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Friday, November 13, 2009

Whooo Hooo... another WIP DOWN!

No, the hubby didn't have to use those to get me to finish my latest Work in Progress but it would have been fun if he had. LOL. I just liked the photo and sometimes I felt handcuffed to my desk. I kept re-writing the ending and NEVER thought I was going to get it right so I had that nice happy glow feeling but I got it! The bad news? I killed another MP3 player. SIGH. I did. I listen to music when I write, edit, or just breathe... and I have gone thru 2 of them this year. Now make that 3. I guess I should be a tester for them on how long they can really last, how many countless hours they can play and be recharged before they just wear out. I'm getting smarter though, buying them at big lots when they are on sale so I don't spend a fortune since I have a black thumb on electronics that play music.
In Celebration... I'm going to do some reading before I dive into some major self edits before submitting a contemporary western next week. Then after that... I'll start all the clean-up on my WIP I finished tonight and then submit it next month. The WIP I just finished is the fourth book to my Zorn Warriors series. Oh, that's right!!! I got my series title. There it is. ZORN WARRIORS. How cool is that???
What am I going to read? Nalini Singh's latest - Blaze of Memory. I love this series and every time one of her books comes out... there I go to snatch a copy up. LOL. I've had it since it came out, got it immediately but haven't had time to sit and read. I'm also really excited because Sarah McCarty's Wild Instincts is coming out in December. I read the first single author anthology Running Wild and loved it so can't wait to buy the next one. There are so many great books out, so many coming out. LOL. So many great books, so little time these days, so when I get the time to read... it's doubly excitement time.
I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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