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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wishing everyone a happy holiday and good news!

First, the good news! I got a surprise gift by being nominated in a few categories for the

Cupid and Psyche Awards (CAPA) from The Romance Studio. What are they? Click on the heart below and it will take you directly to their site. I am really feeling blessed to have been nominated!!! Touching Ice made it on the list in Fantasy Romance. His Purrfect Mate AND Valiant were nominated in the Paranormal Romance category!!! And...I'm one of the authors listed in the Favorite Author category. VERY COOL!!! The winners will be announced on February 14th, 2012. I wanted to congratulate all the other people nominated, it's an honor to be included, and it just made my day. : )
We're just DAYS away from Brawn's story coming out!!! To recap - it's the 5th New Species book and it's available for pre-order at AMAZON and B&N. It releases at both places on Dec 27th. It will release at Ellorascave and other vendors on Dec 30th.

The blurb and excerpt are up, click on the cover, and it will take you right there. I'm really nervous and excited about the book. LOL! The pressure is on after Justice's book. My CP (critique partner) Kele Moon actually put up a review on Goodreads if you'd like to see it HERE.

Speaking of Kele Moon - She has a new book out, it's the first in a series called Battered Hearts, and I fell in love with Clay - the lead guy. He's a fighter, hot, with a good heart. Oh man...I couldn't put it down. Click the cover and it will take you to the blurb and it's also available at Amazon.

I wanted to thank everyone for the wonderful emails about Something Wicked This Way Comes - Volume 1! It's out at Amazon and B&N now. It releases at Ellorascave on Dec 28th and other vendors. It was so fun to write Captain of Nara's Heart. There are three more volumes coming (I don't have the release dates yet) but it was so fun writing the stories for all of them. I feel really blessed to have been a part of the anthologies with so many wonderful and talented authors. I can't wait for the next volumes to be released!!!

Now...last but not least...Happy Holidays everyone!!! This is the time of year we all look back, go over the ups and downs in life for the past 12 months, and make resolutions for the new year. I've had a fantastic time. Honestly. It's been...AWESOME! The highlights were spending time with my family, writing and working on the books I have, going to Romanticon, and just having the amazing people in my life that I do. I've gotten a ton of emails from people, all so supportive of the books, and on Facebook. Thank You! I couldn't do what I do without all of you. I'd still be writing, I love it that much, but I wouldn't be doing it near as much or having this amount of FUN!

What's my resolution for 2012? MORE BOOKS! Zorn Warriors, Riding the Raines, Mating Heat, Cyborg Seduction, and New Species. You'll be seeing books for all of them!!! I just finished cleaning up Wrath (6th New Species and preparing to submit it. Tiger will be next). The remaining 3 volumes of Something Wicked This Way Comes anthologies will be coming. I might even have a surprise for you this summer if I can catch up on my 'to write' list...and finish my 'secret series' I've been working on in my spare time. HOT! Promise! LOL!!!

Mr. Laurann and I are going to get to spend more time together. He's going to be taking over my website updates and find a new method to get updates out (I'll tell you more about that later since he hasn't worked on it yet...). That will give me more time to WRITE! Whoo Hooo!!! We're also going to be moving in 2012. I'm getting my own office! We'll have more than ONE bathroom. The kids will each have their own rooms. And...I plan to lose the last of my baby gain weight I put on having kids. LOL! I'm hoping to be a much thinner person by the time I arrive at Romanticon (hoping stating it makes it so! LOL) It's hard to lose weight when I sit so many hours in a day but I'm going to MAKE the time to work out.

In honor of the big upcoming move...I bought myself a set of bookends tonight from Amazon that will go on the first shelf I put up in my private office (no more using 1/3rd of my living room)! We'll be moving in a matter of months, we're house hunting now, and hopefully will find the perfect place soon! Very exciting and I think these are perfect for my office, don't you think? LOL! Sandwiched between them will be my print books! Melting Iron and Fury are available in print at amazon! That makes a total of seven books in print now. AWESOME!!!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! (this will be my last blog of 2011!!!) I wish everyone a safe and fun time!


