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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Something Wicked This Way Comes...Dec 20th!

I have great news! It just posted on facebook that the first volume of the four book anthology is being released December 20th!!! I wrote stories for all four of them, they are NOT linked to any of my current series, and are totally stand alone. Here’s the blurb for the story I have in this one.

Captain of Nara’s Heart
Laurann Dohner

Nara knew she was taking a risk with illegal trading. Sure enough, she’s been arrested, caged—and will be auctioned as a sex slave. One look at the scary alien buyers and she frantically makes a deal, agreeing to be sold to Captain Vellar, who turns out to be large, sexy and seriously in heat. Offering her body to the captain is a given…but Nara didn’t expect to lose her heart in the process.

Here’s a LINK.

I’m still waiting for word on Brawn - the 5th New Species book. I believe it will get a December release as well. (Fingers crossed!) I have been working on books, cleaning up the 6th and 7th New Species, but the holidays have slowed me down a bit. LOL! This time of the year is always so hectic. I’m almost done with all my shopping. (Okay - I admit I’ve totally gone overboard shopping, spent way too much, but it’s all good). The kids are going to be VERY happy this year. I found a LOT of sales. Yippee Internet!

I’m still trying to work out the tree issue of where to put it but if it fits...that cedar chest is looking good. I am allergic to real trees so I always buy artificial ones. I’ve always wanted a white and blue tree which turns out...is impossible to find. Anyway, I ended up buying an inexpensive plain white one and ordered blue lights. (Finding blue lights with a WHITE cord is hard to do unless you turn to the internet). The tree is sitting in the back of my van...waiting for the lights to be mailed to me...and then it’s out of the box! I’ll probably post a picture. I want proof I put it up before our three cats terrorize the poor thing. LOL! They feel they must climb EVERYTHING in the house for some silly reason. Of course that makes me feel the need to buy some small squirt guns because it seems they don’t like water. The war of the tree will begin soon!

I’ll post again as soon as I have word on Brawn. Happy Holidays! Please try to stay safe and sane while shopping. LOL!


  1. Hi Laurann,
    Thanks for the update! As always, I can't wait for the next book (Brawn or Something Wicked). I just need my Laurann fix. Lol!
    Good luck with the tree. I'm going with all glass in pale colors (again). Cats, dog and husband are all fine -- I'm the only one who ever breaks anything! Happy Holidays to you, too. Debra G.

  2. I'm excited about the new book release. I hope NS #5-8 come quickly back to back ;). I'm what I call opti-mystical. My made up word for being very optimistic about things occurring or being fixing by magic or some other mystical powers. I'm hoping we'll put up are lights & tree this weekend. I couldn't the the day after thanksgiving this yr. I love this time of year. The lights, sights, smells, sounds, and of course the craziness. It always makes me smile and be thankful for my life and what's in it or out of it.

  3. This Something Wicked This Way Comes anthology sounds promising. I love everything you write. The book budget is very tight right now so may have to wait awhile to get this one. How many pages is your story?

  4. Debra G - your tree sounds as if it's going to be really pretty.

    Cheryl F7 - LOL! I like made up words and that's a great one. I'm trying to get Wrath and Tiger all cleaned up and into modern times. I just wrote out a CD player last night. LOL! Good luck with the tree!

    Anon - I don't know how many pages it is. It's a short story - I'm sharing a book with five other authors so there was a limit on word count but there are going to be some awesome stories packed into that book. All of those authors are fantastic. : )

  5. Dear Laurann,

    I want to thank for the update about your new book
    I am sure it will be very existing,I almost finish my Christmas shopping, am going to sent those package starting Monday.And you right shopping on the internet really help the sale ah ah I wish a nice week and it's always a pleasure to hear from you

    Have a wonderful evening

  6. The link didn't work for me. I was going to go pre-order it. Will it be out at Amazon for Kindle? Can't wait for BRAWN!! Fingers crossed for December release!!

  7. Mannouchka - You are welcome. LOL. I love the Internet! I hope you have a wonderful evening too.

    Stacy H-W - Ellorascave's site is down right now for upgrades. It will be available at Kindle. Fingers crossed they get pre-order links soon!!!

  8. Wow, an update, awesome! Darn, I'm excited for the December releases! Hurry up BRAWN, and get going!!

  9. lunaticlady - thanks! I'm hoping we get the exact release date sometime tomorrow! Fingers crossed.

    TO Update - Slade was taken down from kindle but it's going back up. Long story short...I used to write on a brother word processor from the early 90's-2000. I had converted them to PC after I started using a computer. I guess when it converted the em dashes LOOKED the same but when it was loaded to kindle it made some weird symbol so that was an issue in Slade's book. They took it down to fix it. In other words...I'm going to spend a day going over every darn book that old from my brother word processor days, deleting ALL the em dashes, and replacing them in word so if I ever rescue any of my older books again...that won't happen with them.

    Other update is that all the blurbs were added to Ellorascave from the other authors in volume 1 of the Something Wicked This Way comes. AWESOME!!!

  10. Yeah, I kind of noticed some ebooks have way too many typo errors and oftentimes it's not the writer's/editor's fault. I'm reading on my Albite and although the program has its awesome set encoding, there are still obvious typos. Don't worry though for it may divert our attention a bit, but the story just pulls us right back in! :)

  11. Hi Laurann,
    not sure if this is the right spot :) books 1,3 and 4 of the New Species are available on Amazon but Slade, book 2, is not. Is it something you can fix? (in al that spare time you don't have) I ended up ordering it from Ellora's cave as I'm loving this series!

  12. Hi Anne,

    I know the fixed file was sent but Amazon probably gets a LOT of files. Hopefully they get to Slade really soon and put it back up. I'm surprised they haven't gotten to it yet. I explained more if you read the comments on here. Ellorascave is aware and they are working to get it back up.

  13. I know what my husband is getting ME for Christmas... tee hee hee! I LOVE all your series. The humor, the passion, the emotions and last but not least, the stories that show such understanding of human - and animal in cases! - nature. :)
    I was just thinking the other day "Hmm... I wonder when Justice will get his story." Lo and behold I visit your website and see it's already out. Oh how I do love eBooks!

  14. Hello, I totally love your books, mostly New Species and the Cyborg Seduction, they are amazing and i like read them 5 times each and read them in like 3 hours each, ive never read something as great as your work.

    I was also wanting to know if you had like a set number of books your were going to do with those 2 series or are you just writing them as you go and not know? I really hope you make like the series 43975928375 long :D

    Thank you soo much for writing you make reading alot more fun and dont ever stop