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Thursday, March 29, 2012

News, updates, and the house situation

Hello Everyone!

Tiger is being released on April 10th (it’s available for
pre-order) at
on that date. It will be available on April 11th at

Volume 2 of Something Wicked This Way Comes will be
available May 1st at
(it’s up for pre-order as well on those sites) and will be released May 2nd at
Here’s the blurb and title of my story.

and Kilt

Laurann Dohner

has a new neighbor, and she strongly suspects the kilt-wearing hottie is a
vampire—he only goes out at night, has weird visitors and the blood bank is
making regular deliveries. But he doesn’t seem to hurt anyone, so “live and let
live” is Matty’s motto. Until she sees a guy armed with crosses and wooden
stakes breaking into the neighbor’s house. Matty charges to the rescue—and ends
up in Mr. Hottie’s bed…and on his desk…and…

Stealing Coal came out in print. It’s at the Ellorascave

Hopefully...all my links are active. I’m doing this from my
computer on Word and then sending it to someone to load on my blog. (Thank
goodness for great friends!) I apologize if the links didn’t work. Which brings
me to my house. LOL. Mr. Laurann and I went to Vegas last week to pick up the
keys but there was a final holdup so...I didn’t get the keys until Tuesday. Almost
a week in a hotel sounds funs usually but it really wasn’t. LOL! I don’t
gamble, I was tired of eating out, and I JUST wanted those keys! My laptop kind
of went on strike and word refused to work so...I was typing out in notepad. I
have to now painstakingly transfer that over to my desktop to add into the

So...now I’m kind of set up at the house and Mr. Laurann is
back home with our kids. I miss them a lot! But...I have had the floor people
in for the carpet/flooring. The handyman was here yesterday and will return
today. Maybe tomorrow. I got to use hot water this morning!!! (Yeah, I enjoyed
the ability to shower again!). My big excite moments are going to be after the
painters come to do at least one wall where the fridge goes so I can have one
delivered. The painter guy came yesterday and he’s sending a crew next week to
do the house. Then I can have the new carpet/flooring installed after he’s
done. THEN...furniture delivered!

I’m sleeping on an air mattress, I have my desk set up on a
folding table and chair. I miss MY desk! LOL. I had to hunt for 20 minutes
through bags to find a pen yesterday to take notes. LOL! It’s crazy living out
of a suitcase and bags. I am really looking forward to them painting the
laundry room and being able to wash my clothes once they are done and the
washer/dryer are delivered. I ran to Walmart last night to buy clothes just to
have some clean ones because I only packed enough for a week thinking I’d get
in the house sooner and they’d be installed by now. LOL!

My access to the Internet is very limited. I apologize that
I’m so far behind on my emails and not on facebook much. The house is big and I
don’t get great cell reception inside it. Ellorascave is holding a
contest/cover reveal
In case that didn’t work I’m typing out the link -


Obsidian’s cover is there. I don’t know the release date
because I’m still working on it and I’m behind! I’m trying to finish the story
quickly but I won’t compromise the storyline for speed. I just plan to put in
some MEGA hours. LOL! The next book after that is Shadow. I should (fingers
crossed) have Obsidian all cleaned up and sent in within the next few weeks. Shadow’s
story...well, I think a lot of you will be extremely excited. He’s NOT hooking
up with a human. There’s your huge hint! LOL.

Pictures - I posted a picture of my temporary desk HERE.
(facebook) I will post more pictures after the painting/carpet people are done with
my office. That should be (fingers crossed) by the end of next week. Mr.
Laurann and the kids are coming here to spend Easter Vacation with me in the
house so I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing them! My office is going to have
dark blue carpet, blue walls with possibly one gray one. I talked to the
painter about adding a gray metallic wall that is magnetic for all my book
covers and promo stuff that I do that are magnets. I thought that would be
cool. LOL! I just...want it all done so I’m settled in! Life is...crazy right
now!!! It will be worth it once we’re all together again and the house has
furniture. LOL! Oh...and getting that fridge...and the washer/dryer. Man...you
don’t know how much you appreciate the little things like ice, cold food, and
clean clothes until they are gone. LOL! I’ve also come to appreciate those plug
into your car GPS things. Otherwise...I’d be so lost when I leave the house.

