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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

House update and next release date

Something Wicked This Way Comes - Volume 2 comes out May 1st on Kindle and B&N. It will release at Ellorascave on May 2nd. I get asked a lot why that is. My new releases come out on Tuesdays at Amazon and B&N, Wednesdays at Ellorascave. It’s how they are scheduled. I have had so much fun writing these anthology shorter stories with other Ellorascave authors. There are two more volumes coming soon but I don’t have the release dates yet. This one features my story of Scarred and Kilt.


Matty has a new neighbor, and she strongly suspects the kilt-wearing hottie is a vampire—he only goes out at night, has weird visitors and the blood bank is making regular deliveries. But he doesn’t seem to hurt anyone, so “live and let live” is Matty’s motto. Until she sees a guy armed with crosses and wooden stakes breaking into the neighbor’s house. Matty charges to the rescue—and ends up in Mr. Hottie’s bed…and on his desk…and…

Ellorascave LINK

Kindle LINK


My life is still a bit crazy with the big move to Nevada. The painting is done and I’m including some photos here on my blog. We have new carpet and a few rooms of hardwood installed now. The majority of the repairs have been done. I only have a few things left that need done around here. I have people coming this week to paint the deck around the pool (it was chipping). I have a gate on the side yard that I think was placed so far back to allow someone to park a boat or other guy toy there. LOL.  I’m having that gate moved forward to give the kids more play area connected to the backyard. It was just wasted space otherwise. It also is driving me nuts that we have double front doors. They are nice but there aren’t screens across them. I love having my front doors wide open and when the kids and cats come...BAD idea! That cats are indoor ones. I had the handyman take a look, measure, and ordered security screened doors he will install hopefully Friday. I looked at regular screens and hated them. I am used to security doors since I had them on my mobile home and that way I can lock them, leave the doors open, and not have to worry about anything going in or out of them. LOL.  I drove around and found a few houses where they’d been installed. It’s an upscale neighborhood and I didn’t want to be the only house on the block with them.

I have furnished more rooms! I’m still in need of the odds and ends - a table here, a lamp there, but the majority of it is done!  I also bought another shelf to my library unit. Here is the before and after pics. I will get my desk (I miss it soooo much!) hopefully this weekend when Mr. Laurann comes to visit me. The hardest part about this is being away from him and our children. They will be moving here when their school year ends and I can’t wait!!!

Here are some other pictures. The Loft...

The living room...

As you can see by the loft...I really do still need to buy stuff or wait for it to come from California. My desk is one of those items. I really miss it! Mr. Laurann is making a trip to visit me this weekend! He’s bringing my desk, treadmill, my other desktop computer I use to make book videos, and he’s not coming alone!!! I get to see kids!!! I’m SOOO EXCITED!!!

I am getting back into the groove of writing. I want to turn in four books by the end of June. Keep in mind that some of them are close to being finished. I always say I am a mood writer and work on different books instead of just one. It keeps me from experiencing writer’s block. Sky’s story from Cyborg. Cousin Brand from Mating Heat. Obsidian and Shadow’s books. I think I can do it since I don’t have to worry about the electricity being interrupted while repairs are being done or having to unplug the computer for painters. I have all day and night just to write. It helps me avoid being super lonely since they all keep me company.

In book news...Tiger hit the NY Times and USA Today best seller lists. Thank you so much!!! I can’t believe it’s real. I keep saying that because it’s the truth. I was just a woman with a dream, a love for writing, and I never even considered the books would become so popular...ever. I’m floored in the best way and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. You guys are AWESOME!!!

I have been swamped with emails and I’m a bit behind in answering. I take a few hours a day to respond to them (I’m catching up) but I’m trying to finish the books too so I’m putting in some heavy writing hours. Here’s the questions that I seem to be getting the most of.

Q - Are female and primate Species getting books?

     A - Yes. You’ll see stories about them soon!

Q - Will Vengeance, Brass, Breeze, and Flame get their own books?

     A - Yes!

Q - Are there more Mating Heat and Riding the Raines books coming?

     A - Yes.

Q - Are there going to be more Zorn books?

     A - This summer I’m devoting time to finish writing Vhon, Cotto, and Vinlotti’s stories.

