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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wrath is OUT today and Tiger is coming soon!

was released on Kindle and B&N today!!! It’s being released at Ellorascave
tomorrow. It should be loaded at other vendors quickly. I know a lot of people
wonder why the scheduling is like that. (I read your emails) This is what I
know (I get a lot of emails). My Kindle/B&N releases come out on Tuesdays.
My books at Ellorascave tend to be released on Wednesdays and Fridays. It’s
site scheduling.

(Linking ability seems to be DOWN for Blogger so I'll post them at the bottom and hope the post isn't messed up too. GRRRRRRRRR!!!!)

have gotten a LOT of emails asking about Tiger. I’m pretty certain it’s getting
an April release. It should be posted really soon on the Ellorascave site in
coming soon. I’ll post when it hits too. Tiger...is finally going to learn why
some of his NS male friends are so attracted to human females. LOL! I had a lot
of fun working and updating the book. I added about 40,000 words to the
original story.

wanted to apologize for the slowness in returning emails, the blog updates, and
not being on facebook often. We bought a house and the closing date has been
pushed back three times. I might have to go to Vegas again at ANY TIME to sign
the final papers and we will get the keys...or it could be pushed back again.
It’s sent my schedule flying out the window. I wanted to get it all done as
quickly as possible so this didn’t happen. It’s a MESS! I hate having my life
up in the air. I feel bad. I’ve had to
turn down blog invitations and interviews because I can’t promise to do
something when I’m not sure what I’ll be doing tomorrow or the next day...or
the one after. I’m at the mercy of other people that I have no control over.

had Mr. Laurann’s brother visit us and a birthday for one of our children
(Happy 13th birthday to my second daughter!!!). Life has been...hectic!
Honestly. I’m so far behind it’s not funny. I usually have a lot of hours in my
day dedicated to writing and being available online to do everything but not so
much lately. Life will resume to normal at some point. I was SURE everything
would be done regarding the house by the end of March but now...it’s going to
drag into April. I know there’s no way that the interior walls can be painted,
carpet installed, repairs finished, and the stuff I have to order AFTER all
that is done - will be delivered by the end of the month even if the house were
to close tomorrow. I’m just not that lucky. LOL. If I’m wrong...I’ll be buying
a lotto ticket!

up side...wherever I am, whatever is going on...I will be writing. I can do
that anywhere on my laptop. I wanted to warn you that while life is crazy...and
it is...I might suddenly disappear from the Internet. I have NO CLUE how fast
the Internet can be turned on at the house. I know where I live it can take
anywhere from three days to a few weeks once you call to schedule service activation.
I’m hoping they aren’t as backed up there as they are here. Wouldn’t it be
AWESOME if we call one day and they could send out someone within 24 hours??? I
do write fiction. I can fantasize. LOL! In order to do that though...we need
the keys first. Anyway, that’s what is going on. I honestly don’t know day to
day what I’ll be doing tomorrow or even what city I’ll be sleeping in.

hope everyone has a fantastic week!


Ellorascave Linke for Wrath - http://www.jasminejade.com/p-9889-wrath.aspx


  1. Hey Laurann,
    Friday is going to be completely devoted to Wrath and I can't wait. (pant-pant)

    On the internet thing...I make my living on the computer and have had to move several times in the last eight years. I finally figured out a couple of things. Try this: As soon as you get the keys and a move-in date, call whoever the local provider is and set up your install date. I actually overlap my cut-off and install dates by a couple of days so that I can be sure that I'm not without access. I do the same thing with the utilities. So far, it's worked like a charm.

    As to the closing date: I definitely feel your pain. I don't think we've ever bought a house and closed on the first given date. Hang in there and don't pull your hair out until they reschedule for the FIFTH time (yeah, that actually happened to us). Then, just have Fury pay them a visit. I'm sure he can straighten things out in an instant. (giggle)

    I'll be watching the NYT and USA-Today bestseller lists for Wrath....


