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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Great news!!!

I got an email this morning telling me that Ellorascave is going to put both Ral's Woman and Kidnapping Casey together in one print book!!! It's going into PRINT!!! A lot of people asked if it was so now we know!!! Very exciting! I don't have a date yet but it's coming out this year, probably within six months is what I was told so.... WHOOO HOOO!!! What a great way to end a weekend.
Sorry for the short blog but Mr. Laurann is fixing me a nice dinner to celebrate. LOL.


  1. That's so freaking awesome, Laura! You must be thrilled! I can't imagine the feeling of holding your book in your hands. :) Let us know when you have a date so I can reserve my copy!

    Oh, btw, I have some great news too! Will email you very soon... ;D

  2. Hi Cari, I'm really excited and EMAIL me! LOL. I can keep secrets. LOL!!! I will sure post as soon as I get a date nailed down. I feel so very blessed. March has been the best MONTH EVER for me. LOL!!!

  3. oh Laurann!! WOW!!!!!!!!! That must be the icing on the cake for you =)
    These are 2 long length books going into 1 print?

  4. Hi Ladies! Thanks Regina!
    Mel - Ral's Woman was a short novel, about 34,000 words so it wasn't long enough to be printed alone. Kidnapping Casey is a full length so they combined them. I LOVE 2 books in 1 print book myself, as a huge book buyer, so I was just super thrilled that they are doing that.

  5. ah, thanks for letting me know =)
    I'm thrilled for you sweety!

  6. Getting published in print is HUGE. (Definitely one of my dreams!) So happy for you! :D