  1. Dear Laurann,
    I am very happy that you are on the list
    the Favorite Author category and I hope you will be the winner I really liked your bookends woo mm very nice choice .
    I waiting when your new book will out brawn
    I wish you a wonderful holiday here it's rainy a lot in Vancouver BC

  2. How fabulous! What an awesome early Christmas gift :-D May your Christmas be filled with love and family and the coming year be everything you hope for.

  3. Congratulations on your nomination! One question: why is Elloras Cave getting the Brawn book AFTER Amazon and Barnes and Noble? I thought Elloras Cave was your publisher, so wouldn't they get the book first?

  4. Merry Christmas Laurann,
    Great post. So much to look forward to. Thank you for all the wonderful stories. I picked up Kele Moon's new book and really enjoyed that as well.
    Happy New year,
    Debra G

  5. Thank you!

    Anon - Ellorascave is my publisher but in order to put the books up on pre-order at kindle and B&N, it's how it worked out on release the release schedule. :)

  6. Laurann,
    I just finished Brawn and wow!!! I absolutely loved it. I was so excited to see it downloaded to my kindle this morning and could not put it down. (Thank goodness for vacation!) I'm looking forward to Wrath and Tiger's story! The New Species and Cyborg series are both favorites of mine. Congratulations on your nominations! I hope you have an awesome week!
    Michelle B

  7. Laurann! You never fail to get my heart pumping with your books!!! Lol! Brawn was an amazing book, i loved it ;) i cant wait to read whatever you put out next.

  8. A very BIG five stars for Brawn! Loved it. Any word on publishing dates for the next book?


  9. Thank you! Christmas and having kids at home hung me up. I finished fixing and smoothing out Wrath. I should be sending it in soon. My CP (the wonderful Kele) is reading it right now. I'm thinking late Jan or in Feb for it. I'm also working Tiger's story and it's going a lot faster (way less mistakes to fix in that book) so I should get it done within the next week or two. Hopefully March for Tiger. That's my best guess right now. THANK YOU!!!

  10. hot! i'm a fan of your writing and enjoyed browsing the news in this blog. on the subject of erotica, readers who may be interested in the sometimes dark and secret world of phone sex operators are also welcome here.

  11. My heart races when I see you list a book and it's release date, then when the day arrives I can hardly wait until I get it and begin to read it.

    I absolutely LOVED Brawn!! Your skills as a writer are amazing. You draw me into your stories and I fall in love with each and every hero and heroine. Each time a New Species book is about to be released I go back and read the series all over again to immerse myself in them and it just adds to my excitement as the day draws closer and closer when I'll be able to read your latest.

    THANK YOU for the joy you bring through your writing and congratulations Laurann on your nomination.


  12. A friend of mine bought me Valiant for my Kindle for Christmas. It's fantastic and I've since ordered and read the rest in the series (including Brawn which is my favorite so far!) except for Slade who is gone from amazon for some reason. I'm not sure what happened, but I thought you should know. I've been checking for it for the last few days, hoping it was just a glitch, but it hasn't appeared yet. Perhaps you could notify your publisher? Looking forward to sinking my teeth into Slade and everything else in the series!


  13. I loved Brawn. Spade was my fav then Valiant came and it became my fav. Well now it's Brawn. Wow I'm sure it's stressful for you but your books are incredible!! Help me out here I'm bustin my brain cells trying to remember who the heck Wrath is and what species he is. What book was he mentioned in. I keep thinking Slade but seriously I can't remember. I'm claiming lack of sleep cause I stayed up to 345am to finish Brawn then got up at 621 for work.

  14. Suzie 18 - Thank you.

    Teresa - Thank you and I appreciate the kind words.

    Lisa - Slade had some kind of conversion error, Ellorascave has fixed it, and are now trying to get it loaded back on kindle. We're all really frustrated that it hasn't been put back up yet. Hopefully soon!

    Cheryl F7 - Thank you. Wrath is from Brawn's book. 919.

  15. I've never commented on a book before but I just need to tell you that I love all your books, especially the New Species series. Brawn is my absolute favorite - wonderful chemistry between him and Becca, I found it very romantic and hot(!) how he's trying to fix things with his mate. Your writing makes me want to meet one of the guys in person ;-)
    You're an awsome writer and I thank you for many entertaining hours. Please keep on doing your work. Although I just put down Brawn a few hours ago I can hardy wait for the next one... you make me greedy for more. :-)
    Best wishes for you and your family!