  2. I actually downloaded wrath at 2am this morning and started reading it lol lol. I cant wait for the kids ti go to school hehe!

    I so feel for you about all the chaos going in in your life right now :( i'll be thinking about you through this time.

  3. Hi Laurann,
    So sorry about all the hurry up and waits. It'll be worth it! And don't worry about us, your faithful readers. We will still be here.

    Wrath is waiting on my Kindle and I've got a snow day so whoo hoo!!! and thanks Laurann.

  4. Whew so glad I saw this post before I started reading Western Ties, also out today! I would have been upset if I had to stop half way through to read Wrath first :) Thank you Thank you Thank you!

  5. That closing is hell when you're moving to a different state. We ended up without cable and internet for the first six weeks because we closed one day late! Best of wishes for you; thank you for the wonderful entertainment. I live in AZ so was able to download Wrath at 11PM and read it for an hour. Know what I'm doing today, LOL.

  6. Huge congrats on the release..Love both covers and look forward to reading both books...

  7. I just finished reading Wrath - it was great. I can feel your pain on the closing - I hated the set backs even though it has been ages ago. Good luck with the move.

  8. YAY :)
    Now I have to wait for EC to sell it.
    At last it's only one more day.
    Looking forward to Tiger, too :D

  9. Snuck read Wrath today at work! Glad that at least ONE female lead doesn't want to get pregnant anytime soon! Thank you! :)

    Already pre-ordered Tiger! Just got the note from FB from EC! April 10th! WOOT! Can't wait!

    Thanks for a great series!

  10. Thank you everyone. Blogger wouldn't let me in. Tiger finally got a release date. It's April 10th for Kindle and B&N

    LINK for amazon - http://www.amazon.com/Tiger-Species-Book-Seven-ebook/dp/B007HNPO0O/ref=sr_1_cc_1?s=aps&ie=UTF8&qid=1331078261&sr=1-1-catcorr

    Link for B&N - http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/tiger-laurann-dohner/1109349333?ean=9781419939136&itm=1&usri=tiger+by+laurann+dohner

    April 11th for Ellorascave. Here's the LINK - http://www.jasminejade.com/p-9959-tiger.aspx

  11. WOOHOOOOO Wrath then Tiger! OGG how will I ever be able to handle all that yummmy!!!!!?? Sooooo excited! You would think with the housing market being what it is....they would be like lets close ...uhhhh yesterday! Best wishes on a speedy Closing though. It will all be worth it in the end!

  12. LOL, Wendy. I WISH they were in a hurry to get me those keys! I know it will be worth it. I just want some sanity back to my life. LOL!

  13. Ok finished wrath and LOVED it!!!! You do it for me every time lol! So now i need to go preorder tiger :l

  14. I've got Wrath on my Kindle just waiting for me at home! Can't wait to get to it. It seems like each and every one of your New Species covers are better than the one before. I drool every time I see them. Whoohoo on Tiger's release date! Not too long to wait, just a month away. :-)

    I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that you get the keys to your new home asap and everything else goes smoothly.

  15. Just finished Wrath! My second favourite til now (only Justice was better)!!!
    Congratulations Laurann, another beautiful book!

  16. After finishing Wrath I three thoughts.
    First Wrath was absolutely amazing and once again very good story plot with lots of action.
    Second I really want to know if Flame's mate is Amanda.
    Third I can't what for Tiger to come out, I know it will be absolutely amazing

  17. L,

    Vengeance came out... shady.
    He's not pure evil but he's not 100% positive character either.

    Anyway, I was intrigued by him.

    Will he get his own book and chance to redeem himself?
    With some hot chick lost in the woods of the Wild Zone?

    Amanda rocks!!! :)


  18. Loved Wrath! Now I have to preorder Tiger. I read the excerpt for Tiger and I will be anxiously waiting for it to come out! Darn excerpts, I know I shouldn't read them, LOL.

    Maybe you should give us the contact info for the person doing your closing. We could overwhelm him/her and convince them to close it already!?!

