discuss the books without trolling the comments and trying to respond to the ones you agree with. Sigh.


  30. Thanks for keeping us updated through your blog. I personally enjoy it and look forward to hearing from you; even more than my own extended family! I imagine it must get slightly annoying having all these people (myself included) stalking you and begging you to write more and faster! LOL!! Talk about needing to give a woman a break . . .

    We barely give you a chance to have a normal life. Sorry about that--I pledge to **try to be** more patient--for your sake.

    Your writing is just so good; it's addictive! Love all your series (and that's saying a lot because I don't know of another author I can say that about)!

    Happy your house is about done and your family will be home with you soon--a happy author is a productive writer ;-). Write on Sister!


  31. Is Ascension a primate or feline or canine? I keep re-reading hoping it will suddenly click in my mind.

  32. hello laurenn. I love your books especially NS and Zorn I waiting on Vengeance book. I hope this book will be soon.
    Paula from Poland

  33. A very Happy Birthday Laurann. Have a Wonderful day and a Year Filled with love , Light and Blessings!!!


  34. "Q - Do you ever use anything from your real life in your books?

    A - Yes. Sometimes. You’ll catch some of my characters drinking iced coffee. I think everyone knows I’m hopelessly addicted. My friends have laughed because they’ll catch glimpses of small things like that in books. They get a kick out of it."

    Ha ha ha or chocolate milk, or tri-tip steaks, or .... ;)

  35. Will there be book about Harley, moon, brass, and 927???? Please??? ^_^
    -Sammy Jo