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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Home from Romanticon and what's going on. LOL!

Romanticon was SO MUCH FUN!!! So....here’s the story! LOL.

Mr. Laurann and I got up super early on Weds morning and our neighbor drove us to L.A.X. We got there and everything was great...boarded the plane...and then sat there for a few hours because there was an issue with a smoke alarm. At one point we were sitting on a totally dead plane since they had to shut everything off to reboot the system. By the time we took off and landed...we’d missed our connecting flight. We had to take another one to a different airport than we planned to land at...about 5 hours behind schedule and worse...our luggage didn’t end up on the plane with us. Nope. It was in Philly and we were in Ohio. So...no clothes until the next day. That might not have been so bad but I had a food accident in the hotel room and so I was trapped without pants in the room! LOL! Yeah, go ahead and laugh. I can...NOW. Mr. Laurann was my hero and rushed by taxi to Walmart the next morning to buy me clothes.

The parties were awesome!!! Mr. Laurann and I dressed up for the caveman party. See picture below...

My outfit for the futuristic didn’t work out so well. (Darn breasts...lesson learned...try on costume next time!!! LOL). I won three awards. I included a picture. (They are SOOO pretty that this picture doesn't do them justice!)

One was a thank you for being one of ten authors who were involved in a testing for pricing at third party retailers. One was for No Fear of Commitment. If you weren’t aware, I signed a 75 book contract with Ellorascave in July. Yes, 75! LOL. If you know me at all or read this blog, you know that’s not so scary for me. I have books I wrote before I was published and I’m a writeaholic. Plus... I LOVE ELLORASCAVE! I don’t think I can say that enough. I love working with them, I just love writing for them, and now you know you’re going to see a lot more books...for sure! LOL. The third award was for Super-Sexy Shifters. His Purrfect Mate won it! Yippee!!! The awards are really beautiful and they are currently sitting close on my desk. I stare at the pretties A LOT! LOL!

I know I had to include this news. Caveman Angelo won the Alpha Caveman contest. He’s on some of my covers, a REALLY fantastic guy, and um...here’s a picture of him along with the other Cavemen who posed for a picture with me for one of the awards. Angelo is the tall one to the far left standing up. They were all really great guys, very charming, and um...they can all dance! Yeah. You really want to go to Romanticon 2012 to see them put on the shows they do. LOL!

Next year we’re going to Romanticon 2012!!! I wouldn’t miss it!!! I can’t wait until they release the details because I’ll be reserving that hotel room and booking flights! LOL. If you can...I hope to see you there next year. For those of you who were able to make it this year... Wasn’t it AWESOME??? We really had a blast!!!

On a book note... Taunting Krell should be getting a cover real soon. October 14th is coming up!!! I really have fun writing them. More books will be coming! I’m writing books for ALL of my series. I was able to update and turn in Justice from New Species before I left for Romanticon. I don’t have a release date yet but I’m hopeful for November. December at the latest I’m sure. I’m updating the remaining original 9 as quickly as possible but it’s not easy doing all that editing. LOL! It does show me how far I’ve come over the years. I’m going line by line over the books updating, fixing, and smoothing them out.

In my personal life...my son’s birthday is tomorrow. He’s going to be seven. It’s really emotional for me. I won’t go into all the gory details but I had a pregnancy condition that turned really bad. My son was born 2 months premature, it nearly cost both of us our lives, and poor Mr. Laurann faced losing us both. We’re fighters though and we pulled through. It was a long, hard recovery road, but my son turns seven tomorrow. When he was born they thought he’d never walk, talk, or have any kind of normal life. He had years of going to specialists, physical therapy, and learning support. Today you’d never know to look at him that he’s not a normal, happy, regular kid unless he were to pull up his shirt and you saw the scars on his chest. He didn’t sit up until he was a year and a half old, couldn’t walk until he was two, but by the time he was 3...he was running! He’s in a class with other kids his age and I couldn’t be prouder of him. He’s one brave, strong, tough kid!!!

So yeah...I always think back to that horrible night my world turned into a nightmare when I started to hemorrhage at 32 weeks and realized we probably weren’t going to make it. I don’t know how both of us survived, to be honest, and it was a miracle. My son was on life support for the first week of his life, had to undergo two surgeries within hours of his birth, and didn’t come home from the NICU for a month. He was 4 pounds the day we brought him home. SOOO small! I actually have a picture of him inside a 12 inch Christmas stocking. I show people that stocking and they are shocked at seeing the picture, that he was that small. LOL! Here he is. This was his first Christmas. So...happy birthday to my brave little guy!!!

Have a great weekend! I'll be at a birthday party and working on more books!!!


  1. Oh happy birthday to Mr. Seven!! He's just adorable =)))

    I aim to go to Romanticon, if not 12 definately 2013! Can't wait to meet everyone!

  2. He's a fighter just like his mom! Happy early birthday to your Youngling:) And congrats on all those awards!! Hopefully next year will be the year I make to RomantiCon!

  3. Mel, thanks and I'll tell him. I so hope you get to go because it's SO MUCH FUN!!! Plus, I'd get to hug you and yeah...I am a hugger! LOL!

    Molly - Thank you and I sure hope you can make it. Did I mention those Cavemen can dance? LOL!

  4. there's got to be a special place to hold all the love I hear when you write about mr. seven god bless bobbie