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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Book news! Something Wicked This Way Comes on pre-order

I have the BEST news! The first volume in Something Wicked This Way Comes anthology is available for pre-order at Kindle and Barnes & Noble. Many of you have asked for pre-orders so please let's 'show it some love' and hopefully all my future books can be put up on pre-order too. (Wouldn't that be awesome???) Here are the links.

Kindle - LINK

Barnes & Noble - LINK

Here's the blurb

Captain of Nara's Heart
Laurann Dohner

Nara knew she was taking a risk with illegal trading. Sure enough, she’s been arrested, caged—and will be auctioned as a sex slave. One look at the scary alien buyers and she frantically makes a deal, agreeing to be sold to Captain Vellar, who turns out to be large, sexy and seriously in heat. Offering her body to the captain is a given…but Nara didn’t expect to lose her heart in the process.

This story isn't related to any of my current series. I wanted something new and different to add to this anthology. Three more volumes are coming and I have a story in each one. It's such a privilege to be a part of it with so many wonderful, talented authors.

In other news...I have a cover for Brawn - the 5th New Species book. I don't have an official blurb but this book is about NSO council member Brawn. You get to meet him in Justice's book. He's volunteered to work with the human task force to replace Jessie Dupress.

I'll post as soon as I have an official blurb and release date.

In personal news...am I the only one who wishes Christmas was over? LOL. I have to put my tree up still. I'm dragging my feet. It's the stress of where to put it in my already crammed living room and knowing the 'battle of the tree' will begin. My three cats and I have it out every year. They try to climb the darn thing, have knocked it over, and I try to keep them away from it. Last year they knocked it over a few times. NOT PRETTY! With four kids...we've acquired way too many ornaments that we bought or were handmade. I worry about the cats breaking them which would you know...break my heart. I have such wonderful memories with each one.

I do love Christmas. The joy and excitement...my kids really get into it. This weekend they are going to see Santa. They've been looking forward to that for a while. Their wish lists keep changing and they really love the pictures we get. I've charged my video camera to make a new holiday home movie they'll watch a dozen times before and after Christmas morning. It's just so fun seeing it through their eyes again and brings back memories of my own childhood. Yeah, Christmas is awesome. They are trying to pick out the perfect gifts to give the people they love and they never cease to amaze me at how thoughtful they can be.

Happy Holidays everyone!


  1. Couldn't access my google profile but just got a look at the cover for Brawn.

    OMG!!! - nearly fell out of my chair. Uh-huh, loooooooove the cover. Yep. Gonna have to make that into a desktop wallpaper....

    Can't wait for the release (of the book, that is).


  2. OH MY.

    Love Brawn already. No more comments.

  3. Dear Laurann,
    I want to thank you for the link that's great and mmm picture about Brawn and sexy.
    Very busy with Christmas shopping and other what you write remind my childhood we have a lot cats 4 and 4 big dogs and 4 kits.So we decided to put plastic ornaments at the end of the Christmas tree and not problem and helped cooking sang and lot of joy.
    I wish you a great week with all your family.Hope great success with all your new books

  4. That cover is so hawt-love it Laurann! Enjoy the holidays and I hope you win "battle of the tree"-LOL.

  5. I love the cover for Brawn. Hot. Thank goodness because that Justice cover was weird. Was it a sheet? A toga? I don't know but Justice was not visually appealing.

    I will not preorder the anthology because I don't have an ereader but I will likely be there on release day at Elloras Cave

  6. Hi Laurann,
    Oh I love that cover too! Can't wait for Brawn.
    I did take advantage of the pre-order. So glad the powers-that-be are listening to you Lol!
    Debra G.

  7. LOL! Yeah, Brawn is a fantastic cover and it fits the book...perfectly!

    The anthology will release on Dec 20th on kindle and Barnes & Noble but it will release on the Ellorascave website on Dec 28th.
    For those of you without those readers...you can get a free app to read kindle. I have one for my Ipad and for my Iphone. I know they have one at kindle for computers if you don't want to wait until the 28th. (Look under the Pre-order link, just under the green box)

    The tree is UP! So far the cats are just staring at it. They are waiting for me to go to bed. LOL!

  8. Cant wait for this one and the other book to come out, practically doing a happy dance over the fact :D

    As the owner of 8 delightful cats I understand all to well the troubles caused by them with the Christmas tree, have you tried using some removable stick on hooks to either side of the tree and wrapping some green tinsel around the trunk itself then to the hooks on either side? one near the base, another closer to the top (more depending on the height) gives it much more stability.. plus you can hang either some decorations or Christmas cards on them where they extend from the tree to the wall.

    P.S Love the guy on the cover but every time I see it I crack up laughing because he kinda looks like he's sitting on a toilet! LOL


  9. Nice cover. However now that I read all those comments, thanks to Mink I giggle too because of the toliet comment. ;). Fa la la la la... La la laaaaa;) merry Christmas to us!!! Oh yeah baby

  10. Oooo yea! I couldn't resist so I hopped over to EC and checked out the coming soon section and there it was!! Blurb and excerpt!!! I'm sooo excited this is going to be one awesome ride :-D. Here's a link in case anyone else wants a peek ;-P http://www.jasminejade.com/p-9812-brawn.aspx

  11. Thanks Laurann! This is so cool! And Congrats!!

  12. A huge thank you from some your supporters in the armed forces. You've made our deployments a lil less painful. We're gifting your novels to the next round of ladies stuck in the desert!

    Merry Christmas from Turkey,Afganistan, and Italy!

  13. Dear Santa,

    All I want for Christmas is the guy on the Brawn cover! Yep, won't ask for another thing for Christmas ever again! Oh my! Oh my! Wow, 41 year old hormones in overdrive. Enough said.

    As for cats, I have 3 and my three youngest children mess more with my tree than the cats do. Good luck with your battle Laurann

  14. love that eye candyDecember 7, 2011 at 3:27 PM

    where do you get your models for your book covers? I want to ask for one of them under my tree.....

  15. Yay, the release of Brawn is like Christmas after Christmas. I cannot WAIT! I'm going to check out the Wicked book in a moment.

    I really hope you release another Cyborg book and Zorn book soon. I LOVE both of those series as well.

    I have my tree up but I haven't decorated it. We have two new rescue kittens and they seem to live in it. We might end up forgoing the the normal lights and things and just hang stuff for the cats to all play with.

  16. Who is the guy on the cover of Brawn? He looks too sexy. I want to know his name! <3 <3 <3