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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Slade and other news!

August 19th is approaching fast!!! Whooo Hooo! The second New Species book is coming out. You can click on the cover and it will take you to the blurb and excerpt. I'm hoping (fingers crossed) the third one gets a September release date. It's IN and I'm waiting for edits. Slade and the third book - Valiant are plus sized novels. Fury was a Super Plus sized novel. The second and third books aren't much shorter so if you like longer books...you should be happy. I'm going over the 4th book right now updating it and should get it turned in soon. It's been a TRIP updating these books (9 are written). Way back when I wrote them cell phones weren't common (um...they were BULKY and EXPENSIVE)...so mostly they used land lines to make calls. I've traded out CD players for Mp3 players. Going over the technology stuff isn't so tough. I'm also taking out anything that dates it and references to things that no longer exist! LOL! I'm taking all the things I've learned from my lovely editors and fixing my bad author habits I had. It's been a FUN challenge. Once I get the original 9 books updated, I plan to finish the 3 additional books that were near complete when I stopped writing these. Then....hopefully MORE of them! I have a bunch of partials for some of the secondary characters to get their own books. That's the plan!!!

I've also been working on the 7th Cyborg Seduction book about Krell. I'm having WAY TOO MUCH fun writing it. I love mouthy characters. LOL! I have a lot of fun with cyborgs since they are dealing with women from Earth and our slang that only Sky (cyborg) understands since he studies Earth often. I DO plan to write Sky's story. I get a lot of emails asking about him. With Krell you'll get a peek into the past when Cyborgs were still living on Earth. Yeah...I'm having way too much fun writing this. It's probably why it's taking so long. I don't want to give him up!!! I'm loving Krell.

My family and I had a 'vacation day'. We went to the Aquarium of the Pacific. It was really neat seeing all the tanks of cool stuff. We even got to watch them feed the larger fish with divers in the tanks. I took a bunch of videos so the kids can watch it over and over and over!!! I have to edit out the sounds first though because if you've ever filmed with other people around....you know why! Fifty voices talking in the background. I'll find some neat, mellow music for the kids and they can hopefully watch it and um...fall asleep! We hit the gift shop on the way out and of course I HAD to buy myself some stuffed animal turtles (2 of them). I have NO CLUE what to do with them. The first night they adorned my night table. Last night Mr. Laurann thought it would be funny to put one of them on Dude's back to peer at me over his ears (my 2 foot gargoyle next to my monitor). Currently the stuffed turtles are hanging out on my printer looking huggable. Yeah...I know. But they were just too tempting to not buy! LOL!!! They look like Squirt from Finding Nemo. Who could resist??? (okay...most of you probably could have but not me...) We did buy the kids lots of stuff too.

I love turtles! I had one as a kid. It broke my heart when we went on vacation and someone stole him. Yeah. Sometimes people SUCK! I never forgot King Tut. He had that whole 'regal' thing going on about him. My daughter was recently given a turtle and he's adorable. He swims around in his tank looking way too cute for words. I almost want to steal him and find room for him on my desk next to my gargoyle but you know...she'd cry...so I guess not! Bad parenting 101 to confiscate your child's pet because you want it for yourself. LOL!!! So here's a picture I took outside on our way home.

In other news...I wrote some anthology stories and they were accepted by Ellorascave. I mentioned it before but I still don't have a release date or an official cover. Here's a link to Jaid Black's blog talking about it. LINK I always wanted to be a part of an anthology and I feel so honored to be in books with such amazing, talented authors! As soon as I get the official word about a release date and the official covers...I'll post! I'm ecstatic!!!

I hope everyone is well and happy! School starts at the end of the month and I have to admit...I'm looking forward to some quiet time again during the day. It's been rough with a house full of people. I can relate to Vampires now with their odd hours...only I don't burst into flames when the sun rises. I just realize I worked all night again and should have gone to bed hours before! It's slowed me down a bit but I'm getting in some word count and that's all that matters. LOL!

I updated my author video if you want to take a look at it.


  1. Laurann, I *love* your latest trailer - brilliant!

  2. Uber kewl update on the author vid, Laurann!!

    I can't *believe* Slade is coming out soon! Wow. Plus the news on Valiant, and Krell's book? Get out. You have been one busy lady! XD

    Shame wanting to steal daughter's turtle. lol. Glad you and the fam had a fun vacay! Now if only time would march faster and I can get to your books!!! Heh..

    Okay gonna go blog blab on your books. LOL. And Redeeming Zorus made my list on top 3 list. See here.. http://thewyld-hollow.blogspot.com/2011/08/18-over-book-blogger-follow-8511.html

    Thanks for the fab news on Slade and Krell!!! *grins*

  3. Hi Laurann :)
    I just wanted to say that I loooovveee the fact that not only are you an awesome writer you Are Also really down to earth !!! :) you are such great author and a fun person altogether! I can't wait for Slade to come out I'm Soo excited. I also loved all your other series ( I'm so glad there is another book in the cyborg series it's so funny and cute!!) and I was wondering if you were going to add on to any other series??

  4. Really looking forward to Slade. And am very impatient to read Krell. Krell seemed like he deserved some happiness.

    Keep up the awesome writing. And when kids go to school, maybe you have time to write even more? I hope so. I have happily marked my calendar for Slade. Hope to have more release dates soon to add.

  5. Mel - Thank you! I have to keep adding to it every cover. I'm going to have to change the music in a few more books. The song isn't long enough!!! LOL.

    Redd - That's awesome that Zorus made your list! I'll check out your blog next. The Species books are faster to update than writing a whole new book so that's why the first three are coming out so fast. I know...I should buy my own turtle but the cats would probably try to eat it out here. I have a hard time keeping them OFF my desk. LOL! I think they are a little bit in love with Dude (my gargoyle). He is kind of muscular and his wings appeal to them. I don't know if they are licking their lips dreaming about birds when they look at him or if they just think he's hot! LOL!!!

    demi - I am going to add to all my series. I've just gotten slowed down by the summer having kids underfoot. I'm also working on Cousin Brand's story in Mating Heat. When I finish Krell and Brand's stories...Coto from Zorn and Ryder Raines are going to be next. Not sure of the order yet but that's the plan! Thank you!

  6. anon - I'm glad you're looking forward to Slade! Krell is SO FUN! (Yeah...I'm writing fast to get it out there...promise) I'll let him go soon to my editor! LOL!