Q - Will Sky be the last Cyborg Seduction book?

     A - No. I have outlines and chapters started for at least four more books. It’s an open series (New Species is too) which means that I don’t have a set number of books planned, nor do I see ending the series any time soon.

Q - I love New Species and want to buy something. Any way to do that?

     A - I have been getting a lot of questions about this topic so I’ve been working on a plan to do something that will allow you to buy something Species. It’s going to take some time but I’m hoping before Christmas to have some products available. Maybe T-shirts, necklaces, key chains, mugs, ect. I have to do some more research on it, find somewhere that isn’t overpriced (it shouldn’t cost you a fortune to buy the things you want - FIRM believer in that! LOL). Hopefully soon! I do hear you and I am trying to find a solution so everyone is happy.

Q - Did you really sign a 75 book deal with Ellorascave?

     A - Yes! Everyone at Ellorascave is awesome, I LOVE writing for them, and that’s how I’m able to tell you that you’ll be seeing a lot more books. They are contracted!

Okay...I think that covers most of the questions I get the most. I hope everyone has a fantastic week!!! I’ll be writing and this weekend...spending time with my family!

Happy Reading!



  1. Dear Laurann,
    It always with pleasure that I read this blog,very nice house you have I really like your library we had four walls of those full with books.And thank to let us know of all your book that coming you are very busy I wish you a wonderful with your dear husband and your kid.Is it very hot during the summer in Nevada do you have dog or only cats
    I wish you a wonderful week and week-end and great continuation for your new e-book

  2. Okay. YAYS & HUZZAHS for all of the above for you... so many to name!!! *grins* From the new house to the fam to the new books...whew!! XD

    I'm stoked for you for all of it, and even more so to hear of more Zorn and Cyborg Seduction books. The Cyborgs are my personal fave. ;)

    You go gurrrlll!! XD

  3. Hey Laurann,
    The house pix look fantastic. LOVE the bookcase! When you get a chance, please post some pix of the pool.

    I'm definitely interested in posters of the NS covers. And I think I've fallen just a teeny bit in lust with Tron (whew!).

    Congrats again on the NYT and USAT bestseller list - again! Now, I've gotta get back to rereading the BDB series 1-10, then Adrian's MB, and then NS again and Obsidian should be out by then (fingers crossed).


    1. And I can't write tonight, either. It's IRON. Duh...


  4. Hi Ms Laurann,

    Just wanted to take a moment to say "Thanks" for all you do for your fans (i.e., writing great books, thinking about merchandise & wanting to keep the price reasonable, keeping us updated on your blog-I was really missing your updates;, but I know you've been supper busy). Really I think you're part supper woman with all the things you juggle in a day!

    I'm also excited about all the new Cyborg, Mating Heat and Zorn books you're planning to get out by June. That makes me one happy camper! Yahoo!

  5. Hi
    Great house ... I saw the bed you choose too ... love it.
    Can't wait to read Obsidian and his blurb too.
    Thanks for writing those beautyfull stories.

  6. I haven't posted in a while because of kids stuff, soccer, girl scouts, ear tubes, end of school testing. I'm happy your family gets to make the trip out to see you. Just about a month left of school here so I'm guessing it's the same with you. I'm sure the kids are excited about the new place and pool!! Congrats on the NY listing yea!

    I did also want to mention a thought I had about the whole Flame/Amanda thingy. Since we learned that an ex almost succeeded in silencing her and how that life altering experience effected her outlook on life. I remembered you mentioning that Vengence's mate was going to really need him and that she was in danger. So, it got me thinking okay maybe obsessing about what would happen if her ex got out of prison escaped or whatever and she was attacked/hunted/whatever from crazy ex. Cool setup for all sorts of interesting prospects!!! See we just know she survived the ex attack, we don't know really what happen to the ex! Prison, dead, still in appeals, etc. Whatcha think ladies

    Also. Loved those book shelves. Did you purchase those somewhere or did they come w/ the house?

  7. The house is looking good..Little by little it will all get done..Also congrats on the new book...

  8. Love the latest message you left. Thanks for the question and answere's. I loved getting updates on your books as I have them all on my kindle and read them a lot, especially NS books. The renovations look great. I especially love the book slef. People have swayed towards kindle's and electronic reading but I think nothing beats a good book. Really looking forward to Flames book as well as Brass. and the riding reines boys, Drake, Adam, Trey. thanks again for update.

