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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Touching Ice - 4th cyborg seduction book - Nov 26th!

It's official. Touching Ice is going to be out on ebook on November 26th! The story is about Ice. The story came to me when I wrote in that one of the cyborgs had admitted relations with a sex bot. Yeah. There in my mind popped up an image of that floating whorehouse full of sex bots... and Ice's story formed. I have to admit... it was so much fun to write! Here's the blurb and if you follow the link... the excerpt is up.

Book 4 in the Cyborg Seduction series.

What can go wrong overseeing a bunch of android sex bots on an automated whorehouse in deep space? Great job, if she doesn’t die of boredom. Then Megan catches sight of the sexiest male she’s ever seen. On her grainy security monitor, she watches all his sexual exploits with the bots and fantasizes. But that’s all she can have of him because he’s a cyborg. Then fate steps in.

There’s a crash and Megan must escape or die. The cyborgs are rescuing the sex bots—taking them onboard their ship. She knows cyborgs hate humans. They’ll kill her if she asks for help so she devises an insane plan—pretend to be the most realistic sex bot ever made.

His name is Ice, and Megan is now his personal sex bot. He will satisfy every sexual fantasy she’s ever had—and as many more as she can dream up. She just has to figure out how to keep her big, sexy cyborg from discovering that she is all woman.


Next month on Oct 22nd... the 4th Zorn book - Berrr's Vow is coming out. Here's the LINK to it.

Book Four in the Zorn Warriors series.

Kidnapped from Earth and transported to the planet of Zorn to be sold as a sex slave, Shanna is one angry, frightened woman who is ready to fight anyone who tries to touch her. Raised in foster care, she’s not going to take any crap off some alien men no matter how big, terrifying, or muscular they are. Before being sold she’s freed by a huge, sexy Zorn warrior who has the most beautiful blue eyes she’s ever seen. Shanna demands he take her under his protection when she realizes she’s stuck on Zorn.
Hyvin Berrr, the leader of Zorn, thinks humans are helpless and weak. Shanna decides to teach the big hunk he’s wrong by knocking him on his large backside. He might think she’s playing with him but she’s trying to teach him a lesson. She’s not sure if she wants to fight the feelings the sexy alien instills in her, but if a woman has to lose a battle, this just might be the one time to concede.
In other news... I'm off to Romanticon next week with Mr. Laurann. My bags are packed! Yes, I'm very excited if my admitting I'm ready to walk out the door a week in advance tells you anything. I'm cleaning up my house so when I hand over the house keys and hand off the kids to her... she's fooled into thinking it's going to be easy. LOL! No, they are great kids... when someone else is watching them... so I expect them to be on their best behavior when she moves in to care for them. Three kids and three cats... WOW. She used to be a police officer so I know she was trained to handle riots so yeah... I have complete confidence that she will do great. I'm actually not worried at all. I should feel guilty for that but as Mr. Laurann pointed out... we haven't been on a trip since we were married. Okay, guilt moment over and so ready to get on that plane! I do think I've over thought everything when I've made pages of notes for her including to make sure my son actually brushes his teeth because his idea of 'brushing' is putting toothpaste on and smearing the brush on the counter to paint pictures.
I hope everyone has a great upcoming weekend. This weekend is my son's birthday. We're all really looking forward to it.


  1. You are so prolific, Laurann -- how do you do it?

    RomantiCon is just around the corner. Can't wait to meet you!

  2. Helen, I live on 4-5 hours of sleep and LOVE to write! LOL. That's the secret... LOL. I can't wait to meet you too!!!