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Thursday, August 11, 2011

A busy summer and LOTS of covers!!!!

Slade comes out NEXT WEEK!!! August 19th!!! I'm so excited to get this series out! I can't say it enough. Between updating Fury, Slade, and the third book (look below for the cover) Valiant... I also wrote some anthology stories that were accepted by Ellorascave. I'm so THRILLED to be a part of the Something Wicked This Way Comes anthologies!!! I don't have release dates on the anthologies or Valiant yet but it shouldn't be too long!!!

I get a lot of emails asking me to write faster!!! I laugh every time because I write seven days a week...every day...and LOVE what I do. Until a cover is released... most people don't know what an author is up to. I've had a super busy summer. Fury came out last month. Slade this month, and hopefully (fingers crossed...) Valiant next month. They were written a long time ago but I had to update them to fix all my old bad writing habits and so they aren't dated from the time I originally wrote them. Updating is faster than writing entirely new books. I'm writing new ones for my current series, updating old, and slowly getting the books to you!!! (Or maybe not so slowly since there are 5 new covers on this blog! LOL!!!!)

Four of my stories are going to be in the 4 Volume anthology books for Something Wicked This Way Comes. I'm so honored to be a part of it with so many wonderful, talented authors!!! (Check out their names...WOW!!!) This summer has been AMAZING!!! Plus...I'm working on a book from each of my current series. Cyborg, Raines, Zorn, and Mating Heat. I don't know what order they'll finish in but I'm typing away at them!!! With the anthologies...you can expect a futuristic alien story, a werewolf story, and...two vampire stories!!! These will be my first published vampire ones. I could totally relate to them since over the summer I've tended to work while others slept to get as much writing in as possible. I've seen the sun rise many a time!

I'll post as soon as I get release dates for Valiant and the anthology books.

In my personal life...I broke a back tooth. I have no idea how it happened but OUCH! So I had to have it pulled. DOUBLE OUCH!!! I took pain pills yesterday so I didn't get anything done. I rarely take anything so when I do...they hit me hard. I was a slug on the couch and Mr. Laurann was WONDERFUL. He rubbed my feet and pampered me. I drifted in and out of sleep which helped since even with pills...not my best day ever! I'm feeling better today and refuse to take more pain pills since I can't write on them. I'm tough and pain doesn't bother me too bad so I'll 'big girl panties' it by putting them on and dealing with it. The hardest part, honestly, is learning how to drink my iced coffees without a straw! I'm sipping them from the top and WEIRD!!!

I hope everyone is looking forward to doing something fun this weekend!!! I'm going to finish a book I'm working on and then...it's off to finish the next one!!!


  1. Whoo hooo on your New Species series coming out!!! And another whoo hoo on SWTWC - can't wait to read the anthologies!
    Sorry to hear about your tooth - they are painful and expensive (think the expense hurts almost as much!! LOL)

  2. Oy.. I hate tooth troubles. I feel ya, Laurann! Hope you get it taken care of soon!

    Also, you go ahead with your bad self...pop them babies(the books) out! More for me to read!!!! *grins* I'll be looking forward to the anthologies. But vamps? That'll be interesting reading your take on them. :)

  3. Mel - Thank you. Yeah...if the dentist hadn't had to play tug of war to get it out...it wouldn't have needed stitched and the swelling wouldn't be so bad. OUCH. I'm just glad it's gone and will heal fast. I winced when I was given the bill. I'd have hated to see the actual total on it. The Co-pay was...YIKES!


    LOL. I write vamps. I just don't have any published yet. I wrote over 50 books before I began writing new stuff in 2009 to try to get published. New Species is one of those series I salvaged from my old files. My friend is sure she read Fury in 1999 if that tells you anything. I can only track when I wrote the New Species by old computer in the beginning of 2002 when I loaded them onto that harddrive from another one. Three were on it. I wrote from 1993-1999 on a brother word processor, that I no longer have. It was too big to keep the way I do my other old computers because you can't read it without the HUGE monitor I got tired of trying to find room to store. My old computers will hook to any monitor so keeping the towers/units are easier. My oldest computer is from 1999 but I don't have the cord to access the files. It's really OUTDATED!!! I haven't salvaged any vampire stories from any of the old computers I kept. YET. LOL!

  4. There are some days when the the quote "Pain is good. It lets you know you're alive" just doesn't seem right. :P Sorry about your tooth, hope you feel better.

    Looking very much forward to the next books and the anthologies. Something to look forward to next week with Slade. I am still waiting on Krell, but well I am biased in that department.

    And about the writing faster requests... well, your fans are spoiled. :P You have a book out almost every month after all. With some authors, you have to wait years!!! :)

  5. Rivendark,

    Thank you. I'm feeling better today. The stitches came out late last night. They are the kind that disolve and fall apart. I'm just about a chapter and a half shy of finishing Krell. I believe I'll have it done by Sunday at the latest, then off to my critique partner to read...when she's done... I'll turn it in by the end of next week! Fingers crossed for Oct release date!

  6. Yay for Krell! Yay for October! Yay for Laurann! I just love this blog. Good news makes me happy.

  7. Anon,

    I hope to have good release news soon...as in dates!

  8. I hear you wi th the tooth issues.... Just a a redo on a root canal :-( however , like you it's beginning to feel better and just need a little peril and a new crown $ the only thing in by budget , happily are your up coming books which I'm really excited about ! Love your New Species series and now looking forward to "Slade" coming out next week and your stories inthe anthologies with Jaid Black I'm so excited for you:-) Cooler weather , pumpkins , turtlenecks and Laurann Dohner books and spiced sangria ....ahhhhh love the fall !

  9. Carla,

    OUCH on a root canal. They wanted to do that to this tooth but it was ALL the way in the back and I decided to just have it pulled! LOL. I'm so glad that you love New Species!!! Thank you. I'm ready for summer to end, the kids to go back to school, and for me to have more free time to write! LOVE FALL!!! LOL!

  10. Just a warning to everyone, when you buy from Elloras Cave they do not keep everything in a bookshelf so you can re-download it later.

    My computer crashed, and my Kindle and Fictionwise and BooksonBoard ebooks were safely backed up on their websites. Elloras Cave does not do this.

    I have learned the hard way and just wanted to remind everyone to back up your Elloras Cave ebooks. (I must buy from Elloras Cave because they have Laurann Dohner's earliest release dates) Eagerly looking forward to Slade!

  11. Hi Anon,

    Sorry your computer crashed. OUCH! I have one of those online backup storage sites I use because that happened to me. Luckily I backed up files regularly to a USB drive since I write and don't want to lose books. The online backup does it daily so everything is saved. It's not expensive and totally worth the price. I knew someone who lost thier home to a fire, lost her backup files, the works so that's when I switched to the online one. With it...I can restore everything to a new computer. I didn't even know there was such a thing. I know they have free ones too. Google search is AWESOME!

    I'm so happy you're looking forward to Slade and hugs on the computer crash. It really is horrible.

  12. when will Fury be released on the Kindle? I see B&N already has it available.

  13. Anon - I emailed about it and hopefully... it will be up at any time. I keep checking! Usually it hits kindle before the other sites so I don't know why it hasn't.

  14. Thank you for checking. I think I am now a level Kindle stalker.

  15. Hi

    I hope you are feeling better. I love the New series and waitng for the next one. And don't worry school time IS here already LOL.
    Take care.