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Friday, November 15, 2013


I was waiting to update until I had a link to B&N but I have been told they are really behind on loading so I’m just going to update my blog without delay. LOL!  True has a release date of Dec 10th at Kindle. Here’s a LINK. Keep checking at B&N...hopefully it will load soon for pre-order. It releases Dec 11th at Ellorascave. Here’s a LINK.  You also can click for the Ellorascave LINK to read an excerpt. Look at the cover...see that little magnifying glass? Click that for another window to open and then look at the lower left side.

I’m VERY excited about True’s story. First off, it is the longest in word count in the NS series so far. There’s a lot of story in there. It’s going to answer a few questions people have had. I’m being vague, I know. I’m sorry. Here’s the blurb.

Book 11 in the New Species series. It is advisable to read the books in order to get the most enjoyment from the series.

Jeanie loves a New Species and is willing to pay for that love with pain, tears and heartbreak. She’ll do anything to keep 710 alive but she never wants him to know how she suffered for him. He’s the reason for her mission in life—freeing others like him.

True has a new life working with the NSO to rescue his people. A good life, until he encounters a dying woman—the female who betrayed him. True should feel gratified that she’s finally going to pay for her crimes, but she claims to be a victim too. He is still irresistibly drawn to the pretty little human who touched his heart and made him want her. When he clasps her hand to offer comfort, his instincts kick in and True will fight everyone to protect her.

There will be a LOT more New Species books.

In other news...there is an upcoming Cyborg Seduction book...Haunting Blackie. I have a cover but no release date yet. I’ll let you know when I get a date and links to post. Blackie was a bad guy in the series. He’s...grumpy and really into following orders from the council. I don’t have an official blurb to put up but I will say that he’s about to find out his faith in them is about to be shaken when he learns he was lied to and discovers the truth. He’s angry and it changes his entire outlook on life and what he really wants.


I’m always working on more books. I’m currently spending a lot of time on Cousin Brand’s story from Mating Heat. I know I got behind on writing the other series books. New Species are almost twice the length as my normal books so they take a lot of time to write. I’m trying to sandwich in some other series books between them. I have a plan and I really hope I can keep to it by writing a NS book....then working on a few other series books...then the next NS book. A few series books...then another NS...until I can finish writing the books I have planned for Zorn Warriors, Mating Heat, and Riding the Raines. I’ll close those series out once all the books are written. That will leave me more time to write NS books, cyborgs, and that series I’ve wanted to put out for a few years now that I work on in my free time for ‘fun’.

Here’s what I can tell you. Darkness will be the next NS book after True. I’m working on it. Gene will be the next Cyborg Seduction book after Blackie. I’ve started an outline for his book. I’ve got a big chunk of Ryder Raine’s story and hope to get it finished over the next few months. I do plan to write three more Zorn books. Vhon, Vinlotti, and Coto. I just need to write them together since they are linked so I keep trying to find a big enough hole in my schedule to fit in about three months just to concentrate on them. I haven’t found it yet. I will though. Those stories are going to be written.

I get asked a lot of questions.

What is the toughest thing about being an author?

Plans get thrown out the window all the time. My muse rules me. I’ve discovered if a story sticks in my head...if it fits into the schedule I’ve outlined or not...yeah. Forget it. That’s kind of tough. I have to write whatever story grabs hold of me and if I try to force it...it totally doesn’t work. I stare at the page...thinking about the other book that is stuck in my head. I go with the muse.

What do you love most about being an author?

I dreamed for sooooo many years of getting my stories out. I can’t say this enough but I had written 54 books before I was published. Mate Set and New Species (9 books) were a part of those original books. I’ll be blunt. I’m a high school dropout. It doesn’t bother me but when I used to write those stories and share my dream of being published...not everyone was supportive. They thought it was a pipe dream and I was wasting a lot of my nights typing away. I get to do what I LOVE now and no one can discourage me from doing it because I’m actually doing it!!!

You really have to love writing to stick with it for as long as I have, against such, well, bad odds of success. I love being able to share my story and encourage other people to follow their dreams. I get emails from people telling me how a story touched them in some way or just made them smile. That’s...amazing! Seriously...amazing. Books always meant a lot to me growing up. They were my escape when I  needed one from reality. To be able to give that to other people...it brings tears to my eyes.

