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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Why I'm so happy and Happy New Year!!!

I'm SOOOO excited!!! My husband and I met 20 years ago, we've lived together for 19 of those years. We have 4 kids, I'm sure I mentioned this before, ranging in the ages of 18-5. 3 girls and our youngest is our only son. Yesterday our parents took the kids! They are either at my mom's house or at his mom's house. LOL. For the first time in YEARS... we're home alone together!!! We high fived, giggled a little, and have been doing all those things we used to do in a house alone. LOL! It's so much fun!!! And yes, if your mind went there... YOU BET! LOL. It's a good thing Christmas is over or I'd so be on Santa's Naughty list!!!
What do you think of the picture above? I put it together for some promo items I ordered. I wanted to promote both books. I did some separate stuff just for Kidnapping Casey. I am having so much fun with stock photos I buy! Can you tell? I put Zorn Warriors in red lettering in the center at the bottom of the stuff I ordered though. When I get a release date for KC... I'm going to have everything ready to go. After that I should be getting the cover for Tempting Rever.
Christmas was great but I'm having a much better time today alone with Mr. Laurann than I did yesterday even though it was a great day. He's my favorite gift to unwrap. LOL. I could put a lot of puns in here but I won't. We're just going to relax, enjoy spending 'alone' time together, and occasionally I'm going to get some writing in while he plays Guitar Hero that I bought him for the Wii. I also got him a bunch of movies that we're going to cuddle up and watch together. I bought popcorn so we're set! We're really lucky because we can do things separately but together. He doesn't mind when I write because he's got video games he loves to play. We're in the same room while we're at it so... how perfect is that? I can turn my head and watch him kick bad guy butt on his XBox 360 'war' games when I need to take a break from typing away at the keyboard. He doesn't even mind that I listen to my headphones full blast ( I need music to write to block out all the distractions since 4 kids, 4 cats, and my 'office' is a corner in the living room) since when he's playing games like Halo... he's got that big screen of his LOUD! We're perfect for each other. LOL.
I hope everyone had a great Christmas, I hope you have a wonderful New Year!!! If you don't hear from me much over the next few days... I'm chalking up naughty points on that naughty list for next year!!! LOL.


  1. Your office sounds like mine - computer stuck in corner of lounge/living room where the tv and stereo seem constantly to be blaring!
    Oh! and um, have fun being naughty! LOL

  2. Hi Mel, I do have a big living room at least and My desk is one of those doubles with a hutch so I have plenty of room in my corner. LOL. I will post a pic of my office space soon. (I SOOOO need to clean it first!!!)

  3. Mr Laurann does enjoy his video games.

    Mr. Laurann