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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Romanticon...here we come!!!

Last year at Romanticon when we were checking our hotel room to make sure we didn’t leave anything behind...I remember thinking... I’ll be back next year! And tomorrow...I’ll be back! LOL!!! It seemed like soooo long to wait for 2011 as we walked out of that room, heading for the front desk to check out, and hang out in the lobby waiting for our ride to the airport. The year passed and it’s that time again! WHOO HOOO!!!!

We don’t take vacations. We have kids ages 6, 8, and 12 still at home. It’s tough finding someone to step into our home and care for three of them. My mother-in-law is going to do that. BRAVE woman but she used to be a cop so...she can handle our brood. LOL! Romanticon is our one and only trip a year and we look forward to it like you can’t imagine. It’s the time when Mr. Laurann and I can have fun, relax, enjoy being just a couple for those 5 magical days, and Romanticon is SO MUCH FUN! The parties are a blast, the workshops are amazing, and meeting everyone...priceless!

It’s hectic preparing for a trip. Buying everything we want to take, getting the kids situated so they are set, and buying promo items is time consuming. I think I have the house all ready for my MIL to move right in to step into our shoes to take over caring for the kids. I even bought her ice cream and her sodas. Now...it’s all just a matter of making sure everything last minute is done and making it to the airport on time! SO EXCITED!!!

I plan to take lots of pictures to post on facebook. I bought a new laptop since my kids use mine. I didn’t want to leave them without a computer. My desktop that I write on is OFF LIMITS for anyone to touch...EVER! LOL. That’s a story that involves one of them playing a game and it getting a virus...and yeah. So the new law is NO ONE touches my desktop. I probably won’t be able to keep up with my emails (sorry) but I will respond to them after we return.

The questions to the most asked questions - LOL - Yes, I plan to write more books in ALL of my series. Justice is the next New Species books. 9 books were written originally, I am updating them ASAP, and plan to write brand new ones once I get the first 9 sent in. More Zorn - Yes. Coto, Vhon, and Vinlotti are on my ‘to write’ list. Ryder will be the next Raines book. Cousin Brand’s story the next Mating Heat book. Taunting Krell releases at Ellorascave on Oct 14th at 9 am Ohio time. (I have to mention that because there was an issue when Valiant came out. I guess EC got a LOT of emails starting at midnight...from other countries...LOL). Nook users...Valiant was FINALLY loaded at B&N today. Here's the LINK

Onyx and Sky are getting books for the Cyborg series. (Trying to remember all the questions I get asked the most...tapping my forehead...LOL) Books are loaded 1-3 weeks to other sites (Kindle, nook, ARE) after they release at Ellorascave but sometimes faster. Valiant went up on Kindle in 2 days. I still don’t have a release date for the Something Wicked This Way Comes anthologies but I believe word is that the first one will release sometime in October! I wrote a story for each of the four volumes. One is a futuristic hot alien story. Two involve sexy vampires (my first vampire ones that will be published but I used to write some vampire books before I was published), and then there’s a shifter story. They are not related to any of my series books. They are something new, something fresh, and you don’t need to play catch up by reading other books to read them. : )

The fastest way possible to get news from me on upcoming books or what I’m working on is friend me at Facebook. I am addicted to using it, I’m on there often, and I respond. I don’t have an author page on there since I love being able to get messages and the author pages don’t have ‘message’ buttons. Feel free to contact me at will. LOL! I do have a twitter but I don’t use it near as much as facebook. (Mentioned I’m addicted, right??? LOL!) I think I covered everything. (fingers crossed).

I hope everyone has a fantastic week/weekend! SO EXCITED about Romanticon!!! If you are there...find me! I have romance trading cards to pass out and I’ll even have Mr. Laurann carry some around so you can snag him too if you want them!!! For those of you who aren’t able to make it...I plan to give some of them away after I get back. I bought a TON of them and if I run out...I can always order more. LOL!!!


  1. Hope you have a ton of fun Laurann!! Will definitely be thinking of you guys over there =)

  2. Hi Mel, thank you! I'll be thinking about you too and wishing you were there. : )

  3. I absolutely ADORE Valiant! I loved him in Slade and his book exceeded my expectations. You've improved and grew SO much as a writer that now I think you're on my very short list of auto buy authors (there are only currently two on the list). I can't wait for Taunting Krell and even more antsy for Justice's book. Can you reveal who his heroine is? Have we met her? I think, and hoping, it's Jesse but not sure. Confirm/deny?