It’s November...Thanksgiving month...and that’s what I’m thankful for. To be able to do what I love, to get my stories out, and to know that the books can make someone smile when they really need to. I’m also eternally grateful to my friends and especially to my family. I have the best husband, seriously. He has always supported me in more ways than I can count and has always encouraged me to follow my dreams. I also have to always give a shout out to Ellorascave and everyone who works there. They are a family to me and they gave me my shot. I love writing for them and they make it a pure pleasure. I’m so grateful to have them as a home for my books.
What are we doing for Thanksgiving?

We’re staying home. MrLaurann is going to cook. We usually do Turkey and Prime Rib with all the fixings. I have a friend coming to stay at the office house so we’ll have some company this year. My mother moved close to us so she’ll be here too. I like to relax on Thanksgiving. Watch movies. Just...hang out with the people I love and enjoy their company. Good food. Eat too much. Not feel guilty about those two days of the year (Thanksgiving and Christmas) when it’s just about having fun. Oh...and eat some pumpkin pie. I love that! With whipped cream. Calories? What are those??? It’s Thanksgiving. I’m hoping that our oldest daughter, our son-in-law, and our grandson will be able to come for a visit soon so we can spend time with them.


I hope everyone has a fantastic, safe holiday.




  1. Thank you for what you do. You are MY escape, and I love your books! I pre-order them so they are automatically downloaded on my Kindle! I also love following you on Facebook. It's fun to see the real lives of the people I love to read!

  2. Thanks for sharing Laurann! LOVE the cover for Blackie. Super hot.

    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! (Take a break from writing and have a little turkey)

  3. Thanks so much for sharing! I am looking forward to EVERY single book you get out and hope soon, to get a primate NS book. <3

  4. Holy cow! I'm tired just reading about all the stuff you've got going on. You are a busy woman. I appreciate all you do because I LOVE your books. When I first got my kindle and got into reading a couple years ago your books are some of the first and best I've read. I'm actually rereading Slade right now even though I have over 100 unread books on my kindle as we speak. Keep up the great work!

  5. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday-food, family and fun. I'm like Sheila in her post...I'll skip over unread books to re-read you. It's a good thing your books are on my Kindle because the paperbacks would have fallen apart long ago!

  6. Thanks for sharing! I LOVE your books - they and you are such an inspiration! Happy holidays :)

  7. Hey guys, Laurann has posted an excerpt of moon in her facebook. If I can I'll copy/past it here asap. Or if someone else has an access to fb, you can do it :)

  8. of course it's not of Moon, but True ... I've writen to fast !

  9. Looking forward to Zorn stories! Thanks for the update!

  10. Found on FB, 2 excerpt of True in Laurann Dohner FB

    excerpt 1 :
    “I tried to save them all. Did they make it? Did they all survive?”

    He blinked. “They made it. No Species died.”

    Tears blinded her but she blinked them back, desperate to keep looking at him. She’d succeeded in saving all the men and women trapped inside the building. It had come at a high price but she had known the risks when she’d driven to work that morning. So many of them—their lives were more important than hers. She closed her eyes and a sense of peace came, blocking out some of the pain.

    “Shiver?” He growled her name. “Open your eyes.”

    The demand was one she couldn’t resist as she peered at him again. He’d inched closer until his warm breath fanned her lips. Breathing took effort as she struggled to make her lungs keep functioning. Blood loss and her body going into shock took its toll. She hoped she smiled when she tried, wanting to convey to him that it was okay.

    “Don’t die,” he rasped. “Hang on.” He glanced away. “Faster!” His tone deepened. “Get over here.”

    “Move!” A man yelled and something heavy clattered to the floor behind her. The coat she wore was jerked, material tore, and she couldn’t prevent the whimper when gloved hands explored her now-exposed side.

    “You will be fine.” 710 drew her focus. “Just stay with me.” He nearly crushed her smaller hand with his, as if he could force the issue by clinging to her tighter.

    “Shit,” the medic cursed.

    “Fix her,” 710 snarled.

    “It’s bad,” the medic answered. “Jed, get your ass over here. Open the kit and start an IV.”