  19. Thank you, everyone. LOL - DallasE. I wish! They just called yesterday to...push it back again. I am really fed up. That's the 4th extension they have asked for. The sad part? It's not like someone is living in the house and need more time. THAT I could understand. Nope. It's a bank who can't get their paperwork in order.

  20. OMG just finished Wrath and wow it was so worth the wait. Wrath was just so hot and now I understand why the cover has him in the shower. Those shower scene were just so hot. Can't wait for Tiger's book. Also I hope you write a book for Flame and Amanda, their conversation was so hilarious and they are both so blunt that it brings a smile to my face.

    And also I really hope you there is a Shadow and Vengeance story in the horizon. Especially Vengeance, even though he was an ass. Well that might be because he seems to be one of those torturer hero that just makes me want to hug him.

    Anyways can't wait for whatever kind of story you come up with. Your books are definitely beyond the five stars.

  21. Kasii - Thank you. Shadow and Vengeance will get a story. Flame too.

    1. This was the posting I have been waiting for, I cant wait for the next book. Tiger will be great but want to see the outcome for Flame and Vengance also.

  22. I loved wrath! My favorite new species book will always be fury but i love all of them. Please tell me that Brass, Vengeance, Shadow, flame, smiley, and obsidian will all get books to!!! I also have one character that has caught my attention in between a couple books and that is darkness! He gets mentioned a couple of times in a few books will he get a story? Anyway i love all NS books and i can't wait to read tiger :)

  23. Laurann,

    Do you already know whose book will be realised after Tiger? Brand or Sky?

    I love Flame. :D

  24. I loved Wrath & I have already pre-ordered Tiger--i love my kindle i got wrath 1st thing on the 6th it was waiting for me when i got up at 4am---just a quick ? do you have any idea when the next Something Wicked book is coming out & if the story will continue from the 1st book

  25. Wrath + Lauren = Cuteness overload!! This story took a different turn in not wanting to hurt a human female, due to his hurtful past. I totally loved it as I thought I would. Very proud and currently re-reading.

    Also, I vote for the Flame and Amanda pairing. You've already confirmed his book, but in such a short amount of words I fell in love with them and I do hope that they meet again and sparks fly. PLEASE CONFIRM.... :)

  26. OMG!! Loved Wrath and can't wait for Tiger! I am so happy these books are close together in release dates, Thank God!! This week is devoted to spring cleaning potty training my daughter and re-reading Cyborg series.... I am itching for Sky's story...I just love him!! He IS hottness!!

    Hope you get to close your house soon!! I know personally how frustrating that can be.

  27. Congrats Laurann!!! Just found out that Wrath made the New York Times and USA Today Best Seller List!

    I really enjoy ALL your books and keep biting my nails waiting for TIGER and your next books to come out :) so please take pity on my poor abused nails and tell me what's next (after Tiger) ;-)

  28. I KNEW it. This is one time I'm extremely happy to say:

    I TOL'JA, I TOL'JA!!!



  29. Dear Laurann,
    I just finished Wrath very well written good action so do you think they will be able to vengeance who lost his mate to be more kind I also want to congratulate you and I am waiting for you next book Tiger are going to write for the other serie.
    I wish you a wonderful week-end with all you family

  30. Hi everyone. Sorry in the delay in responding. I was having issues logging in but they seemed to have fixed it. I'm so glad that so many of you enjoyed Wrath's story! Whoo Hooo! Mades my days. I am writing...always. I'm not sure which book will finish first but I learned today that the second volume in the Something Wicked This Way Comes anthology got a release date. I am putting a new blog on here in a few minutes with that info. I'm hoping to finish one or two books by the end of this month to get turned in. Vengeance, Brass, Breeze, and Flame are on the NS list of books. : )

  31. Hi Laurann,

    Please remembered Ascension. I have been waiting for him to reappear. (Slade) I love this series. Thank you for providing many escape from reality. I will no doubt order them as soon as they were up for pre order :-)