  16. Thanks Cheryl. Did he name himself at the end. Did I read it so fast I missed it? That's way I like to re-read books well not the only reason :). Thanks again

  17. Elle - Thank you!

    Cheryl F7 - You didn't miss it. He gets his name in the beginning of his own book.

  18. Oh I've been meaning to ask. Are any NS primates getting their own book? Although planet of the apes and wizard of Oz have always freaked me out, I can't help but wonder about Smiley. I didn't see the new planet of the ape movie and frankly the DVD cover gave me the creeps but if I remember correctly smiley seemed to be of orangutan mix. For whatever reason orangutans don't freak me out. Strange I know. I thinks it's because chimps are very ferocious and have crazy sharp teeth and I've watched to much PBS, discovery channel, & animal planet to know they aren't cute and cuddly like baby chimps are. Hum, I guess they're like us of too much like us for comfort. Okay did any of that rattling make any sense? I'm overly hungry and need to eat my sonic burger and rings

  19. OMG!!! I absolutely love new species series!!! It is my favorite series of all time and am dying for more release dates!!! After work I check elloras cave for dates hoping to read tiger and wraths stories soon!!! These books are sooo yummy!!! Please tell me Brass and moon and flame get stories as well!! Your character development is incredible and I always fall right into your books like I am right there witnessing it happen!! A true writing talent!

  20. Cheryl F7 - LOL. I just bought ALL of the Planet of the Apes dvd's for Christmas and I totally get it. Yes, there will be primate stories. I love Smiley.

    Ashley - Thank you. I don't have a release date yet for the next book. Brass, Moon, and Flame will get books.

  21. I just finished the Raines series and they were so good!! I was meaning to ask if all the brothers will be getting stories? If so, I can't wait to read Drake! For some reason I keep imagining Dominic Purcell resembling Drake even though he is Aussie. Still though...Yummy!! Congratulations on the nominations!! Valiant and Purrfect mate were to die for!

  22. Ashley B - Thank you. I plan to write books for ALL the brothers, including Trip and Adam. I should have one out by summer. The holiday has really slowed me down with the kids home. Now that they are back in school, I'm putting in my usual 16 or so hour days, writing LOTS! LOL. Cousin Brand's story is next in the Mating Heat series. Wrath (919 from Brawn's story) and Tiger will be next on the Species books. I'm even working on Sky and Deviant from the Cyborg series.

  23. First of all I LOVE YOU!! And, I love the New Species series, it is my all time favorite!! I was wondering if there will ever be a book about a NS Female? Perhaps Breeze?? Please keep the NS books comingggg!!!!

  24. Unknown

    Thank you. There will be books about NS females, including Breeze. : ) More books are coming! LOL.

  25. Laurann...


    You GO girl....


  26. OMG Thank youu! I am so excited to read them! the waiting is sooo hard!! please don't stop writing, you are my favorite author, and I would be devistated if you stoped! :)

  27. Catwoman - thank you!!!

    Hayley - I LOVE to write. No worries. Thank you.

  28. Hi Laurann,

    Any news about when "Wrath" is due for release. I'm anxiously waiting!!! Love your books. Fury was my fav!!

  29. Congrats on hitting the best seller lists!

    I've read all your cyborg series and the NS series as well. I'm working on my first book, and as a fellow in-house supervisor I have a question.

    How much do usually get for a book in one of your awesome series? If you don't want to say a number, maybe you could say "iced coffee everyday money" or "trip to the bahamas money" or "paid off the house money". It would be nice to know what an established author gets.

  30. Anon #1 - No word yet. Edits will come for it, the art department at EC will make a book cover for it, and then it will be assigned a release date. I should know within a few weeks. : )

    Anon #2 - It depends on the book. Some sell better than others. I love to write. I did it for a LOT of years and to get paid for it now allows me to do it to the extent that I'm able to allow my writeaholic side out.

  31. OMG!!! I just saw Ellora's Cave homepage!!! Congrats Laurann!!!!! I knew you could do it! Your books are just too good not to hit the lists!!! Yay!!! On pins and needles for Wrath!!