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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mating Brand

Hello Everyone! How is your week going? Can you believe its almost April? This year is flying by! I have some great news, Mating Brand is available for preorder NOW at Amazon and  Barnes and Noble! We also have a cover!! Enjoy the rest of the week and have a great weekend! Talk to you soon.

-Tabetha Dohner
Administrative Assistant
Brand meets his dream girl in college—a half-human, half-leopard shapeshifter who cannot shift. Werewolves and cats are natural enemies but the power of their sexual chemistry overwhelms them. She steals his heart and makes him whole. When she abandons him it fractures his world and he knows no woman can ever take her place. Though many seek his attention, he is cold and unattainable.

The love they share is soul deep but the fate of Charma’s family lies in her hands. The memory of every heated touch they share will cut out both their hearts when she leaves him but to save them all, she must run. After nine years of desolation and heartbreak Charma is back. She risks forfeiting her life to warn Brand of an impending attack but she doesn't hesitate. Brand has her in his arms once more and he will never lose her again.


  1. Hi,
    I've just read Propositioning Mr. Raine and liked it a lot, so happy to find this blog, and to see it's actually up to date! And also to find out there is another book in the Raine series coming. Jummmm, more Raine :D
    I saw Laurann had a stroke a couple of months ago, I really hope she's doing ok now.

  2. I pre-ordered my copy yesterday. Am going to re-read the first two. Girl has to be ready. Personal note: Laurann good to have you back, just please take it easy. You are more important than a story.

  3. Yummm, very pretty cover! Can't wait to read it, but I'll be doing a reread of the others first.
    Laurann, I hope you're kicking your stroke's butt and continuing to improve. Take care! (and I mean that!!)

  4. Hi

    The cover is great!
    Can someone remind of who is Brand in the series.
    I've been so into the New Species series I can't concentrate on any other ones. wink! wink!

    Laurann please continue to do well with your health.

  5. Like the story line, feels familiar to me, will check it out. Thanks for the update! Agree with everyone else, stay in good health, ladies, well and to all.

  6. Hi Laurann! Hope recovery is going well. You've been in my prayers. I've been rereading like mad. Can't wait for the next ns whenever it comes out (recovery first). Take care and get lot's of rest !!

  7. Any guesstimate on when Darkness will be released?

  8. Can you tell us how Laurann is doing with her health? I have been keeping her in my prayers. Hope that there is no residual effect from the stroke left. Thanks!

  9. Hi! I am also curious to hear how Laurann is doing. Please let her know we care. She is so sweet. I hope she is feeling better.

    I am re-reading the New Species series again. I felt compelled to write to you. I am currently re-reading Tiger. I feel so very, very sad for Vengeance. My heart just breaks for him. I have no idea when his story will come out but I cannot wait to read his story. I can picture him with a woman who will truly appreciate him. I see him rescuing a battered woman who escapes her significant other by running into the wild zone and through a series of events she ends up with her new protector. I know I will truly LOVE his story, no matter the type of woman he ends up with from the spoiled rich girl to the rescued battered type... I just want to see him happy.

  10. We haven't heard anything recently, I hope Laurann's health is still improving. She is such a wonderful writer, and I love her humor. I look forward to many more of her books, especially the New Species series.