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Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm editing again and sharing a book trailer!

And there's the bridge I'm going to jump off!!! LOL!!! Kidding. Blog humor. It's not a tall bridge and I can totally swim...LMAO! I am learning what my issues are which is really great. It's going to make me a much better writer. It's just intimidating at first but I have a pair of great editors who are teaching me a lot which I truly appreciate. I can see the improvements. I am going over one of the books that is already contracted to do some self edits to fix those issues that I've learned so the official edit on it will go smoother and I'm going back over the two submissions I sent in to clean them up before the editors read them. In other words.... I won't be around much for four or five days... at least. LOL. I should be all done and have them emailed out JUST IN TIME... for Kidnapping Casey to come out!!! Whooo Hoooo!!! I'm very excited about it! January 29th!!!
I made the book trailer for Kidnapping Casey! I really love to do these but I really need to pay attention more to what I'm typing. THANK YOU, Valerie... for pointing out the spelling mistake I completely missed. I also updated my website this week with a new front page http://www.lauranndohner.com/
and a new banner on coming soon http://www.lauranndohner.com/coming-soon.php. I LOVE that banner on coming soon. I also moved the guy from links to the front page of my website... finding a new guy to look at on links (Scroll down... he's worth it!) http://www.lauranndohner.com/links.php. I like bald guys and guys with hair! LOL. (I'm covered that way...shush... in case my husband ever goes bald... WINK). I'm going to do a bit more tweaking on it with a few banners I'm going to change out but not until I get all this editing done. Now that I've shared... here's the book trailer. I think I'm getting better at making these!!! LOL! (Crossing my fingers!!!)



  1. You're powering along Laurann, I really have to get my act together!!!

  2. LOL...Mel
    I'm a pit bull (mentally repeating that a dozen times in my head to convince myself I'm that tough, that determined, and that stubborn). LOL. I'm busy and tired and suffering friend/internet withdrawls but I'm getting it all done. Once I get through all this... I will have the time to write again. LOL! I have some books to finish so I'm real motivated.

  3. Know what? I don't think our writing ever stops changing. There's always something new. Ain't it GREAT. Talk about a totally UN-BORING life. Is that a word? Hell, who knows. We're writers. We can make em up can't we?

  4. Regina... it is Great! LOL. I LOVE being a writer!!!