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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Cover for Justice!!!

Yes, his story is coming! I don’t have an official blurb but I will say...he’s going to meet Jessie Dupree! She’s the woman who works for the task team that goes out and retrieves those Gift Females. It should be getting a release date REALLY SOON! Whoo Hooo!!!

This has been a crazy month for me. LOL. We went to Romanticon (SO MUCH FUN!!!) and we came home to sick kids. They shared. It took me a bit to get over what I think was the flu so I’m SO far behind where I wanted to be on other book projects. That bums me out. I’ve been putting in insane hours...trying to play catch up but I don’t want what I’m working on to suffer so I don’t know if I’m going to make my set goal of turning in a book by the end of this month. I’m trying though. Honestly. I hate to say it but I haven’t really slept with Mr. Laurann in like two weeks. I’ve been up all night and still working at my computer when he wakes up. Poor Mr. Laurann has been wonderful though. He just kind of smiles at me and shakes his head when he comes to give me a morning kiss and urges me to ‘go to bed’. I know a lot of people think I write fast... I don’t. Honestly. I just put in some intense hours. I’m book obsessive. I admit it. I love to write, I get emerged in stories, and yeah...I spend way too much time at my desk. I gained 3 pounds since I haven’t been working out or used my treadmill AT ALL this month. Mr. Laurann jokes that he’s going to figure a way to set up my keyboard and put a monitor on the wall so I can use it and type at once. I think he gets tired of hearing me wince over not being able to use my new treadmill.

I’ve also been busy going online to house hunt. We’re planning to move next year so I’m all excited!!! We outgrew our current home within a year of buying it since we literally moved in...and I discovered I was pregnant with our son, kid #4. We only have 3 bedrooms and ONE bathroom. 1,200 square feet. 3 cats. It’s been tight living but we’ve made it work. I love the layout of our home but there’s just not enough bedrooms, bathrooms, and my office is 1/3rd of our living room. I’m shoved between our living area and the kitchen with the dining room behind me. In other words I’m writing while life is going on around me, literally. Someone is using the big screen TV to my right, someone else is getting a snack to my left, and we set up computers on Mr. Laurann’s desk in the dining room for him and the kids (it holds his desk, the dining room table, and my treadmill - luckily it’s a big room...) but yeah. It’s kind of nuts and that’s why I work with headphones on. Heavy metal pouring through my head is easier to work with than hearing video games, kids talking, or whatever show they have on. I had to actually ask Mr. Laurann to stop watching Fraiser in the living room and move to our bedroom for his viewing pleasure. I love that show and it distracts me because I glance to my right...and yeah. I take off the headphones to hear it and then I turn in my chair...put my feet up on the back of one of our recliners, and I’m watching it with him. I tend to get out of my chair, go settle next to Mr. Laurann, and don’t get my work done. In other words...I need a real office with walls and a door so I am not distracted. LOL!

It’s been fun, let me tell you. I made a NEED list for the new house. We’re looking at 5 bedroom (a room for everyone so the kids no longer have to share - and MY OWN REAL OFFICE...with walls and a door!), at least 3 bathrooms (no more waiting in the hallway to use the bathroom when someone beats you to it!), and where we’re looking is far less expensive than where we live now. We can get a really bigger house for a LOT less. I am holding off on saying where our new location will be so that’s news for another time. It’s out of state, a few of you know, but shush...LOL! Anyway, we can get a huge house in other words for what we are paying now. Over 3,000 square feet so that’s really big compared to what we have. Most of the ones I’m looking at are around the 3,800 square footage range. A pool in the backyard. The kids will LOVE that. They hate the idea of leaving their friends, I hate that part of it too, but the truth is...Southern California is really expensive. The area we live in is...extra expensive. We looked at houses here and can’t touch anything, even small homes, for less than $400,000 in good areas. I’d rather have a huge home with tons of space and pay half that. I do like to eat and I need electricity! LOL! (No electricity...no internet and computer to write on)

Now I just look forward to buying and moving, getting settled in, and not having to stress out about it anymore. I just want to be able to concentrate on writing. I have a list of books to write. There will be more Zorn. On my list...Coto, Vinlotti, and Vhon. More Mating Heat books. I’m working on Cousin Brand’s story - and let me tell you...writing that first chapter cracked me up! LOL! There will be brother stories. I’m getting requests for Alpha Elroy too. That man needs a good mate who isn’t a bitch in every sense! LOL. More Cyborgs. More Raines. And of course, when I’m caught up on updating the original 9 New Species books and the 3 that I had started and never finished...I DO plan to write brand new ones!!! I even have other books...yeah...but let me catch up with my ‘to write’ list before I unveil a few other series I wrote before I was published. Five current series is my limit. Before I unleash a new series...I want to get those books written for the other ones so I’m not juggling so many at once. I had thought to hold off on New Species, they’ve been sitting in files for a lot of years, but I had sent them to my CP, to a beta reader, and another author friend of mine. They strongly encouraged me to stop holding onto them and get them OUT there so I did. I’m glad I listened even if dealing with a much younger writing me has been frustrating, sometimes depressing (oh man have I learned a LOT in the past 2 years working with my editors), and fixing all those old mistakes I made is daunting. I’m working on them though, fixing them, smoothing them out, and adding in modern technology while writing new books for my other series at the same time. I usually edit in the mornings to take out my old mistakes and write new stuff in the evenings to get both done. Sometimes I switch that up. I'm getting a lot done and that's all that matters. LOL! I’m currently about 80 percent done with the 5th book...and am trying real hard to get it done in the next 4 days (yeah...good luck with that to me...LOL!) I'm also really close to finishing Cousin Brand's story!!! (GRIN)

