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Friday, October 14, 2011

Taunting Krell is out!

Book 7 in the Cyborg Seduction series.

Krell hates humans. They left him scarred and undesirable to females. He’s lived a lonely existence in his home world because of their brutality. So he’s angry when he’s ordered to interrogate the captured human. She’s the enemy, a soldier from Earth. He’ll show her the same mercy they showed him. None.

Cyan didn’t expect to survive her mission against the Markus Models but she’s stunned and elated to be confronted by cyborgs. The past and present collide, however, when she sees Krell. He’s part of a dangerous secret from another life—and he’s also completely irresistible.

Krell is certain Cyan can’t be trusted. He’s determined to keep her at a distance…but Cyan is just as determined to get the big, sexy cyborg into her bed.

Here's the LINK

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


  1. In Virginia, almost 10am on 10-14-11... Taunting Krell still not on Amazon.com yet...grrrr. Getting impatient...I've been waiting to read this! Can't wait! Anxiously awaiting Justice's story also.

  2. Anon, it's out at Ellorascave and they send it to amazon. Hopefully they will load it there A.S.A.P!

  3. I got Krell 45 min. ago on my Kindle via Calibre and EC.No more waiting for me!Anonymous, you need to get Calibre and it's FREE.Laurann,I will be reading Krell today.I am so excited that I don't have to wait any more to get your books.

  4. still not on amazon :( I just checked a few minutes ago--about noon in Ohio. I'm waiting for it to hit amazon 'cause I have amazon credit to buy it with...

  5. I cant even get it on EC they seem to be having website issues and I get an error message when I try to download. I've emailed EC regarding this isseu so we'll see how it turns out.

  6. I hope the issues at EC are fixed. Kindle has the book but the USA one hasn't loaded it yet. It's up for the UK and for German but yeah...Krell hasn't been loaded on the USA site yet but fingers crossed they get to it within a few hours.

  7. http://www.amazon.com/Taunting-Krell-Cyborg-Seduction-ebook/dp/B005VQSAXM/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1318622393&sr=1-1

    It was JUST added to Kindle!

  8. I just got it in the kindle store! woo hoo...by tomorrow afternoon I will have it finished and be looking for another book :(

  9. I couldn't find it on Amazon until I used the link provided above. Thanks!

  10. i ordered at 9:30am on EC & there website was having issues i had to contact their customer service i finally got to download about 1:15pm...very frustrating. i hope their site is fixed when your next book comes out.

  11. Dear Laurann,
    This afternoon I have brought your new e-book
    Taunting Krell I am so happy I have read all your book and the cyborg are the ones I like a lot
    I wish you a wonderful week-end and a great continuation for your new book
    Best Regards

  12. Ok - I had a crazy Friday and completely forgot about Krell coming out today and then I just saw my reminder that I had bought it on Amazon. Between my new iPhone and Krell my weekend just got a whole lot better. Thank you and looking forward to reading it this weekend!!

  13. Hi Laurann,

    You are my favorite author and your books are auto buys for me. I absolutely love your Zorn Warriors, Mating Heat, Cyborg Seduction, and New Species. I have not found a book of yours that I did not love but your Cyborg Seduction and New Species are my favorite. Thank God you write so many books and the covers are smoking. I wish I had a Cyborg and New Species of my own. I do not know how you come up with your ideas but they are just FANTASTIC.

  14. I'm so glad they got Krell loaded on kindle so fast. I checked the other third party sites and it hasn't been loaded yet at them.

    Thank you for your kind words. They mean so much, honestly!

    Mannouchka - have a great weekend too!

    The Paisley Girl - TGIF! Crazy as they may be...they beat Mondays in my book. LOL. I hope you enjoy it.

    Sarah - I hope you enjoy it too.

    Bobbie Jo - glad you found it. Sometimes those books hide on amazon so I try to put up the link to help when they are first loaded. LOL! I hope you like it.

    Melissa - I am sorry for the trouble you had. I hope they fix it so it doesn't happen again.

    Anon - Thank you. I'm so glad that you love them. I sure love writing them and the ideas never stop coming. I wish they'd slow down though. LOL. You have no idea how many book ideas I get that I can't write because yeah...way too many ideas. I wish I could clone ten of me and just pass out assignments on who writes what books (oh...wouldn't that be cool???) LOL! I could put out 11 books a month, one from each of us!!! LOL!

  15. Totally awesome! Krell's story is the best yet!

  16. This story was awesome. I wonder if you plan on tell if the hopes of the other cyborgs of having kid are fulfill. I wish you a happy Halloween.


  17. I purchased Krell on Kindle yesterday morning. I read it all yesterday unfortunately because it's now over. lol!

    But it was excellent! I loved the storyline with the handicapped woman who gets a new body. My daughter is 24 years old, and has Rett Syndrome, which is completely debilitating so it really brought a tiny tear to my eye.

    It had very good dialogue. I loved her spunk!

    And of course Krell was great as well. I wished THIS book was longer because I loved their chemistry.


  18. Bought it, read it, loved it! My favourite so far! Loved the dialogue and Cyan's kickass attitude...to quote Cyan (and Krell, lol!) - AWESOME!

  19. I'm so glad you all enjoyed it. I'm hoping to finish the next cyborg book soon! I'm working on Sky and Deviant's stories in that series.

  20. Loved Taunting Krell along with other books from the Cyborg Series as well as New Species. Every time I purchase your one of your books I can't put it down until I finish it. They are addicting!
    I love your creative ideas, exciting story lines, the chemistry between the characters and especially the length of your books. Its rare to find romance novels that are as much in depth as your stories. They aren't cut off after 50 pages or so. And we get a chance to really understand the characters.
    Really looking forward to Justice's book as well as anything else from your other series. Please don't stop writing!

  21. looking forward to Sky adn Deviant. Wonder if Blackie/Onxy will turn good for someone. :)

  22. After Krell, I re-read the Zorus and Steel stories. In Zorus the humans wanted to disect him to see why he lived so long, in Krell, Cyan said that Cyborgs don't age. What happens to the "human mates" of the Cyborgs, then? They will look OLD when their husbands are still young. In Steel, it appears that Rena's mother, Rora, hasn't aged very much, even though she was an adult and escaped with her "husbands" from earth long ago.

    Have you decided HOW you are going to keep the human "wives" young and healthy for their mates?

    Sorry, the "teacher" in me finds those little oddities and then can't let it go. [sigh]

  23. when will the next book come out in the Mate set