Happy Reading and I hope everyone has a fantastic week!



  1. First off congrats on the book being available, congrats on the coming book and the blurb sounds so good.

  2. Thanks for the update Laurann! You life saga is always entertaining! LOL! Still going thru the major re-read now and loving it!! Looking forward to the new books

  3. Love your new cover for Obsidian. And yay for a release date for Tiger!

    Sounds like things are finally moving forward with the house. I'm so glad.

  4. Laurann, your books are like drugs!!!! More, more, more....heehee....very excited about Tiger! Waiting almost patiently for Shadow....Obsidian....well...if the cover is any indication, that's gonna be a piece of Godiva chocolate with Creme brûlée filling!! Yummy!! Thanks and Mega-Congrats on books and new home!

  5. I am so excited for these books :D im kinda bummed we wont be hearing from Flame and Amanda, but as they say, all in good time.Im pretty sure these books will keep me occupied in the time being lol your a great writer Laurann, keep up the good work and congradulations on your house :)

  6. Dear Laurann,
    Thank for the update I am so happy you have your house and Obsidian picture very cool.
    I wish you a wonderful week-end and don't forget to take care of you.
    I will be waiting for your new book Tiger soon

  7. That's wonderful news about your house so I guess now we can call it youR home! I loved the cover for obsidian, but I did noticed that a female was in the back ground. This it the first time a NS is accompanied on a cover. They could have left out the female :) that would give us more space to fully enjoy mr obsidian. I'm just Saying a few more inches lower and we could have had a better view ;). I cannot wait for tigers book. Yea! Have a great weekend

  8. OMG! Obsidian IS HOT! But which new species is he? Can't wait.

  9. OMG does that mean Breeze maybe getting a mate??!!!!! hopefully!!!!!

    Best wishes with the new house....just think...all of this has gone wrong so now the rest should go smooth.

  10. Are there going to be any more books in the Cyborg Seduction series???

  11. Thanks everyone! Anon - yes. Sky's story will be up next in that series. More to follow after that. I have books planned for ALL of my series.

  12. When does the next Mating Heat come out?

  13. Congratulations on your home and I am surprised you still have time to write with so much going on!

    I enjoyed Wrath very much, looking forward to more books especially in the Zorn and Cyborg series!

  14. Hi Anon - I'm working on getting Cousin Brand's story out at some point this summer. I'm really close to finishing it.

    Riverdark!!! Hello!!! It has been tough. They keep turning off the power between fixing stuff or unplugging me to paint. I'm so far behind it's crazy but it's almost over. The carpet is being put in tomorrow and the handyman should be here for (crossing my fingers) the last time in the morning after he fixes the last of the issues I found with the house. (one faucet drips, there's a broken light fixture in a bedroom, and the ceiling fan needs replaced). Once they are done...I'm going to catch up!

  15. Love your books! I've read ALL of them, so I'm anxiously awaiting new ones in all the series. Hoping to see Flames story in the near future. He's one of my favorites ever since Justice! Good luck with the new house.

  16. hi laurann i want to ask why new species seris is only available as an ebook? i would love to have it in a print book, i love your series but everytime i want to read them i have to start my pc and would love so mush to have it in paperback by my bed ior the sofa!! love your books!!!!

  17. Hi Laurann
    Just wanted to say I am thoroughly enjoying the New Species series, my first taste of your books. I cannot put them down, such a different concept. When reading them I am so into the story its as if I am there with the characters in the moment. Reading Wrath right now.
    Can I just say to the lady who posted above....Get a e-reader, I got Kindle and its the best thing I ever did.

  18. Laurann,
    I love all seven NS stories. I read 1-6 in two weeks, then waited for Tiger. I read Tiger in two days. Then I re-read all seven again in two weeks. I can't get enough. I got my sister hooked on them too. We really like Ven and can't wait for his story. We hope you'll mate him to one of the gift females, Beauty in particular. They both deserve happiness and I think they can find it together. Just a thought. Whatever you do will be great. It has been so far. Great work. CFM :-)