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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Well crap! It's a beautiful sunny day! LOL

So much for my rain and cool weather that was getting me in the December mood. It says it's 55 but it's feeling more like 75. My home is heating up and that sun is blinding. I know if you're back East you're probably lifting a finger at the screen to show me some 'love' here in Southern Cali. LOL. I totally understand but I am defending myself by saying... there's only so much warm weather you can put up with during a day until you're ready to go out there and try to perform a 'rain dance'. LOL. I just want it to FEEL like winter sometimes. I know it's cold at night...BERRRR! I told my hubby last night I was ready for the heat back but not this much! Picky, picky, picky, huh??? LOL.
I am ready to submit Berrr's Vow on Friday... speaking of BERRRR! LOL. It's the fourth book in the Zorn Warrior series. (I SOOOOO love saying I have a series!!!) Please cross your fingers it gets picked up. The funny thing is that when I thought up Ral's Woman... I thought about his brothers I wanted to write about. It blew me away when people wrote and left comments on the EC site about Ral's dad. I never considered writing a book about him but guess what? Some people asked... I had a story pop in my head that would be fitting... at least I hope so... and Berrr's Vow is going in Friday!!! I listen when people take the time to write me or leave comments. I made ALL of my books longer too, just so you know, so when I get release dates on Kidnapping Casey and Tempting Rever... they are LONGER books!!! And I just started a new WIP about Ral's remaining single brother. I'm having a blast writing them.
I haven't found a dress yet. Yeah. I mentioned I hate shopping, right? I'm going to need a therapist by Saturday night when we go to his Christmas Dinner. I've had sick kids home so I couldn't go yesterday or today. There's always tomorrow (groaning, flinching, and reaching for my ice coffee for comfort). I'll let you know if I find it and maybe I'll even post a photo of Mr. Laurann and I since we usually take professional pictures of these things. I should post last years with this years just to show you how much weight I've lost. LOL. Another 25 to go but I'm down 30 so YEAH!!!


  1. Thanks so much for keeping everyone posted on you work. Thanks also for making the books longer. I was one of the people to post on EC and asking for longer book. I am waiting not so patiently to read the new books. Good luck on shopping. I also dislike having to try cloths. It can be very tiring. Make sure to eat you Wheaties.

  2. Thank you Anna! I still am waiting to hear anything about release dates, hoping it's VERY soon so I can post the news. LOL. Thank you for the well wishes on the shopping.

  3. Hi Laurann,
    I know what you mean about sun and lack of rain, guess there's worse things though, like a blizzard or tornado LOL!
    You're really on a roll with your stories!! Well done!

  4. I think you should post last year's picture with this year's. I think Mr. Laurann looks mighty fine in a suit and tie.

    Mr. Laurann

  5. Mel, Thanks!

    Mr. Laurann... I think you look mighty fine in anything you wear but you look especially fine when you're between outfits.