  9. Ms Laurann, Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart for all your species books. I spent one whole weekend going through all the species books and I am obsessed with them. I work with individuls with DD who actually introduced me to your books. They even have had the covers photocopied to put on their bedroom walls. If you decide to do something species related to sell I know of at least 4 customer/fans who would purchase them. Thanks again!!

  10. Thank you so much. The shelves didn't come with the house. I ordered them. They are part of the DaVinci library bookcase line. They had them at a local furniture store on sale.

  11. I Love the house... and those book cases are beautiful! If they were mine I'd be so anxious to display my books in them! CONGRATULATIONS on the 75 book contract!!! I didn't know that publishers would sign up for that many books at a time. Great blog...TY

  12. Hi L,

    Will you manage to finish Obsidian till the end of the month as you planned?

    If I understood correctly after Shadow there will be few months break from NS series because Sky, Brand & River coming after Shadow, right?

    Which NS will get his/her book after Shadow in series?

    Book shelfs are awesome!

  13. Please bee Brass, I am reading little bits of him hear and there through your books over and over. Flame also sounds real interesting and fun. Love NS books and will def buy species related products that you decide to sell.
    Also thankyou for writing soo frequently and getting your books out there for us to read.
    Loved the answeres to the questions.

  14. I have to agree with the Brass and Flame! Love them as well. After I read Tiger I kept trying to guess whose book would be next. Vengeance? Dr. Allison with her coma NS?
    Luarann- you mentions that we would be seeing some Female NS books. I hope you start with Breeze! She has got to be my fav female!! I really like Creek though

  15. I am just focusing on getting the open books done right now and then I'll get to who is next after those. LOL. Thank you for all the great comments. Brass and Breeze will get books soon.

  16. Gotta love those bookshelves! Whenever we finally settle down in one place (we move a lot due to hubby's work) I already told him I want a book room/area with huge bookcases. Yours are beautiful.

    Congratulations on the bestsellers lists! That must be so exciting! But in all fairness your books are great. New Species is my current favorite series and I follow a lot of authors/series. Out of all the books I read, the NS always stand out in my mind. The characters seem real, and their stories are passionate, tender, emotional and exciting all at once. You are a master story-teller.

    Thanks for the updates, particularly the NS ones. I would love to get something NS as well. Please let us know whenever you decide which NS book comes next. My discussion group would appreciate it too. Your series is the definite favorite topic of discussion for us.

    One question:
    Do you ever give out promotional materials such as bookmarks or cards? I would love to get some. I could hand them out to others who may be interested in your books. Then they could join in the love fest!

  17. Quick note to tell you how much I loved Touching Ice.
    Great characters, lots of sexual tension and wow..the erotic play! All this added to an action packed story line and I am already ordering the next book in this series. Ms Dohner you do NOT disappoint!!

  18. Just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I enjoy your work. I love all of your books, but your New Species series are probably my very favorite. Thanks so much for being so great at what you do! Look forward to purchasing and reading your future publications.

  19. Hi My Name Is Sandra I was wanting to know are you ever going to put all of your Beautiful Series in Audio? I listen to the Author's I like in Audio my Sister told me about you and I went on your web site and looked for myself and I fell in love I don't have a kindle or ipad I wish I did I would of already read them if you can ever get the time to tell me (yes or no). I really would LOVE to get them you are a Brilliant writer I really would love to get them on my Ipod.Oh ya I didn't know how to do this comment so I did it on Anonymous I've been trying to get on your web site but I'm having trouble so when ever you can here's my email ( mrsadamblack1972@yahoo.com ) if you can contact me back I really would love to hear from you Thanks you Sandra Mehl

  20. Have you done with Obsidian yet?
    We all on pins and needles here. :)

  21. Hello I love your book NS,Zorn, and Cyborg books just a comment, in the future can one of your female lead be a beautiful ebony black woman and/or Asian. NS, Cyborg and aliens what be able to find love with BW and AW... Thanks and LOVE your books...