    Her mouth opened. She didn’t have the energy to tell 710 any of the things she always wanted to say if they’d ever been alone without the risk of being overheard by Dean Polanitis or the people who’d worked for him. It was important that 710 understood how he’d changed her life and made her realize her purpose was to save his kind. He was the motivation that had given her the courage to conquer her fears. Not a day had passed since she’d laid eyes on him that he hadn’t filled her thoughts or haunted her dreams.

    “Shiver,” he said a little louder, “stay with me.”

    Blackness claimed her.

  11. excerpt 2 :
    The doctor stomped out of the room and True relaxed, looking at the primate male, Jericho. “Thank you.”

    The other male shrugged. “My job is to protect and keep her safe. I fail if she dies.” He glanced at the bed. “I heard she once worked where you were held.”

    “She did.”

    “You want her to survive to experience the suffering you once lived? Fuller prison is run by humans. She’ll learn to regret all she’s done.”

    “She wasn’t like the other technicians.” His gaze studied Shiver, resisting the urge to step closer.

    “How so?”

    He hesitated. “She wasn’t callous or cruel.”

    “A polite technician?”

    True shrugged. “She was different.”


    The questions began to annoy him but he owed the male a debt. He faced him, crossing his arms over his chest. “She brought me pain pills without the guard’s knowledge a few times after I suffered severe beatings. She also sneaked in candy, saying it was Christmas. I didn’t know what that meant at the time but I liked the sweetness of it. No one had ever given me a gift before.”

    The male’s eyes widened, revealing more of the red in the irises. “What did she want in return?”

    True looked at her. “She asked for nothing.”

    “Odd. Mercile never did anything without a motive.”


    “She escaped when you were rescued?”

    “She wasn’t there. I reviewed the statements taken from all employees that were captured. She’d called in sick that day.”

    “That was unfortunate.”

    “Not for her.” True couldn’t stay across the room anymore and dropped his arms to his sides, drawing closer to Shiver. “She remained free to work in another place our people were kept.”

    “She was finally captured.”

    And almost killed. He kept silent.

    “I’ll return to the hall.” Jericho paused by the door. “You might want to hide your emotions better.”

    He spun around. “What does that mean?”

    The male cocked his head, staring back at him. “You should be filled with rage but that’s not what I see when you look at her. She’s little and pretty, despite the bruising. Don’t forget what she is and where she comes from. That’s not a female you should trust.” His lips curved into a smile. “You’d have to keep her in front of you at all times to be sure she doesn’t strike when your back is turned. You want to mount her.”

    “I don’t.” His temper flared.

    The primate had the nerve to outright grin. “Humans have a saying that is appropriate right now. You protest too strongly. That means your anger comes from knowing that what I say is right.” He stalked out of the room.

  12. Oh my gods thankyou so much i realy can't wait now ;-) x

  13. Yes, thanks so much Coco! The next 22 days are gonna crawl by!

  14. You're welcome guys, I can't wait to have it in my kindle now ... too much time to wait :(

  15. Love everything you write (NS, Cyborg, Raine, Mating Heat & Zorn) . . . I believe I have everything you've written, and still hunger for more! I'm so glad you got to follow your dream be a writer; life is so much sweeter with your books in it. I'm adding you to my list of things to be grateful for this year! Enjoy your family and Thanksgiving--you definitely deserve it!

  16. OMG thank you thank you Coco! So excited I'm taking a day off from work just so I can read True uninterrupted. & thank you Ms Dohner for Blackie. I'm a huge Blackie fangirl. I remember in an earlier book (can't recall which going to have to reread that'll be a hardship, not) someome talking about missions to Earth after Cyborgs were freed. I'm wondering if that might have something to do with Blackie.

  17. I'm so sad Flame's book book is not next in line, I was really hoping it would be released soon. Can't wait for the Zorn books, either!
    Thanks for putting in so much work to get books out without lengthy waits! :)

  18. I can't wait to read True! I love the New Species books -though to be fair I love the other series too. I'm all caught up on all of them so a new book to read has me really excited. :)
    I hope Vengeance is getting a book soon-ish, poor guy is so unhappy being alone.

  19. I love all the NS books and the Zorn books and basically all your books. I would love for Ven to get a book soon too. He is so sad and lonely. Also, can we get an update on 140 and his mate? How is she? I'm really looking forward to True. Darkness as well. I love that he scares the carp out of people and he makes them tell the truth. Congratulations on living your dream and not letting naysayers hold you back. Keep up the good work. All your books are great!

