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Friday, March 19, 2010

NEW COVER!!! - Cyborg Series and a trailer

This is the cover for the third book in the Cyborg Seduction series... Melting Iron. I LOVE this cover!!! I love them all. Syneca did this one, she's done all my covers... and she rocks! LOL. They are just a work of art to me. I feel so blessed to love all of the covers on my books.
I'm really excited to say too that the release date for the second Cyborg book should be coming really soon!!! I'm enclosing the video trailer for Kissing Steel so you can see it! This one is TOTALLY different from... well... yeah. When you read the blurb... you'll get that. Let's just say... there's a bed with chains involved, Steel is the one tied down, and Rena is in control of the big guy.
I'm a grandma! My daughter had a healthy grandson early Saturday morning. He's adorable. Mr. Laurann and I are SOOOO THRILLED. We don't feel like grandparents yet, were teasing each other about being old, but yeah. Our youngest child is 5 and he keeps thinking the new baby is going to be his brother and we're trying to explain to him that no... you're an Uncle. LOL. Kind of funny! I told my husband I now have to go out and buy 'granny panties'. LOL. He laughed and um... he does the laundry so... they'll get LOST (he'd totally toss them too! LOL). So... great weekend, lots of good times, and a lot of laughter going on.
Here's the trailer to Kissing Steel! As soon as I get the release date... I'll be posting! I hope everyone is healthy and well!
And again... black spot below (SIGH)... Just click on the player and that baby will pop right up! I don't know why it does this to me. LOL. I'll figure it out eventually! The video IS there!


  1. Wow, so much goo news in this post! Congratulations, grandma! Thrilled for you...a new grandbaby, another gorgeous cover, and a terrific trailer! If I ever get up the nerve to try making a trailer, I know who I'm going to beg for help, LOL

  2. Make that good news, LOL. Guess I shouldn't be typing late at night!

  3. LOL Cari. Goo Goo Gha Gha. LOL! Baby talk so I totally understood you meant good! LOL! Thank you. If you make a trailer...email me. I'm always happy to walk people through that and websites so just let me know if you need help. It's not as hard as it looks. Seriously. LOL. Thanks for stopping by!