I should have great news... a release date for Justice... really soon! Also, at Ellorascave they added the first Volume of Something Wicked This Way Comes to their coming soon pages! I have stories in all four of them. I think that first one is the futuristic alien story. I think. I could be wrong. Anyway, he’s HOT! Trust me. LOL. None of the stories are linked to any current series. They are stand alones with no connection to other books BUT two of them are vampire stories and the guys know each other. LOL! They aren’t linked besides that. You can read them in either order. The fourth story is about a werewolf. That was so much FUN to write those stories! I am so honored to be a part of this anthology set. It was a challenge because I wrote four of them and the limited word count was TOUGH on me but it was super exciting. I hope you give them a read. When I have an official release date...I’ll let you know. The first one is slated for a Nov/Dec release but it’s not nailed down on the exact day.

You can click on the cover to go to Ellorascave to see it at the coming soon pages.

I hope everyone has a great week and the next post will include Justice’s release date!!!



  1. I am so excited for you Laurann, new release soon and a new house! How Awesome is that! I loved your blog, its nice to know your just as human and fun and the rest of us humanoids *giggles*. Your truely an amazing gifted write and I love your books so very very much. Your faithful fan, Tammy

  2. Laurann,
    I'm sorry you were sick. Happy for all your good news--a new home with more space, Justice and all the other books that are coming. I was laughing (with you!) over your work space. True artists create wherever and however they can!
    Debra G

  3. Dear Laurann,
    It's always with a great joy that I read all your books so I will be waiting when is coming out I read that you're very busy with all your books and family I see also your husband take good care of you.
    I wish you a wonderful night

  4. Laurann,

    Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. But I am so glad you managed to churn out Justice's book through all your craziness; being sick, your tight workspace, and looking for a new house. I am extremely excited to read Justice's book when it comes out. I am also excited to hear that you are almost done with cousin Brand's stories.
    The first book I read of yours was Valiant two months ago. I enjoyed the story so much that I looked up your other books and now have almost finished all of books.
    I am glad you will be getting a new office soon so now you can write even more books!

  5. YAY!!! I'm so excited to hear that justice will be coming out soon!!! And I LOVE the cover.....yum!

    I can't wait to hear where you guys end up moving to. I totally understand about needing the space lol. I also have 4 kids (in 4 years!! Yikes with the oldest 2 being 6 yr old twins lol lol). We were so fortunate to be able to have bought a decent sized house for a great price!! Good luck with the whole process.

    I so looking forward for your next book to come out...I love them but get so bummed out b/c I finish them in a little over a day lol so I then have to wait for the next one haha.

  6. Laurann,

    your output always amazes me - as you know LOL!! And you know I'm going to come visit you when you move - right!!?? *wink*

  7. Now Girl! You're going to have to go Mr. Laurann some attention soon. lol!

    Your new house idea sounds great!


  8. Congratulations! Could you please consider writing a book with a virgin heroine? Many thanks!

  9. Hi,

    I just wanted to say that I own ALL you ebooks, Loved everyone. I know you mentioned the books you have on your current writing list and can't wait to read them. But I wanted to ask about a story you were writing a while ago that you mentioned in one of your earlier blogs about a stripper and a buff guy. I love you series. But sometimes I love to read stand alone books where all the characters are new. Is this one anywhere on your to do list?
    I also love that you write more than two books a year, I don't have to wait so long for your's to come out.
    I hear what your saying about a new house. I grow up in a family of 6 (4 kids, mum & dad) and we lived in a three bedroom house with a kitchen, lounge room and a bathroom. Mum only sold it a few years ago. One good thing is that it makes everyone really close.
    Just finished reading all your blogs so now will head over to your website. I'd be willing to buy some of your merchandise eg cups, pens etc if you have any. If you don't already, have you thought of having an onsite store?
    Bea Jay

  10. LOL. I couldn't get blog to post on this but now it seems fixed! We're all really excited about the move. (Me especially because of the bathrooms and my OWN office!!!) Mel - you always have an open invitation! The stripper and buff guy is mostly written. I've been trying to get series books out for people waiting but it will be coming. I just don't know when. I don't have merchandise but I am looking into it. : ) Thanks everyone. Justice comes out 11-11-11 (love that date!)

  11. I've so been looking forward to Justice's book! I thought he'd end up with Jessie. Maybe the next book could be about Tiger & a Gift Female? I LOVE the guys from the Wild Zone, and I can't wait to read about one of the Gifts that Jessie helped rescue! I love your stories. Keep up the great work!

  12. I have just "discovered" your writing/books and started on your New Species series which I fell in LOVE with them...I am certainly a new fan and will be buying more of your series/books...I know writing has to be a full time plus job, but I love reading your books so pretty please keep up the good work and keep them coming.... And congratulations on your new home!!!!