    1. I know, poor Ven, every time he shows up in a book I feel so badly for him. And each time a new book comes out and it's not him I'm a little sad that he's still got to wait to find his mate-which is silly since it's not like he's actually miserable any longer in the time between books, but still. He just keeps getting more and more unhappy and I hate to see him suffer, he get's it all wrong but he still tries so hard.

  20. Oh yeah! Flame soon too please. I have loved Flame since Justice. No pressure. Lol...

  21. Hi,I was wondering it would be great if Laurann wrote about Volder from Zorn's Warrior's series. I know he was complete asshole in Tempting Rever,but so was Zorus in CS and his story is my one of fav. Volder didnt seem have much love for human females, so it would be interesting to read his story how it would roll.
    On close note I cant wait for dec, True story. I dont think is there other times were we wish time to go faster lol.
    Also wish get hands on Flames story with Amanda, Jericho too.
    Have a good weekend Laurann.

  22. use a dusky indian heroine in one of the NS books..pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee??????

  23. Are you going to write about Jericho (N.S.)??? He seems to sad in Obsidian. It breaks my heart to see him so sad.

  24. I love Jericho! Everyone is always so scared of him because of his red eyes, but to me they sound beautiful!

  25. I totally agree. I love Smiley. Can't wait for his and Jericho's story.

  26. Will you do a story for for Onxy and Darien soon?

  27. Only nine days till True! Yayyyy!! And fortunately I have lots of reading material to keep me busy till then!

  28. Blackie available 2/4/14, check out Ellora's Cave (although the model on the cover is different)!

  29. Does anyone know if there is a blog or list of when the audiobook versions are released?

  30. in the next few zorn books are we going to see volder again?

  31. Yay, just about five and a half hours to go!



    (gonna go read now...)

  34. Finished with the book about True. It was immensely exciting! And very sad at first. Five stars from me :-)
    Now I wonder who the next book deals with ... Flame and Amanda? Darkness?

    1. If you read Laurann's blog above it says Darkness is next after True. : )

  35. Ahh... Sorry.
    Love to learn more about Darkness. He is a very special NS. And I am very curious to know what happens to the newly discovered catgift female...

  36. i have read it its amazing i loved it now how long untill Darkness ;-) will be amzing for Blackies book

  37. WOW!!!!!! I think True is my new favorite Species! I was so very disappointed in Moons story. HATED Joy. But True's story was amazing. I was filed with emotions like I was a part of the story. I had tears in my eyes! I loved True!!!! Laurann this was such an emotional story. You had me from start to finish. Can't wait for Darkness's story and then I pray either Ven or Harley.

    1. Not sure why so many people hated Joy. I liked her, but I have to agree True is my new favorite!

  38. OMG Just finished! True was wonderful! Can't wait for Darkness! Keep up the great work Laurann.

  39. I have a story for vengencee. Behind his home is a fence.neyond the fence is a eoma with a new baby, a little girl and a puppy. The woman is there because she is in witness protection or hiding from her spouse. Someone waants het dead. The puppy crawls under the fence and the little girl comes after it. Vengence falls in love over time in a fatherly way with the child and has a good tme paying with the puppy. He becomes more compassionate as he watches the mother with the baby snd beins to feel protectve of the famoly. He sees men struggling with th woma and reslixes they are in danger and leaps or climbs over the fence and rescues the mother and baby when the little girl ran to him for help. He takes the family to his plsce to protect them and contacts the oter species to get rid of the bodis and provide protection. Either the feds agree to this or it is secret otherwise.yiu go from there.

  40. True was excellent! And I liked Jeanie very much. (But I liked Moon`s Joy too. Never really sure why so many hated her...) Look forward to see what kind of woman would catch Darkness'`s interest! I really hope we get more than one NS-book in 2014.