  22. rereading NS books yet again. Love the Warth and Tiger the best. Looking forward to Brass's book. I have all series and am looking forward to any new release in any serie.

  23. I think you need a writing assistant, so that you can get our new species books out to us sooner....can't wait!!

  24. Is there Obsidian release date?

  25. obsidian, flame, slash, Brass, Smiley, Vengence, Moon, Harley, Shadow and Bestial. The list goes on I can not wait for any of them.Really enjoyed Warth and Tiger. Read all your books a few times and enjoy them all. Melting Iron was a favourite as well. Looking forward to he next riding the raines book.

    1. Dont forget torrent zest and tree.

    2. what book is zest in?

    3. Zest is in Tiger's book.


    4. We started a character database for New Species in our discussion group to try to keep all the characters straight. So far we are at around 70 including NS and good humans. We are not going into the bad guys because that is just too much, and many don't overlap in books. We are trying to include descriptions of all characters as well as main book and first appearance book. It is a work in progress but it is already really helpful. We also started a photo album with possible actors to play our beloved New Species guys. Talk about eye candy! If you are interested look us up at http : //groups.yahoo.com/group/ParanormalRomanceR/

    5. Laurann, did you ever, in your wildest dreams, believe when you started writing your NS series that it would totally take on a life of it's own? This must be the highest compliment to an author that the characters you created are so loved, and so "real", to so many of us. If we could find out where Homeland and Reservation are located in California the airlines would be swamped with reservations...we'd all want to move in!!!!!

  26. I love your books!! Thank you for so many great books. A lot of authors get confortable and forget to interact with their readers. I am very glad that you take time to read comments and reply.

    i can't wait for Sky's book. I love the Cyborgs, they are my favorite series. I want to ask about that, if you could write Zorus so well and make a total jerk look like a prince, can you do the same for Blackie?? I don't know why a I like him, but I do. I feel there is a lot more to the character that you are letting on. Are we gonna be surprised?? I hope so!!!

    Thank you!!!

  27. I am a huge fan of audiobooks; have you considered publishing any of your books (or all!) by way of Audio???

  28. Laurann, I kept looking on YouTube to see if there were any fan videos for New Species. I could never find any, so I made one. It is my first YouTube video ever, and features actors that look somewhat like what I imagine the male NS to look like. Of course none are perfect matches, but they are more or less what I imagine when I read your books. I love New Species and wanted to share it with others. It upset me a bit that other book series had fan vids and I could never find one for NS. I hope it is not too bad. I made sure to include on the description that people who wanted more info on the series should check out your website. I am so excited for Obsidian and Shadow to come out. I can't wait!

    Oh! The video was titled Laurann Dohner's New Species - Males.

    1. Willis is absolutely perfect as Tim. Great video!


    2. I added a second video titled Laurann Dohner's New Species Series. It has some of the girls in there too. Had to take an educated guess for Obsidian's girl but I specified in the description that she is not a confirmed mate. I wish we had the blurb for Obsidian out already. I am very curious.

  29. Laurann,

    Any news about Obsidian?

  30. Good morning Laurann:

    I hope this note find you well and everything is running as plan as possible. I hope that by now you are just in the last stages of your moving and in the countdown for your hole family been together again at last. Just think about where are you going to put your christmas tree this year, lots of places to choose Ja ja ja ja). Hope to hear from you soon.


  31. I like to say I absolutely love the New Species, Zorn, and Cyborg series. I haven't been let down yet with each one i've read. And with the exception of Krell, which i will be reading in about 15 minutes, I've read them all and can't wait for more. Cyborgs, New Species and Zorn warriors all make for a great "get away". Fury is my 1st love of the NS followed by Tiger, Valiant, and Wrath. I was sooo waiting for Tiger's book and I absolutely loved it. I'm waiting to get into the MH & Raines series, but I predict I'm going to love them as well. I am thoroughly enjoying the new worlds you have written so wonderfully. Many blessings and thanks.


  32. Love all your series. Especially New species and Mating Heat. Can't wait for Cousin Brand to get some loving. Also can't wait for Vengeance to get a mate. Very curious about Obsidian as well.

    Glad you don't write menage. It is sexy to read about a couple staying faithful to one another no matter what is happening around them.