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Saturday, June 5, 2010

I ordered promo items and want 2 see what I am getting?

I'm gearing up for Romanticon in October and I'm really excited to actually be going to my first convention! Mr. Laurann and I booked our hotel a bit ago and now we have our flight tickets. I even went out today and bought a suitcase. We never take vacations since we have small kids so it's all really exciting for me. Mr. Laurann attended his younger brother's wedding a few years ago so he's flown within the last few years but the last time I boarded an airplane it was 1989. WOW, huh? LOL.

That's the rack cards I ordered. I love those. They are a little wider than a normal bookmark. So besides ordering promo items, I'm working on a few WIP's this weekend but I have to admit that I've been picture distracted quite a bit this weekend. I need to do book trailers for Berrr's Vow so I went stock photo shopping ( as you can see... isn't that top guy cute and I just adored that woman with him so I bought them, put them together, did a little work to make them go together... then slapped them on my rack cards so I didn't have to decide between my book covers. I ordered rack cards for every book anyway, they each have their own, but I wanted an 'author' card so that's what I made. Playing with photos is addictive, I admit.

Anyway, I just wanted to update everyone, say HI!!!, and let you know what I'm up to. I'm sorry I haven't been on much. Work, work, work! That's a good thing although. I'm hoping to submit all my current WIP's by the end of summer. Have a great weekend and week everyone. My birthday ( turning 40! ) is Thursday so Mr. Laurann will make sure I'm fed really well and I requested to watch a scary movie with him so I can cuddle up on his lap and hid my face in his chest while I squeeze his hand. LOL. I really wanted a gargoyle for my birthday but they are out of stock until later this month ( I'm STILL going to get him... because he's cute and I have a place on the top of my desk hutch JUST FOR HIM! ) but in the meantime, I found another piece of art I fell in love with so Mr. Laurann is giving him to me for my birthday. Want to see? Up close at the website the detail on him is AMAZING!!! I believe I linked it correctly so you can just click on the photo and it will take you directly to the website where he was ordered from. I can't wait to put him up on my hutch to stare at and get ideas from. I'm a visual writer and this guy... speaks to me! LOL.

Ring of Strength (1930) Sculpture

Have a wonderful week everyone!!!


  1. looks like you'll be writing about Hercules next =)
    And happy 40th birthday for Thursday - I'm not too far behind you!!
    Ps - hope you get your gargoyle =)

  2. Happy 40th birthday and I hope you get your gargoyle. Love your rack cards!

  3. Abigail - thank you.

    Mel, I just like the sexy, muscular bald guy. I always write guys with long hair but right now I'm working on a WIP and he's bald. This will inspire me to write more bald guy stories.

    N.J - That gargoyle has my name all over him but he just doesn't know it yet. LOL. I have the money and I just have to wait until the 18th when he's in stock again. MINE, I tell ya! MINE! LOL. I really do have a spot all picked out for him and he's going to be sitting there by the end of this month.