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Monday, March 22, 2010

The grandbaby... picture!

There is my grandson! His name is Owen and he was 8 lbs, 5 oz. That picture was taken from Mr. Laurann's cell phone. Babies are sooooooo sweet! He got the 'elf' ears. When my oldest was born... she had a pointed ear like an elf. It was so darn cute and she passed it down to her baby! I feel soooo blessed to be a grandma! I can't wait until they need me to babysit. Of course I don't feel old enough to be one. I'm 39 years old but I feel about ten years younger... probably from chasing after my VERY ACTIVE 5 year old son. My other younger children are 7 and 11. My son is convinced no matter what we tell him that he's a brother instead of an uncle. He wants to play with the baby and is picking out toys to share. Good news - he wants to share which doesn't happen often without an argument or two.... Bad news - the stuff he wants to share would scare the baby. He wants to share his fight bots. For Christmas he got 2 remote control 'robots' that fight and if you hit them just right with the other one.... the top of their heads fly off. LOL!!! They are fun but yeah... I bet they would scare a baby with their bright colors and loud noises.
Anyway... I just wanted to share a picture! Everything is going great at home. I'm dieting. OH... I HATE to diet. I have to lose that last 25 pounds before my 40th birthday in June. That's my goal. I saved my old jeans if you can believe it... and I want to get back into them. I haven't been a size 6 in... eight years since I had my 3rd child, closely followed by my 4th... then had a bunch of medical problems that have now cleared up so yeah... I saved my favorite jeans, refusing to get rid of them... determined to one day to fit back into them. LOL. In December of 2008 I was a size 20 at my heaviest but then I lost 30 pounds so now I'm now a size 12. I am short so 25 pounds is more like 45 pounds to look at me so if I lose the 25... I should drop back into that size 6. LOL. I swear the older you get, the harder it is to lose weight.
Have a great week and if I hear ANYTHING on the book front... I'll let you know. I'm waiting to hear on a release date really soon... maybe tomorrow... we'll see!


  1. Hey Laurann,
    what a CUTE bubby!! So adorable!!
    Our clothes sizes are way different to your's. I remember when I went over to USA when I was 21 (wow the time flies!!!) I was a size 8 in Aus and a size 4 in USA clothes. Of course I'm a tad bigger now LOL!!!
    Ps - tell the new parents congrats! he's just beautiful =)

  2. Thanks Mel. He is a cute baby and I'll give them the message. My friend bought a T-shirt for the baby and told me what it said... I nearly spit coffee laughing. "I only cry when ugly people hold me". LOL!!! Talk about giving someone a complex! I LOVE funny, flip shirts.

    I just want to lose the weight. I feel a lot better since I lost 30 but I know I'm going to feel absolutely wonderful... in those darn jeans! LOL. Have a great week!!!

  3. Owen is simply beautiful. Wish we could see his little ears! Good luck on the diet. I hate it too. Self depravation does NOT have a good ring to it.

  4. Regina, I'll get a photo of his ear and my daughter's! LOL. Thank you. He is cute, cute, cute! LOL. Of course he's my grandson so yeah. LOL. I'm bias! Thanks about the diet. I'm already hurting from excercising. LOL.

  5. So adorable! You must be very proud :).

  6. Oh Laurann he is so beautiful! Now I know what's been going on with you. What a wonderful feeling that must be. It's hard for me to imagine having a 5 year old and a grandchild at the same time. How sweet life must be at your house! fab baby pic.

  7. Hi Helen and Kaye,

    Thank you! I am proud! Life is great right now.