  41. I love New Species, as well as the rest of the series though N S is my favourite. Books I am waiting to see are Darkness, Vengeance, Flame, Jericho, 927, 140, Harley, Brass and Ascension amongst any other species mentioned so far, maybe Saturn or Slash. It would be interesting to find a New Species book about someone whose survived living in the Colorado Mercile Testing Facility, or about others whose survived mentions of other facilities while the females remained in captivity. We've seen the 3 males get books about just that when we meet Brawn, though it would be interesting to learn about the males captured in Wrath and about more task force missions. One thing interesting about Darkness is that in Fury, Justice mentions to Ellie that he and another male, Searcher, were able to revive Fury right after his attack in the hospital. This leads me to wonder just a bit on how that would work out. Also, it would be interesting to note if any relationship could develop between some protesters and Mercile, seeming as how this type of scheme would work out in a number of instances money wise. Mercile pays money begging people to protest and start some hate groups leaving others to follow in suit of conformity or plane interest. In both Fury and Tiger, we know that the protesting groups were all about money, especially in Slade and more violently in Valiant. I wonder two about Amanda, and also if any follow up blurbs about existing mates perhaps not mentioned directly as a book would pop up in as a mention in later series novels. So far we've got just about 2 similar plot lines for each series book, so I am hoping for something different and more telling about species life, what it is like without necessarily facing danger but yet it lingering as a surprise in the air. Nothing too rational as in someone good has to die or can't make it for some reason, preferably, however something that could involve more of a joint mission in some way, unite the race of New Species as they already live their lives to become. For example, we see such a dialogue of sorts take place in Shadow when a protester group tries to attack reservation, why does reservation have less security than homeland and why does reservation have a better medical facility? Obsidian shows us that species can be imprisoned until they are thought of as preferable to the public population of New Species Society, when viewed to Beauty in comparison, we see a pattern form and wonder, why are things so strict for them as citizens? In Moon, we see what happens when one of them turns feral, how desperate they are to bring a loved one back to life, it is very touching. True shows us the same and how desperate he is to risk everything just like fury to save an ex Mercile employee. Even if it is simply a dialogue about such a thing, when it comes to simple matters like, can a species change their job upon request, what is the process of living between Homeland and Reservation like for them, how do they view people besides the Head Shrinks and Therapists now that Kregkor and Boris are no longer in the picture. What happens to the plan mentioned in Justice about buying more property besides in the States and what would be its purpose in New Species society. Apart from New Species, it would be interesting to know more about why Zorn is the way it is and why Earth Government in Cyborg Life is as hostile as it seems. What would be the cause for shifters to have been created in Mating Heat and why so much mystery around Riding The Reigns. I am definitely interested to learn more.

  42. I love, love, love your New Species series other authors tend to begin a series then go in another direction with the books and not stay true to the series you have my attention and your books a great. A new and dedicated fun.... J. Carter

  43. Laurann,

    Your work has made me laugh, made me cry, and helped keep my stress level on an even keel. I hope that 2014 will bring you happiness, health and prosperity and that you keep giving us the gift of your writing. Happy New Year!

  44. I love your writing! I happen your cyborg series on audible! Have the whole series and now just started the Zon warrior. I would love a book with Sky he seems to me to be hot.

  45. I love your books. I have read every book you have out on amazon ,but 2. My wonderful husband bought me a kindle which is very full, but I refuse to remove the NS series(my favorite). You are the best author ever. You are my escape, but I never want to stop reading when I start a book until it is at the end. I laugh, say awe, etc... It always gets my husband to ask me what I am reading. You started me to love reading again and now I read more than watch T.V.(3 hrs. a week). So, take your time, because your a great writer and worth the wait.

    Angela M.

  46. I need to know if Vengeance is going to have a book. He kind of got skipped over from early on in the series and I would like to see him find a mate after loosing his/

  47. Hi Lauren
    I love your books, specifically the new species series.
    I wanted to know if you’ll write bestial story? Or if you are done with the series? Please keep writing love your books

  48. Hi Laurann

    I absolutely love your New Species series and I am longing for a story where Vengeance meets his human mate and also one for Jericho.
    I am not sure why Mercile would not have tried splicing human with bear DNA though, seeing as they've used other top predators. Maybe some bear New Species could be found in a testing site hitherto unknown?

    Also though, I'd love for more from the Cyborg series, Zorn warriors and Mating Heat.

    Just love them all so much. Discovered and read them all last year and am currently doing a re-read of the New Species to be followed by a re-read of the Cyborg series as I am already suffering withdrawal symptoms.