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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oh...for the love of art!

I have an odd blog topic today but it began with a phone conversation with a friend of mine recently. We were talking about things we'd purchased lately. I mentioned some of the stuff I bought for my desk. She sighs...LOUDLY before she speaks. "And let's not forget your two foot gargoyle." I can HEAR her eyes roll. "So you now have a werewolf and a gargoyle lamp too? Plus two naked couple sculptures? Seriously? That's what you love to look at? How old are you again? I'm having flashbacks of when you went through that whole black phase where everything was black or blood red or bright splashes of blue." She paused. "At least (insert my ex-boyfriend's name from TWO DECADES AGO) put his foot down and stopped you from painting the walls black." (Do friends EVER forget anything? I think NOT!)

I said... "Don't forget the guy sculpture in the towel I bought. The one that had you drooling, you ran your hands over when you were here after I let you hold it (she molested him, I swear!), and you said your boyfriend would kill you if you displayed something like that inside your apartment. You asked me where I got it from and how much he cost." (Okay, I couldn't help but point out she'd wanted to take my guy home - I saw envy.)

She laughed. "He is nice looking." (Damn straight!) "But don't your kids ever say anything? Doesn't your husband have a fit?"

I thought about it. "My younger kids think the werewolf and gargoyles are cool. They kind of ignore the statues of the guy and the couples." (True) "My oldest daughter doesn't say anything. My husband knows I write erotic romances, I love Gothic stuff, and he encourages me to buy whatever I want. It's my desk. I don't complain about his signed Ducks poster (not of the team but of women with hockey sticks in skirts) over his desk and in fact I've bought him pucks to display."

She goes on to tell me I'm weird. Okay, I can't dispute this. I know it, own up to it, and am happy about it. Who really wants to be 'normal'? I feel it's overrated. When friends joke about how I'm going to go to hell for my twisted sense of humor I always laugh. I would rather spend eternity with people who are more like me than someone I have nothing in common with. Right??? That's the saying I'm sticking to. LOL.

She goes on to list her idea of my strange definition of art. She even brings up my silk and leather stage I went through. I can't really defend that much but let's just say I got weird looks at the time when people entered my apartment to see some of the stuff I bought. Hey, it's personal tastes, right? Yeah. She dragged up the beanie baby stage I went through. I was a collector, had the display cases, and while I donated most of them - some still are hidden inside a chest in my living room. A LOT of people were buying those things though...and they were cute to look at. After I listen for a while I go on the defense.

"Wait a minute," I tell her. "You collect pastel carousal horses." I know I have her. "Is that your version of art? Painted up cutsie little horses that chase each other's tails forever to the tune of elevator music?"

Silence can be golden! I go on. "My werewolves and gargoyles would eat your little pastel horses. I bet your boyfriend would rather look at Dude ( my 2 foot gargoyle ) sitting next to the TV than that damn carousel table you paid a gazillion bucks for. Ask him. I dare you!"

Yeah...she's silent. We both know the answer. "And I bet he'd rather have two naked couples cuddled up on a bookshelf than those stand alone carousel horses you buy. I bet the guys give him shit when they come over. Any guy walking into my house doesn't laugh at my husband." (Okay, I admit I may sound 12 years old here but we've known each other that long so it's easy to revert! LOL)

She's still silent. I smile. BINGO! "Now who's weird?" I remind her of the stages she went through since we're going back TWO DECADES and she started it. She was a lacy, pink fluff girl who had a bedroom any ten year old would preen over with joy... after high school. I asked her how many guys she dated who wouldn't step foot in her room (seriously...doesn't that say it all when you invite a guy to spend the night - he gets a load of where he'd have to sleep with you...and bolts for the door??? - Really happened!). All I ever had was a live-in boyfriend who crossed his arms, shook his head, and told me "Don't paint the walls black, babe. I'll walk into them going to the bathroom in the middle of the night." He wasn't amused when I said I could buy paint that glowed in the dark for the back of the door so he couldn't miss seeing it. (MEN!) She once lived with a guy who she allowed to turn their bedroom into a shrine for...shudder...a horrible band that sucked. And she smiled as if it were cute that he'd want to decorate. (Hated that guy - really - and he was annoying on top of it). And the final nail in the coffin... she loved unicorns for a while. They had glitter on their bodies. She had posters and pictures and cutsy little figures with hearts adorning the room in every direction. Don't think I passed up the chance to remind her. I did since we've started playing 'this was your life'. LOL.

"Okay, maybe your version of art isn't so bad." She gives that to me grudgingly. "And maybe we all are a bit weird when it comes to the things we enjoy looking at."

Yes! (fist punch into the air in victory) My world is right again. I got my best friend off her high carousel horse to admit she's just as weird as I am - just in different ways! LOL! Here are pics of my desk art buys. I'm guessing everyone has their own version of what they consider art. Anyone willing to share theirs that they've gotten some crap over from friends or family? I'd love to hear about it. Have a great day everyone.

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