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Monday, April 12, 2010

It's a good, good day on a personal note.

This is kind of going to be a good few days for me. You see... my mother came and got my two daughters over the weekend. Today Mr. Laurann's mother is coming to get my son. Do you know what this means? (You can't see this but I'm grinning and doing the happy chair dance...) I am going to be child free for a few days!!! That's so rare! I mean... seriously rare. I can only think of one other time this has happened and that was over the last extended school break. I got a whole day to myself that time. This time... it's just going to be Mr. Laurann and I for at least two days. Unfortunately he has to work but our nights are going to be .... WHOOOO HOOOO... Child Free! LOL. I'm so excited.
Do any of you remember when you were a teenager and realized you were about to get the house to yourself while your parents were away for a bit? That is what I feel like! Of course... back then the things I wanted to do are different. Well, mostly. There's still a guy I want to be alone with. LOL. It's just that now it's legal to do those things to him - at least in most states. LOL. It's really funny how you miss little things you never really think about after you have children. As an example, when Mr. Laurann and I first lived together we could shower at any time, just jump in there together... but then after kids... you can't do that. You have to either make sure they are sleeping, occupied, or an older one is watching the younger ones. We can't just jump in the car and go to see a movie because you have to find a babysitter first. It's tough having a romantic dinner with children as well. Even if you manage to feed them first... they pop in while you're eating to ask questions, want to show you what they found, or fifty other reasons a child can come up with to come see what you're doing because kids are curious little critters.
So once my son is on his way to grandma's house... I am going to get some serious writing done while Mr. Laurann is still at work. Then... I plan to clean the house before I run some errands. I'm going to order take-out at our favorite steak house and go pick it up so we can have a nice, quiet, ALONE dinner together. Then we'll work on the other things I have in mind...that I won't mention here. LOL. And yes, some of it will be illegal in some states! Depending on the state/county... you'd be surprised what IS illegal in some places. I live in Southern California and in one county close to me...true fact... there is an old law on the books still even though the don't arrest people for it BUT.... it is ILLEGAL to kiss in public. That one quick kiss goodbye to your loved one after you have lunch together and part to go your separate way... once was enough to get you thrown in the slammer. In some states it's on their books that it is illegal to have sex if you aren't married to the person you're having it with. You'd be amazed if you realized how many laws are on the books in the US that are still there regardless of them not arresting people for breaking them.
Have you ever looked up dumb laws? I find a lot of them hilarious and it makes me think... WTH were people thinking because to put them on there... there had to be a reason. Here's a few I found that had me doubled over laughing or shaking my head in stunned WTH moments.
Florida - Having sexual relations with a porcupine is illegal. WTH??? LOL. Did someone try and so they had to make it a law??? OUCH!!!
Arkansas - A man can legally beat his wife BUT not more than once a month. Okay. It didn't mention how many times she can pick up a cast iron skillet and bash him with it. LOL. Maybe that's legal???
Arizona - It is illegal to have more than two dildos in a house. So... yeah. Get rid of one! LOL.
Iowa - Kisses may last for no more than five minutes. WOW. Really?
- A man with a moustache cannot kiss a woman in public. I guess a lot of men have to shave so they aren't breaking the law there. LOL. I hope it means there are less men with handlebar moustaches because every time I see them... I itch to grab a trimmer to shave them off. LOL.


  1. ROFL...oh man, Laura, those laws are keepers! I'm still laughing!

    Enjoy your alone time with your husband! ;) Hope you guys have lots of illegal fun, LOL

  2. You should see the ones I didn't list. Like in Alaska it's illegal to throw a live moose out of a plane. OMG. LOL. Sad that law had to be put on the books.
    Thanks. We're looking forward to some time alone!

  3. Priceless! I love lists like that.

    Enjoy being kid free! I get so much done when the kids are gone. And mine are teens now, lol.

  4. Such a funny list!

    Go have fun with hubby without the kids around!

  5. Dinner was GREAT! I had a great evening with Mr. Laurann. Thanks Helen and Kaye

  6. Thanks for sharing that list - hilarious!! And glad you had some Fun with Mr. L :D.

  7. I'm playing catch up Laurann,
    but a day without kids!!! Wow, that would be nice. Of course then there's the "I hope they're okay" thoughts that like to intrude LOL!
    (and that list - I can hardly believe it's real!)

  8. Hi Mel, LOL. I know. Do a search on stupid laws in the US. It's a riot or just... disturbing. One I ran across... it's illegal to piss in your neighbor's mouth. I read that one a few times thinking... NO WAY... followed closely by... EWWWWW... then the thought of WTH happened so that one had to be made a law??? LOL!

    With cell phones these days... I don't worry much about them being okay. I know if something happened...I'd get an instant call. LOL. If the phone doesn't ring... I know they are great. I do keep my house phone and cell phone right with me when they aren't. LOL.