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Monday, February 8, 2010

A bed? Sleep? What's that? LOL

Don't mind the picture I posted. It's to remind me what a bed looks like. LOL. I'm going to glance at it longingly occasionally when I'm typing away and hopefully it will remind to actually GO to BED at a semi decent hour for me. 3 AM would be good. 2 AM... Better. But crossing my fingers it's not 4 Am.
I have been writing, I have been doing edits, I have been doing 'LIFE' stuff like... oh yeah, I have children, cats, dishes to do, a bed to make, a toy nightmare mess to pick up. LOL. Over the weekend I wanted to finish my latest WIP but I got edits so... yeah. I'm running behind but I'm self editing and finishing it up! YIPPEE! But... what is sleep? Last night... let's just say NOT many hours. I fell asleep about fifteen minutes ago and woke up when I slumped forward at my desk and nailed my arm on the edge of the desk. Funny bone my.... Who came up with that and why call it that? I think I understand. It's funny to everyone around you when you're cursing in pain. LOL. The up side... it woke me up. Now I'm armed with iced coffee, I put my nifty playlist of songs on the blog, and I'm blasting music in my headphones right now. Yeah... I'm AWAKE!
If you ever wondered when I mention that I listen to a lot of different kinds of music... yeah... check out my playlist. That's my picks for this week. I change them up unless they are working for me. You'll find a bit of nearly everything. I really mix my tunes up and I like a wide variety of songs when I write. LOL. Now I think I can safely say that EVERYONE will enjoy #36 and #37 on my playlist. LOL. Think... Little Sister and it's my party! When I tell people that I listen to a lot of stuff... I don't think they really believe me so... yeah. Now you have proof because that's really what I listen to. LOL!
I hope everyone is having a GREAT week! I'm going back to writing and wrapping up this WIP so it's all shiny and beautiful for submission. LOL!

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